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Measuring the Impact of Digital Marketing


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Insights on the Challange of Measuring (rather than counting only digital impact) the Impact of Digital Marketing. Example with Facebook FanPages,

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Measuring the Impact of Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Measuring The Impact of Digital Marketing IAE de Paris, January 11th, 2012 Dr Laurent Florès CRM Metrix - MetrixLab!/crmmetrix Sur  Twi(er:  #MARKETiae
  2. 2. About 2  
  3. 3.   +10 years of experience in digital marketing effectiveness  Paris, New-York, Cincinnati, Mumbai, Singapore  > 150 customers Fortune 500 companies  Projects in more than 30 countries  +10 millions interviews in our benchmark databases
  4. 4. A unique expertise:We help marketers monitor and optimize the impact and performance of their digital touchpoints to build stronger relationships with their stakeholders and develop their brands, revenue and profit
  5. 5. As of November 3rd 2011, CRM Metrix and MetrixLab joined forces To become a Top 5 (independant) Online Research PlayerWith Business Units in E-Business Performance, Brand & Ad Research, Innovation/NPD & Customer Satisfaction
  6. 6. Measuring digital:what is at stake? 6  
  7. 7. 7  
  8. 8. « Measurement, Analysis & Learning »: the Biggest Bottlnecks in Marketing!
  9. 9. Examples of Challenging Questions around Digital… sometimes called the “Most Measurable Media” !?  How should I prioritize my touchpoints ? How about Cross Media Effects?  How to make sure that I deliver a consistent experience to my customers and prospects ?  How can I increase my conversion rate on these digital touchpoints ?  What could I do to maximize my “Earned Media” ?  How can I engage my targets in a real relationship ?  Etc. 9  
  10. 10. - How many visitors/fans (reach) -  Who visit (profile) ?- How many pages - Motivations / Expectations ?- How much time -  Quality of experience ?- How many visitors per page -  Impact ?- How much conversion Web  Analy.cs   Web Attitudinal Webtrends,  Omniture,      eStat,  Google  analy.cs,  Hitwise...   The what’s The why’s Best of both worlds to Truly Measure
  11. 11. It gets complicated with the different types of touch points… Paid Owned Website, Mini website, blog, sponsorship section 6DCampaign® 6D360® Customers SiteCRM® Experience FanPageCRM® Earned Social
  12. 12. Impact ?
  13. 13. 13  
  14. 14. The digital funnel: from Impressions to « Expressions »… The digital funnel: Reach Connect Engage Grow Enroll / Spread 14  
  15. 15. Coca-Cola Marketing Shifts from Impressions to Expressions (*)   Accept that consumers can generate more messages than you ever could   Develop content that is « Liquid and Linked »   Accept you don’t own your brand; your consumers do   Be a facilitator who manages communities, not a director who tries to control them   Speak up to set your record straight, but give your fans a chance to do it so fist(*)  Joe  Tripodi,  EVP  Chief  and  Commercial  Officer  of  the  Coca-­‐Cola  Company.  
  16. 16. Facebook for Marketers: a new media:   A significant level of audience: + 770 Millions members worldwide   The main center center of attention of Digital Natives (and others)   One or more pages per brand   Questions arise about the value and the need to recruit a lot of Fans?
  17. 17. A growing audience Is it worth investing ?
  18. 18. 3 dimensions of behavior: Impact Fans CRM profile Beyond sociodemographics data, what customer value? Impact Impact Fans What drivers to commitment ? CRMmotivations Business Impact User CRM Which usages and what content to satisfy your fans?experience
  19. 19. 3 impact dimensions : Impact CRM Impact on engagement ? CRMImpact Impact Brand CRM Impact Lift on brand image ? Impact ImpactBusiness CRM Business Impact Lift on recommendation and purchase intent ?
  20. 20. FanPageCRM: A simple solution to implement (one shot or continuousmonitoring) consistent with the social dynamics : Example  on  Kinder  France  Fan  Page  
  21. 21. Main Motivations to visit the Fanpage:   To know more about the brand and its products   To be updated about brand events and good deals   To show my friends that « I am a Fan of the Brand »   To provide feedback and insights
  22. 22. Social media generates impact: ‘‘ On average 50% of fans have a better opinion of the brand ‘‘ The more engaged they are… the better is their brand opinion…and their top box purchase intent…
  23. 23. Do not consider only the number of fans!
  24. 24. Fans have a real value for brands….
  25. 25. But only when recruited/engaged correctly…AllFans are not created equal (quantity/quality)…
  26. 26. Business value Leads Social generation CRM Static Branding Social value
  27. 27. The logic ofdigital touch points performance monitoring 29  
  28. 28. Some principles of digital marketing metrics•  Many digital touchpoints are relational: this is a major difference with mass media, this difference directly impacts the metrics you should look at. Do not Just “Count”! Measure Experiences and Engagement!•  Targeting is key: analyze much more in depth the value of the people you reach: they must be really “valuable” to really get you value…•  Analyze in depth their motivations to connect with the brand: it can vary a lot from one brand to the other•  Check in details how content works and delivers the right experience•  Analyze what brings engagement and how your target is engaged: engagement is the initial step to business impact. 30  
  29. 29. This applies to all digital touch points: adapt your practices Paid Owned Website, Mini website, blog, sponsorship section 6DCampaign® Customers SiteCRM® 6D360® Experience FanPageCRM® Earned Social
  30. 30. http://blog.crmmetrix.comTHANK YOU!/crmmetrix &Good Luck!  IAE de Paris, January 11th, 2012 Dr Laurent Florès Questions? CRM Metrix - MetrixLab Sur  Twi(er:  #MARKETiae   32