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CRMC 2013 E-Brochure


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CRMC 2013 E-Brochure

  1. 1. JUNE17-19,2013 HILTON,CHICAGO The20thAnnualCRMC BringingRetailerstogethertolearnandnetwork Each and every year the CRMC brings you an unbeatable lineup of retail case studies. This year, hear from a wide range of speakers who will be taking the stage including large, small, grocery, airline, restaurant, and international retailers. Retail Sessionsupdated March 6, 2013 American Airlines Yoshi Tanaka, Director – Customer Insights and Analysis - American Airlines American Airlines: Customer and Competitive Insights for Effective CRM Traditional retailers may have a difficult time understanding the seemingly insurmountable customer loyalty challenges faced by today’s airlines. Imagine how your loyalty program might look 30 years from now. Every competitor has a well-established program that looks more or less like yours. How would you keep your best customers engaged when they already know the nuts and bolts of your program? How would you serve a customer base so disparate that the most valuable customers are easily 1,000 times more profitable than regular customers? The good news is that you also have an extremely rich pool of customer data-- so rich that even you don’t know the depth of customer insight it can pro- vide. In this session, you will learn how American Airlines has consistently developed new CRM strategies in this very unique environment since it launched AAdvantage-- the world’s first frequent flyer program--- in 1981. Gain valuable ideas and strategies for your own loyalty program from this pioneer in the loyalty space. Bare Necessities Jay Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer - Bare Necessities Transmedia: The 21st Century Marketing Strategy for a Multi-Screen Consumer Landscape. Tablets, smartphones, mobile apps, t-com, m-com, time-shifting, 6-second video, push notifications, content marketing — the platforms, devices, and techniques are evolving faster than business can keep up with. For marketers and CRM executives, today’s strategy is dead yester- day, and the consumer is the trailblazer. So what to do? Jay Dunn introduces “Transmedia,” his concept that merges the storytelling strategies of Hollywood, comic books, video games, and interactive media and the opportunity retail mar- keters have to captivate consumers, create and distribute winning content and marketing, and disrupt a mobile, multi-device consumer to deliver business success in the 21st century. BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. Matt Hood, CMO - BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. Omnichannel Loyalty Strategies that Maximize Customer Experience and Engagement BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. is one of the most inno- vative and profitable casual dining restaurant concepts in the world and, unlike many estab- lished foodservice brands, continues to thrive despite the economic downturn. A major reason behind their ongoing success is a companywide commitment to providing an unparalleled custom- er service experience, and their diehard fan base. The strong popularity has fueled incremental growth and new expansion plans for 2013. Founded in 1978, BJ’s incredible customer loyalty is the result of providing a consistent and exceptional ‘inrestaurant’ experience regardless of the location. In fact, BJ’s launched its first system-wide Premier Awards program in July of 2012—a multi-layered best-in-class program that was first pilot tested in seven restaurants. Pre- mier Awards is being touted as one of the most innovative customer loyalty and engagement programs in the marketplace. As a result, BJ’s is able to maximize outreach across all available channels, especially through online, social media and mobile, utilizing behavioral segmentation to personalize engagement, drive loyalty and deliver ROI. Join Matt Hood, CMO as he shares the BJ’s journey over the years and how the company is embracing emerging technology to prepare for the future. Cabela’s Corey Bergstrom, Senior Director Digital & Ecommerce – Cabela’s Jason Baadsgaard, SVP, Strategic Account Development - Dotomi Leveraging Your Proprietary Customer Knowledge for Powerful Digital CRM Is your business leveraging its proprietary customer knowledge to build strong customer in- timacy and a seamless omnichannel experience? Come to this interactive session to learn first- hand how Cabela’s is turning consumer insights into real-time personalized communications for greater marketing efficiency and a unique con- versation with each individual. Corey and Jason will show how to effectively Engage consumers with unprecedented Digital CRM strategies for the most relevant messaging over time, drive the right investment at the individual level with a consistent brand voice across consumer touch- points, and demonstrate a clear sense of financial outcomes for your marketing investments.
  2. 2. JUNE17-19,2013 HILTON,CHICAGO Charming Charlie Kim Lewis, CRM Director – Charming Charlie Starting Small Drives Big CRM at Charming Charlie Join Kim as she shares her challenges, process- es, and successes on starting a CRM program from the ground up. Learn how she implemented a customer segmentation strategy to prove that spending money on direct mail pays off big. Hear how she dramatically increased her consumer mailings while lowering her opt-out rates. Kim will also share the journey she is on now with launch- ing a customer loyalty program. This session will surely enlighten and inspire you with all the insight that Charming Charlie has gained along the way to “Big CRM”. Chico’s and Orvis Keith Clark, VP CRM and Consumer Insights - Chico’s Eric Johnson, Senior Marketing Manager - Orvis Stacey Hawes, SVP - Epsilon Retailers Rejoice: How Customer Insights Can Lead to Greater ROI Who are your best customers and what do you know about them? These two questions are top of mind for retailers. Today, a true 360-degree view of the customer is required to understand their needs and how to effectively market to them in an omnichannel environment. In this session, women’s specialty retailer Chico’s and traditional sporting retailer Orvis will discuss how their brands successfully use customer insights to unlock this challenge. Attendees will learn specific ways to leverage customer insights from different sources to communicate intelligently with their best customers across channels to impact purchase behavior. The Children’s Place Imtiaz Patel, Head of Strategy and Marketing – The Children’s Place Big Data Drives Insights Learn how The Children’s Place uses cut- ting-edge customer analytics to be more relevant to its customers at every turn. Whether that be in their general marketing, in their new Loyalty program, online and in-store, and in internal visibility about how customers are behaving. Big Data-driven insights about every one of their cus- tomers has helped The Children’s Place predict how they will react going forward, and is key to each effort. IKEA Diane Zoll, Loyalty Program Manager - IKEA Laura Saati, VP Strategic Marketing Services – 89Degrees The IKEA Family: How the IKEA loyalty program, FAMILY, drives sales, creates engagement and delivers relevance for their customers Live for less than two years across its 38 U.S. locations, IKEA’s loyalty program, FAMILY, already has nearly 4.3 million members. Like the iconic brand itself, the IKEA FAMILY loyalty program is truly “unique.” In an era of “me too” loyalty programs, how did IKEA concept and deliver a
“different” loyalty program like FAMILY? In this session, learn what makes FAMILY special, how IKEA keeps the program fresh and distinc- tive, and how IKEA is using this rich customer, channel, and transactional data to drive sales and deliver relevance to their customer. Raley’s David Palmer, VP Marketing & Consumer Relationships - Raley’s Adrian Newson, SVP Client Leadership - dunnhumbyUSA Power to the People: A New Model for Customer-First CRM Customers are becoming their own CMOs, defin- ing their own marketing mix, and deciding which businesses and messages will make the cut. In this hyper-connected, hyper-competitive, cus- tomer-driven world, creating sustainable business growth requires much more than data mining and singular tactics. California-based grocery retailer Raley’s has adopted a new go-to-market strategy, one that allows them to engage custom- ers in their brand story and then deliver to the individual. This presentation will give attendees an inside look into Raley’s “non-traditional” loyalty program Something Extra™ and the subsequent launch of the first retailer-branded online advoca- cy platform. Hear from Raley’s on how they put the person into their personalization strategy - in targeting, content, products, rewards, offers, and design. Register Now Regular SponsorGuest “A truly inspiring event. The level of content and sharing exceeded my expectations. ” Charles Pascalar Payless Shoesource “CRMC is the only conference I’ve been to where every attendee “gets” CRM. This focus provides unparalleled learning and networking opportunities. ” Kim Lewis Charming Charlie “Great attendance from retailers! This is my third year attending the conference and I always enjoy it and look forward to it. ” Isabelle Cote Christian Dior “CRMC delivers on its promise of learning, collaboration and innovative insights. ” David Slavick FTDI
  3. 3. JUNE17-19,2013 HILTON,CHICAGO Specialty Fashion Group Alison Henriksen, Chief Financial Officer - Specialty Fashion Group Making Omni-Channel Retailing a Reality SFG is Australia’s largest women’s apparel group, focused on omni-channel retailing and delivering personalization to 7 million Loyalty Members. They operate seven brands through a single om- ni-channel platform – powered by SDL Campaign Management & Analytics. Implemented in just 3 months, the SDL solution immediately started to deliver value to SFG by streamlining marketing processes and drastically reducing production times for eDM (electronic Direct Marketing) from 24 hours to less than 2 hours. Leveraging this improved efficiency enabled SFG to deliver personalized, targeted communications based on the behavior of individual customers, ultimately supporting their omni-channel strategy. During this presentation, SFG Chief Financial Officer, Alison Henriksen and SDL Senior Vice President of Marketing, Rusty Warner, will provide valuable insights to a broad marketing audience, from CMOs and marketing managers, to campaign managers and marketing analysts – all of whom face the challenge of providing a consistent customer experience in the omni-channel world of today’s empowered consumer. ULTA Eric Messerschmidt, VP of Loyalty and CRM - ULTA Taking the Plunge: A Step-by-Step Guide on Understanding Your Customer Creating a single view of the customer is a daunting task for retailers. For most, they have access to a vast amount of rich data, but it is inconsistent across various systems, making it nearly impossible to extract valuable customer information and create relevance across all communications channels. Marketers are asked to take this information from disparate systems to better understand their customers, but they aren’t given any guidance on how or where to start the process. In fact, more questions than answers often arise. Eric Messerschmidt from ULTA Beauty can not only address these ques- tions, but discuss real-life experiences on how the company was able to quickly and efficiently take data sources from 30+ data feeds and seven systems to create a single view of their customer. During this session, he will provide a step-by-step guide on how ULTA tackled this problem and also created loyalty among customers by developing relevant and targeted communications across multiple channels. Whole Foods Natanya Anderson, Social Media and Community Team Lead - Whole Foods Market Virtual Store Floor: Marrying the Heart of your Business with the Heart of your Customer Effectively marrying the retail store experience with customer expectations of social media brand engagement can be a delicate dance. At Whole Foods Market, we think of our social communi- ties as a virtual store floor, an extension of the physical store where customers can experience the brand in new and exciting ways. By focusing on creating engaged communities on the virtual store floor, marketers add value to customers by helping them draw connections between their personal lifestyle goals and needs through content that fuels their passion and sets context as to how the brand and store products can help. In this presentation, Natanya will share real world examples of Whole Foods Markets social engagements that built community and directly supported retail business objectives. She will cover strategies and tactics for creating engaged communities on the virtual store floor. The audi- ence will also learn how visual storytelling within social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram supports and furthers virtual store floor success. Challenges and opportunities measuring sales impact will be discussed, and how virtual store floors can assist with hyper-local social efforts. “Thank you for another great CRMC! The speakers were great, as always and I found so many helpful things to apply to my daily work. It was also great to catch up with some people and meet some new friendly folks as well. Overall, a very enjoyable experience! ” Mindy Snider Dick’s Sporting Goods “Thanks again for the opportunity to share some of the work underway at Groupon. The entire program was fantastic, and we enjoyed the chance to be a part of it. ” Jay Hoffman Groupon “Great attendance from retailers! This is my third year attending the conference and I always enjoy it and look forward to it. ” Isabelle Cote Christian Dior “I liked networking with other CRM professionals and sharing stories. CRM is new for my company, so it helped to hear about the journey from others that have “walked a mile in my shoes”. ” Sheila Hayward Food Lion
  4. 4. G O L D S P O N S O R S S I L V E R S P O N S O R S P L A T I N U M S P O N S O R S P A R T N E R S P O N S O R S ®