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Place of Local Government in a Federal System.


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4.1 Federalism: The Division of Powers
Objective 4: Explain the place of a Local Government in a Federal System.

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Place of Local Government in a Federal System.

  1. 1. The place of the local government in the Federal system. BY: LORENA MERCEDES AND AGGY
  2. 2. LOCAL GOVERNMENT     Is the third level of the USA government. They exist all across the country They`re subunits of various State governments. Each unit is located within 1 of the 50 States.
  3. 3. POWERS OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT    Provide services Regulate activities Collect taxes By exercising these powers they are actually exercising State powers.
  4. 4. THE PLACE  Federal courthouse      DIVIDES INTO: Supreme Court of the US US Court of Appeals US District Courts US Courts of Special Jurisdiction US Bankruptcy Courts
  5. 5. WHO RULES   A mayor and a council form what is called the aldermen. The mayor is head of the executive branch, presiding over council meetings, appointing chiefs of departments, perhaps with the council`s approval, and is often the budgetary officer of the city. He can veto ordinances passed by the legislative branch, the council.
  6. 6. LOCAL GOVERNMENT Is the administration of a particular district with representatives elected by the people who live there. 
  7. 7. LITTLE VIDEO… 12 Principles of a GOOD Local Government: