Ricketts football


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Ricketts football

  1. 1. Cinepoem “Football, My Life” By Estelle Koehler The Love For Football! Dalton Ricketts
  2. 2.  Football is my life  This is a great close up shot.
  3. 3.  It can be dangerous as a knife  There is danger in the game. Last year Trever Roberts broke his leg while playing football. He even had to get it amputated at the knee.
  4. 4.  But if you have fun  Anything can be done!
  5. 5.  Every minute of it  Is worth every hit  This is a medium shot. It has great action because it freezes all three of them in mid air. The Denver Broncos player dominated this player from from the Green Day Packers!
  6. 6.  Every touch of the ball  Makes me recall  This is a great close up. I choose this picture because it was my football number during the year. In this picture it makes it look like the person cant be stopped.
  7. 7. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  8. 8.  That goal  That makes football my soul!  This is a high angle shot and a long shot. This is a great shot. But I think that it should say Bears across the endzone with claw marks across it.
  9. 9. Credits  Estelle Koehler
  10. 10. Credits  Estelle Koehler