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World recession multi million dollar homes still selling..find out where


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World recession multi million dollar homes still selling..find out where

  1. 1. World Recession? Multimillion Dollar Homes Still Selling. Find out WhereGolden Oak Is a residential community located near Disneyland. This community derives its name from the fact thatWalt Disney himself once daydreamed under a magnificent tree, which is where many of his stories were born. Thefamous tree that Walt Disney used to fantasize under was ironically referred to as the “Golden Oak”. Homes here beginat $1.5 million dollars, and already this new community has seen an explosion in sales.Community SuccessDespite the housing slump which has hit most of the nation, Disney Golden Oak homes for sale continue to be popularwith people of all walks of life. There have been over 100 new home sales here despite reports that central Florida is in adeep recession. People who are looking for a quiet neighborhood with plenty of amenities are interested in purchasingreal estate here, and appear to be undaunted by negative economic reports even though these homes do come with ahefty price tag.DescriptionGolden Oak consists of luxurious single-family residences that are intended to be permanent, year-round dwellings.Houses here are carefully designed to be luxurious and aesthetically-pleasing. People who take advantage of DisneyGolden Oak homes for sale can choose from one of four distinct neighborhoods and three different designs that begin at4,000 square feet each. Special events are held here from time to time to help lend to the resort atmosphere of thisluxurious new community.Types of HomesBuyers can choose village, estate, or grand estate homes when purchasing any of the homes located in Golden Oak.Village homes are designed to look like houses in a Tuscan village, and sit on .25 acre lots. Estate homes are situated on.5 acre lots, with architecture ranging from Southern Classical to Island Colonial. Only a few of the Disney Golden Oakhomes for sale are grand estate homes. These homes are among the most luxurious in the community, and are intendedfor larger families or corporations. Grand estate homes are located on .75 acre lots, and may be up to 6,700 square feet.Benefits of Living HereResidents who take advantage of the Disney Golden Oak homes for sale can enjoy the many amenities that are providedhere. These include concierge services that can book tee times at local golf courses or make dinner reservations; privatetransportation can also be arranged. Other services offered include holiday decorating, grocery shopping, and hostingdinners and parties in individual homes. These services are offered on an a la carte basis, with each service having itsown fee schedule. The fact that so many extra services are provided is one of the reasons why homes here are sellingwell even though other local housing markets are struggling to recover.Disney ConnectionPerhaps one of the biggest attractions to these homes is the opportunity to take advantage of Disney Connection. TheGolden Oaks VIP pass allows residents here to take up to four guests to any of the Walt Disney parks each day. Inaddition, there can be up to five pass holders in each household. These passes also allow free parking, a discount onDisney® merchandise, and free Disney Photopass® service. These passes must normally be renewed annually; however,those who buy a home before the end of 2012 will receive one complimentary three-year pass per household. Thislimited-time offer makes buying one of these Disney Golden Oak homes for sale an especially good value right now.Carolwood Reserve
  2. 2. Disney Golden Oak homes for sale in Carolwood Reserve begin at 4,100 square feet of air conditioned space. In all, thereare only eight home sites in Carolwood Reserve, making it a private setting for those who decide to locate here. Thiscommunity is surrounded by nature, with a winding, tree-lined street taking residents to their homestead. Back yardshere have views of wooded areas, a lake, or a golf course. Homes can also have private owner’s suites, wine cellars, andswimming pools.CarolwoodThe Disney Golden Oak homes for sale in Carolwood are situated on .75 acres of land. These homes begin at 4,000square feet of space. In all, there are 17 home sites, which stretch on either side of a quiet and beautifully-landscapedstreet. There are several ponds along the route leading to Carolwood, and a small park full of native vegetation is nearbyfor residents to relax and enjoy themselves in. Some of the grand estate homes here may have private porches, winerooms, and swimming pools.SilverbrookIn this community, there are 19 Golden Oak homes for sale. These homes are situated on .5 acre lots, and began at4,000 square feet each. These are located in close proximity to the Golden Oak clubhouse, and they are also nearneighborhood parks and quiet waters. Silverbrook is located along a quiet cul-de-sac, so the Disney Golden Oak homesfor sale in this housing addition have a great deal of privacy and are not exposed to heavy vehicle traffic. Homes heremay have sprawling lawns, private courtyards, and gourmet kitchens.Kimball TraceDisney Golden Oak homes for sale in Kimball Trace range from 3,000 to 4,000 square feet each. These homes aresituated on lots that are around .25 acre each. The Tuscan style homes are meticulously landscaped with plenty of nativeFlorida shrubs and trees to provide a moderate amount of shade. Many of the homes have attached two-car garages,covered entryways, and paved driveways, and a few of them also have fireplaces. One of the benefits of living in KimballTrace is the fact that it is within walking distance of the community’s clubhouse.There’s never been a better time to consider one of the Disney Golden Oak homes for sale than right now. Althoughseveral homes have already sold, there are still plenty of newly-constructed estates to choose from. Since home prices inthe Orlando area are on the rise, buying now can be an ideal investment for the future as well.