Connecting Locally Online (Part 1)


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The simple act of shopping and dining out in town has changed. Customers reach for their smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer to help them decide where to eat, where to shop and what to buy. Making sure that your business can be found online, has accessible information, gets positive word of mouth and stays front of mind with your customers will ensure that you survive and thrive in 2014.

This presentation was the first of a two part workshop series which provided businesses with tips on how to make retail, services or hospitality business stand out online within the Yass Valley region.

Topics included: websites, mobile, search optimisation, Google Adwords, ecommerce basics.

This session is part of the Capital Region Digital Enterprise program. For more information visit

This workshop was presented by Threesides Marketing

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Connecting Locally Online (Part 1)

  1. 1. Capital Region Connecting Locally Online Yass - Part 1 Presented by Threesides Marketing
  2. 2. Housekeeping
  3. 3. Our Mission To provide energised leadership, share innovative solutions, broker positive relationships and deliver valued projects to the region. Regional Priorities • • • • • • Regional Development Planning Education, Employment & Investment Transport – Infrastructure & Services Regional Food Digital Economy Transition Living & Working Sustainably
  4. 4. Key Initiatives • • • • South East Region of Renewable Energy Excellence Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Southern NSW Harvest Association Capital Region Digital Enterprise Program How We Can Help • • • • • You Access to government programs Advice and training Sourcing skilled labour Grants - support and data Networks and contacts
  5. 5. Find out More Richard Everson Project Officer Mob. 0427 27 27 54
  6. 6.
  7. 7. We help these businesses with their online marketing: Old Bus Depot Markets National Parks NSW Yass Valley Council - Tourism Hellenic Club Canberra Sportsmans Warehouse DDCS family Lawyers National Driving Academy Trev’s café Dickson (and more…)
  8. 8. Learning Outcomes 1. Identify your digital customer and the components of an online marketing plan 2. Learn the uses of popular Google tools for business: SEO, Adwords, analytics 3. Understand the customer digital journey to your business – websites, mobile optimisation 4. Consider the basic requirements for Ecommerce functionality on websites
  9. 9. What can we achieve today? Inform Inspire Direct
  10. 10.
  12. 12. Aussies are now spending on average 23.3 hours online each week, 3.5 times more than the 6.7 hours we were spending online back in 2003.
  13. 13. Your Digital Customer • Who are they? - age, location, income • Are they lookers or buyers? • What information do they really want from you online • How and when do they want to access your info? • Do they want to purchase directly from you? • Develop a better understanding of your online customer
  15. 15. Your business Digital Footprint 1. What does your business look like online right now? 2. Where can I find you? Website, Social, Directories, links? 3. Where can’t I find you? 4. What do I find when I get there? Is it accurate 5. What do you need to do to improve your digital footprint?
  16. 16. ONLINE MARKETING PLAN+ TACTICS Establish your existing Digital WEBSITE & Content LOCAL SOCIAL Media + Review Sites Listings + directories Footprint Define your customer DIRECT: Email marketing Develop your plan + Tactics Set your budget and define resources Digital Tactics SALES & Distribution: e-conmerce connections ADVERTISING: Adwords + Facebook EVALUATION: Analytics + Webmaster tools Evaluate LINKS SEARCH SEO / Content
  18. 18. Google = 92% Bing + Yahoo = 8% Australian Search Engine Use
  19. 19. SEARCH TOOLS ADS Google Places Organic / Free LISTINGS Google Places Organic / Free LISTINGS
  20. 20. Search engines – how they work: Free Listings Keywords + Content Links
  21. 21. KEYWORDS
  22. 22. Search Engine Optimisation
  23. 23. 200 different ingredients in their ‘secret recipe’
  24. 24. Search engine optimisation Know your keywords Create Search Engine Friendly Content Build valuable Links Create titles and labels Create Social Media links Ensure you site loads fast Have a clean menu structure Optimise for people first!
  25. 25. Keyword Planner
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Monitor the web with Google Alerts
  29. 29. ads ads
  30. 30. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)  Pay for individual keywords and appear in the paid / sponsored listings  Each word has a different cost from $0.30c - $2.00+  The more competition for a word the higher the cost  You put credit $$ on your account (or get billed)  You only pay for clicks – not impressions
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Adwords questions  Won’t my competitors click my ad and send me broke?  How much should I spend?  How do I know it worked?  Why does the price keep changing?  Who can help me?
  33. 33. Google Adwords certified professional
  34. 34. Adwords Golden Rule Adwords will get them there but your website has to convert them.
  35. 35. WEBSITES
  36. 36. Content CMS Website Hosting Domain Name Website
  37. 37. Words Updates Conversion / Call to Action Images Your Website Menu Structure Links SEO Structure Analytics Site Map
  38. 38. Good websites will 1. Solve a customers problem and meet their need 2. Attract and Engage them with your story 3. Educate a customer - tell them something they didn’t know but needed to 4. Allow a customer to contact you to continue a sales conversation 5. Allow a customer to transact with you 6. Accurately and truthfully reflect your business 7. Be easy to use on any device 8. Be a low friction and enjoyable experience
  39. 39. 4 Ways to Start a Website website developer 1. Getting Aussie Business Online Website (Basic site) 2. Start a blog 3. Get a template site 4. Find a website developer
  40. 40. From desktop to mobile- why??  Mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales, and mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014  67% of users claim they are more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly website Source:
  41. 41. How does Australia compare?
  42. 42. Mobile what? Mobile friendly • Website that functions correctly on a mobile device • Tiny scaled down version of a site Mobile website • Completely separate website designed specifically for use on a small mobile device • Responsive website • Can detect the size of the viewing device and adapts to suit
  43. 43. How much should I pay?  Quality and level of functionality of product will determine price.  Basic design / static page site = $500-$1500  Basic design + Template based CMS site = $2500+ (wordpress, joomla, drupal)  Custom Design + CMS Site = $4000+  Custom Design+CMS+Ecommerce = $7000+
  45. 45. The online experience External sales engine Webhost Shopfront / website Confirmation / Shipping Select products Shopping cart / purchase product Process payment Checkout / Payment gateway Gateway Courier Bank Merchant Account fees + Card Fees Gateway Fees
  46. 46. Platforms vs. Marketplaces Installed or hosted Stand alone Fully branded Customised Payment gateway Granular control Hosted Multiple sellers Integrated payments Basic branding Play in the box
  47. 47.
  48. 48. Payment Gateways  Shopping cart system (Website)  Payment Gateway (Cash Register)  Online merchant account (your bank) Eway – Paypal –
  49. 49. Next steps 1. Establish your digital footprint 2. Profile your online customers 3. Understand your keywords and build links 4. Consider google adwords 5. Review your customers website journey 6. Investigate E-commerce options
  50. 50. Workshops and Consultations Workshops  Series of 17 workshop topics (59 workshops) over the next 12 months  Free sessions – subsidised by federal government – in Queanbeyan and across the region Digital Consultations  4 hour digital business consultations  Develop a digital plan  Identify 3 get started now actions  Help you start in the right digital direction
  51. 51. Workshop feedback enterprisegroupfeedback Verification word: training
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