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  1. 1. ANALYSIS OF<br /> IDEOLOGY <br />Interview<br /> with the Sex Pistols<br />Sid had to fly back to London from Sweden on the 25th to appear in court on the 26th. This interview was done in Stockholm on July 27 and 28 1977<br />
  2. 2. Questions asked by the NME<br />''Why is the establishment more frightened by the Sex Pistols than any other previous rock'n'roll band?'' JOHN: ''Because they were all to some extent slightly controlled by the industry. There was always an element of the establishment behind it, but with us it's totally our own. We do what we want to do and there's no industry behind us.'' SID: ''Or rather, the industry is behind us rather than with us.'' ''Hey, if the industry is behind you it's got a knife in it's hand!'' SID: ''Yeah, but we've got a Chieftain tank..'' JOHN: ''They can't control us, we're uncontrollable. They've predicted all down the line against us, and they've failed. This scares them. They've never been able to do that before. They've always known before that the money would come into it, but they've missed the boat so many times." PAUL: ''The thing was that everyone in the beginning was so sure that no way it was going to take off. People like Nicky Horne said that they'd never play punk rock and now they don't play nothing but.'' <br />Common theme within Punk, very free with their ideas, not kept to a structure like other genres.<br />Proud of the Punk genre and what is has achieved. Saying how people doubted it and how it has prospered under this negative opinion. <br />Again, this highlights the ‘do what we want’ mentality of Punk. <br />Very forward, straight to the point response. Punk is often associated with doing things their way and not letting others get in the way and this response highlights this mentality by instantly overpowering the previous statement.<br />
  3. 3. Questions asked by the NME<br />Throughout this interview the common association of Punk, that there are no rules and they do what they want becomes apparent.<br />''Was there any particular plan or strategy in mind right at the start of the Pistols?'' <br />JOHN: ''Instinct. It hasn't really worked out like that. Wenever sat down and wrote a thesis. There's no rules, and no order. We just do it, which is more to the point. Do it and when you can't do it no more, then don't do it at all.'' <br />SID: ''If it requires any real effort, then there's no point in doing it. It should just come. If you have to force it, then there's something wrong.'' <br />JOHN: ''Yeah, if you have to sit down in your room and go 'I've got to write a song, but what about?'...that's rubbish. It just comes. It's there.'' <br />This again reiterates the freedom they have within their band and their music. Everything appears to just happen as they like and nothing strategic must occur for them to have what they want or for them to achieve their success. <br />Express their feelings within their music. No thought process, they just use what's on their minds as the material for their music. <br />
  4. 4. Ideologies <br />Freedom<br />Expressive<br />‘Laid Back’ Mentality<br />PUNK<br />Out-going<br />Real<br />Spontaneous<br />Unique<br />Vibrant<br />Determined to be who they want to be<br />Refreshing<br />