House styles


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House styles

  1. 1. Researching <br />house styles within the genre of Punk<br />
  2. 2. Existing Material<br />Both the image below and the magazine to the right utilise Black, White and Red as their main colours. This is a common theme throughout many Punk based magazines and images and therefore is something I will look at incorporating within my magazine.<br />The fonts used on both pieces show a purposely rough, conventional Punk based font that is made to look raw and convey an attitude that the music is so often associated with. <br />
  3. 3. Stereotypical Punk Fonts<br />The only other form of font style other than the rough looking styles is the stencil effect. This is the other common style that is utilised within Punk products and again conveys a feeling and attitude associated with Punk Rock.<br />From my research it became increasingly apparent that when it came to font choice, black and white was the most common colour selection and were often put together as seen in the examples. In addition to this, the style of the fonts were mainly rough looking fonts, that were purposely designed to convey an attitude similar to the Punk way of life. They do not try and look neat and attractive as this does not show the freedom and unique way of life that people around the Punk Rock genre have. <br />
  4. 4. Colour within Punk<br />Throughout all these images, as well as the vibrant colours, it is clear to see that black and white again is the dominate choice of colour for Punk people to wear. This manly applies to black as when you research anything based on Punk, the people you see are commonly wearing black clothing.<br />The main association of colour within Punk is the hairstyle, the ‘Mohawk’. This hairstyle gives the impression that the more expressive it is, the better. Vibrant colours are often used and this relates well to the expressive, free life that Punk is associated with.<br />
  5. 5. Conclusions Made from Research<br />COLOUR<br />FONT<br />MY MAGAZINE<br />There were two options for font choice that I could utilise within my magazine. The rough, aggressive looking font or the stencil style. Both were commonly used within my research and would be approved of and recognised by a consumer.<br />I feel that when I create my magazine, as well as these two aspects I have researched, I will need to prioritise the overall appearance as Punk is very specific in the way it conveys its appearance so my magazine will have to give the correct impression and fit the conventions such as a raw appearance and convey an attitude similar to the other things I have looked at.<br />From my research I have decided that to include Black, Red and White into my magazine would be the logical thing to do due to the fact that these are the main colours incorporated within Punk clothing, fonts and other punk based products.<br />