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Easter media homework


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Easter media homework

  1. 1. Charlie Pugh
  2. 2.  Throughout the years if you wanted to buy a sample of music, you had to go to your local retailer and buy physical music such as CDs, or in the 60-late 80’s cassettes, records or even music videos such as Thriller on VHS and DVD. Nowadays however we have all these plus computers, Digital TV and radio, the Internet, Home Theatres with Surround Sound and Wireless phones and other devices that allow for music to be stored and shared. As an example The most significant development in music distribution has by far been the Ipod family developed by the late Steve Jobs, former president of the Apple Corporation. These small hand held devices are capable of carrying over 10000 songs each with a storage level which measured in dozens of hours. Streaming music from the internet has also become popular over the years ever since in late 2005 when the first video on YouTube was uploaded online, people have been posting music online and sometimes even making their own remixes of songs or their own music videos. Other sites like Grooveshark and spotify allow you to listen to music as long as you don’t download it illegally.
  3. 3.  Most of the changes that the internet have brought have both been positive and negative effects. Firstly on the negative side the internet has allowed piracy to become more easier as music files have been posted online illegally, creating online radio and creating some problems for the music industry. Piracy is the biggest problem with the industry as mass piracy can result in thousands of layoffs, songwriters out of work and new artists having a harder time getting signed and breaking into the business as consumers are not paying for music as much before. However some would argue that the internet has actually made music more accessible and its an advantage that you can download music in a flash. Social media networks also benefit music as people share diff tracks on facebook and twitter so more people get to see them and artists can mange to distriubute their music more widely and make it more accesssible.
  4. 4.  In the past , people used to either buy their music physically through retailers and record stores or would have to resort to illegal file sharing to get what they want for free. The music companies did manage to fight back ny putting warning labels on their cds against copyright. However that now has become irreelent with the introduction of legal downloading which although it has been mildly successful in combating online piracy,
  5. 5.  Convergence has had a great impact on how audiences access, listen and use music. For example, the changes in digital technology have caused this as audiences are now able to access music in different formats such as Itunes , MP3, and Mobile Phones which can be downloaded straight onto the computer. This means people don’t have to carry around physical formats, as well as a music player as they can put their digital downloads all onto portable devices such as a mobile or an Ipod. Mobile Phones such as Sony Errricsons are a good example of convergence as they allow the users to not only phone people but to listen to music, take and view photos and videos and access the internet. This means people have everything they need in a small, convenient devise, instead of having to carry several different items.
  6. 6.  As with the music industry, when movies were released on home video after they had completed their theatrical run, the public would have to go to a store to buy them. Copying movies used to be illegal with the Federation Against Copyright Theft cracking down hard on piracy by putting warning ads in front of movies realeasd on Laserdisc, VHS and DVD. Although IMDB was set up in 1997 and Rotten Tomatoes two years later where people could talk about or write reviews of movies, posting videos online was limited to flash videos due to technoclical limations of video camerasat the time. However when Youtube was launched in 2005 posting videos online suddenly became hugely popular. Apple then started releasing video enabled ipods and iphones and Itunes then started it’s own movie channel where you can download and stream movies as long as you pay for it by credit card or gift card.
  7. 7.  When a movie is commercially released, then nothing can stop the internet floodgates, and any number of legal clips or pirated downloads are possible. While this primarily concerns the theaters and later on, movie rental businesses, there is a trickle-up effect from the actions of these businesses. If theaters are losing money because people are downloading movies online or waiting to digitally rent them, then those costs will eventually be transferred over to the movie industry. What does this mean? Lower budgets. In the end, moviemakers will probably have to start doing more with less, and then even less, until a balance is struck between traditional movie making and online media and as a result marketing strategies has also changed because of the internet. Not only are marketing campaigns now using all the different forms of communication available online to spread the word about movies, but they are also keying into commentary involving movies. The internet has drastically increased the ability of people to exchange opinions about the latest film immediately after seeing it, creating a much faster response time.
  8. 8.  Online movie disturbing sites such as Netflix and Itunes have done terrible harm to video retailing sites such as Blockbuster and HMV. As the internet is constantly making online videos and movies look and sound much better in quality and in streaming online, While These DVD rental chains who used to pay movie studios hundreds of millions of dollars a year for their films. But that source of revenue is now gone with the wind thanks to their inability to adapt.
  9. 9.  In response to the advancement on online piracy with illegal downloading and such, companies have started to include free digital copies included on their DVDs and blu-rays on either a spare disk or a leaflet which you can follow a link where you have to type in a code to get your film. They’ve also allowed legal streaming on sites such as Itunes and Google Play as long as you pay for either buying or renting the films. Movies now have not only an official website promoting the film, but they also have Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages as well where fans can subscribe and get set information regarding the production of the film. For exampple when Peter Jackson was in the production phase of The Lord of the Rings, he contnally updated the website with information and footage regarding its production
  10. 10.  In the last decade if you missed your favourite program on television, you had to either wait if the schedule is showing re-runs, wait for it to be released on DVD and video or in the case of Sky tv, watch a channel that broadcasts shows and films an hour earlier e.g. Disney Channel+1, Sky+1, etc... Now that broadcast TV has been converted to an all-digital format startin g in 2011, our Internet and television have only become more integrated as time goes by. Internet TV services, such as Apple TV or Xbox Live programming, provide Internet-fed television that is cable-TV -- and even HD – quality and video streaming sites such as BBC Iplayer , 4 on demand, and ITV Player allows viewers to watch thier favourite television programmes online with a time limit on how long they stay on the website.
  11. 11.  Although television retailers are fighting back at the internet by selling technologies that computer and phones haven’t come up with yet such as 3d Televison and blu-ray, Most people nowadays not only watch proframmes from thier computers or tvs, but alsoi from video-enabled portable devices such as tablets, Ipods, and phones. Movies such as the Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises use the interent to promote not only the movie, but also spin-off products such as video games, books, production videos, knowlege commusties such as
  12. 12.  Unfortunately due to the wide success of watching shows online it youve missed them on TV, people have started to not watch them on TV at all unless they are live events and wait until they are uploaded on Netflix or I player which is causing obvious problems for the industry. Also message boards have become popular with fans on discussing their favourite shows such as Trekkies are affiliated with Star Trek and Buffies for Buffy the Vampire Slayer to voice their opinions on shows. Lost, for instance, listened when fans relayed that the introduction of two new major characters in the program had resulted in characters that they despised. Producers acted quickly and killed off these two new characters in the same season that they were introduced and Joss Whedon when in process of cancelling Firefly received tonnes of emails saying that the show was good and didn’t need to be cancelled. While the fan protest wasn’t enough to save the beleaguered show, it was enough to convince both Joss and the studios that an audience existed for a film. And thus Serenity was created to give the loyal fans some closure for a program that they’d grown to love.
  13. 13.  In response to the growing popularity of watching TV on portable handheld devices such as tablets and IPhones, video streaming websites such as Netflix, BBC Iplayer and Itunes have been either putting entire seasons of television shows aviable for download, creating apps where you can save all your TV shows and watch them whenever you want or in the case of DreamWorks Animation Studios, release an entire TV show made exclusive to Netflix. This show will be connected to their upcoming 2013 movie Turbo called Turbo: F.A.S.T. It will be available in United States and in the 40 countries where Netflix offers its service. This will probably result in other companies moving away from the television and start to use the internet more to show off their tv shows on the internet. However less econimoic people will still contintue to watch tv as the tv industrty is still going strong due to the companies as they are capible of more hardware improvemnets then their handheld counterparts.
  14. 14.  Before the internet news could only be received in three ways, the newspapers, the radio and the television, TV evening bulletins would only cover a few details of what the newspapers would report due to time constraints so the Newspaper was the mostly likely place to find all information. Nowadays however news programs can now publish all their information on internet pages, social networking sites and online news channels for example the BBC now has an 24-hour news channel on digital tv and a service mad available for paying Iplayer customers who can watch the channel on their computers and portable devices. The use of these new systems is distinguished by the speed with which news reaches the reader, the low cost of distributing information and the opportunity to establish more direct contact and interaction with users, who have came to play an important role in the design of journalistic offerings.
  15. 15.  The Internet has had a significant impact on newspaper as development of online communication has led to important transformations at an high level, the creation of a specific language and a new multimedia environment. The new newspaper industry will be a combination of print, online, wireless, mobile and niche products and will dig deeper into our communities than we have ever dug before. At the onset of the digital age, many are predicting that death will come printed medium, especially for consumables such as newspapers. The physical newspaper may soon become thing of the past as publishers of big news agencies such as the Star and the Globe and Mail realize that the printed form of the newspaper will be deemed unnecessary within the next few decades. If these industries want to maintain their image of "big-name" Newspaper agencies, they will have to do so through alternative forms.
  16. 16.  As a result of lots of articles being available for free on a wide viartey of different websites, people have been movie away from physical printed material and have been switching extensively to digital material. With the increase in popularity of blogs and social networking websites such as Facebook and twitter everyday people are connected in a high-speed transfer of information, cutting out the newspaper. Financially the Newspapers have taken a hit because newspaper industries are expected to give out the news for free and it they want to survive they need to evolve with their audience.
  17. 17.  While many efforts have managed to bring convergence to a new level, many major and local news organizations still have difficulties in incorporating all the elements of media For example lots of so-called converged organizations merely republish or repurpose material from one medium to another such as the articles featured online are exactly the same as the newspaper articles. The normal newspaper-Internet combination that developed in the ’90s is still convergence’s most common form.
  18. 18.  The term MMORPG was thought up of by Richard Garriott, the creator of Ultima Online, in 1997.Previous to this and related coinages, these games were generally called graphical MUDs; the history of MMORPGs traces back directly through the MUD genre. Through this connection, MMORPGs can be seen to have roots in the earliest multi-user games such as Mazewar (1974) and MUD1 (1978). 1985 saw the release of a rogue like (pseudo-graphical) MUD called Island of Kesmai on CompuServe[and Lucas films graphical MUD Habitat. The first fully graphical multi-user RPG was Never winter Nights, which was delivered through America Online in 1991 and was personally championed by AOL President Steve Case. Like other games , players assume the role of a character (often in a fantasy world) and take control over many of that characters actions. MMORPGs are distinguished from single-player or small multi-player online RPGs by the number of players, and by the games persistent world (usually hosted by the games publisher), which continues to exist and evolve while the player is offline and away from the game.
  19. 19.  Now the most popular genre of video games made for the internet are Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games, or MMOPPGS. These are a collection of strategy based games where millions subscribe to play in different virtual worlds and pay fees to unlock achievements. World of Warcraft for example, is a game where Millions of users can log in, and pay a fee each month to play as a character in this world. This opened up an advanced way of gaming, and has become very profitable with games like Final Fantasy and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, which both used to only be single player games, but now have many worlds and characthers of its own where many people play, and pay each month, as opposed to just once for the game itself. It is a way to keep the profits rolling in on a game that continues to expand.
  20. 20.  However the popularity of online video games has led to a growth in cannibalism which means basically that part of the problem of the internet is that when stores sell games in-store and well as online, you tend to take profits away from the store. However, if customers buy many games online, the revenues of the company itself will go up, so this can also be a good thing for stores. Another problem is piracy as Ive said before the internet has allowed piracy to become a lot more easier. In the case of video games , the main copyright law breakers are hackers who find ways through security codes which prevent games from being published have managed to create a way for the information in the games to be extracted and downloaded to the internet. They also have created software programs that can play the "burned" games. It is obvious that this has an negative impact on the revenue of the profits of the producers of the games and the suppliers which in response they have found new ways to make money off it’s video games. One of which is to offer games for free on the internet. What this does is it promotes advertisement sales by including ads at the site which the games are on, or in the game itself.
  21. 21.  As the world of consoles prepares to enter it’s eighth generation with the Wii U and the Play Station 4 for the large consoles and the 3DS and the PS Vita for the handheld market These will face stiff competition from the smartphone, tablet, and Smart TV gaming markets which as a result some people believe that this generation will be the last due to the growing preference for these portable markets.
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