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The Mekong MSPs

Presented by Kim Geheb and Kate Lazarus (Mekong Coordination and Change Project) at the International Forum on Water and Food (IFWF), South Africa, 14-17 November 2011.

The International Forum on Water and Food (IFWF) is the premier gathering of water and food scientists working on improving water management for agricultural production in developing countries.

The CGIAR Challenge Program for Water and Food (CPWF) represents one of the most comprehensive investments in the world on water, food and environment research.The Forum explores how the CPWF research-for-development (R4D) approach can address water and food challenges through a combination of process, institutional and technical innovations.

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The Mekong MSPs

  1. 1. The Mekong MSPs Kate Lazarus and Kim GehebMekong Coordination and Change Project
  2. 2. Language MSP 1 Dam developers, operators and owners MSP 2 MSP 3 Governments, NGOs and Civil regional and society international organisations The Dialogue Space MSP 5 MSP 4 Hydropower Technical financiers
  3. 3. Dialogue spaces The Dialogue Space •Built around a common appreciation of an idea. •Size varies with what’s appropriate. •Politically neutral. •Managed = mediation and/or facilitation.
  4. 4. Naga House