International Forum on Water and Food 3 (CPWF GD workshop, Sept 2011)


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By Amanda Harding. As part of a CPWF September 2011 workshop in Thailand regarding global drivers. Introduction to the CPWF Forum in South Africa (Nov 2011) and its link to Global Drivers: Topic Working Group.

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International Forum on Water and Food 3 (CPWF GD workshop, Sept 2011)

  1. 1. International Forum on Water and Food 3 The Forum and Global Drivers TWG
  2. 2. Specific themes for the ForumTo bring together a wide range of research, development,policy and other actors to interact and share their knowledge,experiences, ideas, needs and goals within the context of thewater and food agenda.To discuss and derive lessons from the activities of Phase 2 sofarTo understand and capture the relevance of a Program likethe CPWF with its research for development mode of workingto addressing the water and food challenges around theworld today
  3. 3. Key Forum Guiding QuestionsBeyond the more internal questions and the opportunities the Forum offers by bringing the CPWF Community together the Forum asks the “big questions” Is R4D relevant to addressing the “water and food crisis”? What does this look like at the global level – for Africa – for the Basins? What is our (CPWF) research saying that makes a difference? What do we have offer?
  4. 4. How will the Forum operateMaximum interaction and sharing amongst participants according to particular themes and formats. In addition to key note speakers, informative panel session and inspiring youth presentations, the Forum will also include: Opening day key notes and debate Basin stories presented during day opening sessions 12 topic and basin based sessions (3 slots of 4 parallel sessions) of two hours Two 3 hour Share Fairs allowing for picnics, roundtables, booths and other forms of demonstrations on participant suggested topics Capitalizing session
  5. 5. Forum programme
  6. 6. Key highlights and information from sessions Whats new and innovative from your session? What are What are the Sessions/ the lessons messages for Stories/ specified emerging Share Fair target groups? for R4D? What is your message for Africa?
  7. 7. Capitalizing SessionOne focus question:What are the messages that we should be placing at the global table - linking the local to global, global to local - for the decision makers, researchers and development practitioners?
  8. 8. Forum Outputs Proceedings (based on 136 2-pagers) Forum summary report (Forum Writing Team) Briefing papers – session led Media (journalistsfromeach of the basins) Social media based information
  9. 9. The Global Drivers SessionInputs – 2-pagersThe White PaperThis GD meetingMore?Aims of GD sessionSession lead (Simon)Process design (facilitator, chair, social reporter)Links to other sessions (topics, basins, sharefair)