CPWF Moving Forward Experience


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by: Michael Victor
Presented at the GBDC Reflection Workshop,November 2013

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CPWF Moving Forward Experience

  1. 1. CPWF Moving Forward Experience Michael Victor
  2. 2. Not a sunset program
  3. 3. Legacy in basins
  4. 4. CWPF Strategy Basin Strategies Elegant ending Documentation, communication & learning
  5. 5. Not closure – moving forward Strength of CPWF basin programs has been in its partnerships and not relying on one single way to continue work – not ‘sunset projects’ CRPs is not the only pathway of continuity Highly iterative and engagement oriented focus in terms of final months “closure” process
  6. 6. Andes: Benefit Sharing Mechanisms CONDESAN is a regional Platform focused on BSM Two science related workshops to close out in Columbia and Peru  “BSM Clinics” – focus has been to further Benefit Sharing Mechanism approach and look at issues of scale Work will continue through partners and their own programs Work will continue through government programs focused on PES/BSM Use of media to engage and promote concept of BSM Basin Story: Developing book on BSM Approaches
  7. 7. Limpopo: Small reservoirs FANRPAN is the lead with Global Water Partnership: Few CGIAR partnerships – driven by regional organizations Research endorsed Southern African Development Community and Limpopo River Commission Series of workshops through partner organizations annual events. Work to be carried through Global Water Partnership and other Partners Produced a special magazine of final outputs
  8. 8. Mekong: Water, Food & Energy Largest program as received an extra 5ml grant – extended till April 2014 – more than 19 projects Large Forum which brings region together on Water, Food and Energy issues Smaller workshops run by projects to return results and engage with stakeholders Continuation strategy is through the “Nagahouse” concept and developing regional R4D institution – need for a ‘convenor’ in the region Use of Video, study tours, face to face discussion
  9. 9. Nile: Sustainable land managemnt Coordinated by IWMI & ILRI  Continuation strategy dependent on CGIAR Research Programs Series of science and stakeholder meeting culminating in a ‘dinner’ event Teaming up with CARE to produce a sourcebook on Agriculture Water Management in East Africa Basin Story: Produced an “institutional history”
  10. 10. Volta: Small reservors Coordinated by IWMI – focused on agriculture water management & small reservoirs for multiple use Already “finalized”: A series of science and closure meetings have been held Proposals developed for further work submitted to Water, Land and Ecosystems and EU Basin story: Institutional history
  11. 11. CPWF Program Level Plans External Review Communication       CPWF Book & outreach Animation & PPT Working Papers Outcome stories Basin Summaries CG Space for all outputs Feeding lessons and experiences into CRPs which are interested Crafting of messages and engaging messengers
  12. 12. Cross-Basin Learning A small number of meetings have been held where ‘champions’ have taken ideas forward     Innovation/Engagement Platforms workshop and lesson learned Participatory approaches workshop in December (hosted by CIAT) KM/Comms to have lesson learning workshop in December Spatial Analysis and Modelling – January/February ??
  13. 13. Thank you www.waterandfood.org results.waterandfood.org