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Repurposing SlideShare

  1. 1. Repurposing your content on SlideShare by:@Empoweredpres
  2. 2. 44 comments Post a comment Derek Halpern, Social Triggers “You don’t have to create content, day in, and day out. You just have to work on getting the content you already have... in the hands of more people.” 2 hours ago ... Post Comment Subscribe to comments
  3. 3. There is an abundance of information and content that gets published everyday.
  4. 4. 800M 600M 400M 200M 2010 2011 2012 2013 Today, there are 700 million* websites, *May 2013, estimated
  5. 5. 100M 50M 1M 500,000 Blogster Weebly Livejournal Wordpress Tumblr 260 million* blogs and... *April 2013, estimated active blogs
  6. 6. printed books ebooks 1996 2008 2013 an infinite number of ebooks to soon surpass printed books.
  7. 7. Not to mention various other types of content such as...
  8. 8. Newspapers Magazines Resumes Business Pl ans Brochures Statistic Reports Live Presentat tions Print Collateral Books White Pages Socia lCase Study Video Events Travel Tips Holiday Case omotions Speeches Newspapers Magazines R Ebook Business Plans Brochures Statistics R ve Presentations Print Collateral Books White Pages Whitepapers Songs Video Events Travel Tips Holiday Promotions Speeches Newspape Magazines Resumes Business Plans Brochure atistic Op-Ed Live Presentations Print Collater White Pages Social Media Songs Video Events Surveys Holiday Promotions Speeches News papers Magazines Resumes Business Plans Br Statistic Blog Posts Live Presentations Print Co
  9. 9. How can you repurpose your existing content to drive more traffic to your website,
  10. 10. increase influence,
  11. 11. l sales? and make more
  12. 12. People tend to upload already-existing articles, whitepapers or text-heavy PDFs, but that is not using SlideShare to its best ability.
  13. 13. Uploading amazing visually engaging content will garner you mass amounts of attention like these: 1,784,718 views 2,655,768 views 3,155,417 views 1,714,483 views 859,821 views 701,715 views
  14. 14. Although you might have the content and ideas in place,
  15. 15. you need to take the time to re-craft it for SlideShare consumption.
  16. 16. By putting a little effort into custom publishing for SlideShare, your results will be much greater. 33,412 views 80,204 views 52,543 views 48,061 views 56,243 views 58,796 views
  17. 17. on how to... are 6 steps Here repurpose content using SlideShare
  18. 18. #1 Develop a theme Search
  19. 19. Are you sticking to the original theme?
  20. 20. or creating your own?
  21. 21. example: E-mail repurposed to presentation to educate people about the tax debate.
  22. 22. #2 Breakdown the content Search
  23. 23. Whether it be a video, blog etc...
  24. 24. take out any keypoints, quotes, or statistics
  25. 25. example: Commencement speech repurposed to presentation increased viewership by 6000%!
  26. 26. #3 Find the perfect visuals Search
  27. 27. Email Like Save ‹› Embed You will increase retention and impact with powerful visualization.
  28. 28. Featured SMOKE-The Convenient Truth 650K views Smoking Habit. Physiopathology... 4,321 views The Impact of Advertising on Cig... 7,066 views It is a much better SlideShare experience and you will see the results. Smoking Habit. Physiopathology... 4,321 views Help for Smokers and Tobacco Us... 938 views Hazards Of Smoking 5,521 views
  29. 29. Email Like Save ‹› Embed
  30. 30. #4 Determine the structure Search
  31. 31. Email Will you be linking it back to more in-depth content? Like Save ‹› Embed
  32. 32. How to Survive the Shark Tank - Part 1 23,214 views How to Survive the Shark Tank - Part 2 4,336 views 2 MILLION VIEWS LATER... 19,545 views Or breaking the content into series on SlideShare?
  33. 33. example: ` Book repurposed to presentation to sell more books and promote speaking engagements.
  34. 34. #5 Don’t Forget a CTA! Search
  35. 35. Email Like Save ‹› Embed A Call To Action,
  36. 36. Email Like Save ‹› Embed Skip Get Empowered with Us! the lead gen form (ability to generate leads), -Empowered Presentations, Presentation Design Firm - Honolulu, HI First Name* Last Name* Work Email* Phone* Organization/Company* Message
  37. 37. Email Like Save ‹› Embed and links within your presentation to your previous uploads.
  38. 38. #6 Upload to SlideShare Search UPLOAD
  39. 39. 1.1B Once you upload, SlideShare allows you to share on all these platforms. 497M 48.7M slideshare 360M 297M 2.3B
  40. 40. slideshare Present Yourself Search... SEO Because SlideShares technology is built for high Google ranking, Technology Media Keywords Business Marketing Sales Tips
  41. 41. repurposing... repurposing content means additional SEO assets will attract search traffic to your presentation.
  42. 42. At EP we repurpose content , into presentations and UPLOAD to SlideShare +
  43. 43. slideshare We share and spread our content to reach the larger market SlideShare provides.
  44. 44. EP analytics on SlideShare slideshare (all time) As of July 2013 2,326,588 4,095 67,772 2,799 7,418 Total Views Favorites Downloads Tweets Facebook Likes
  45. 45. Do you have content that deserves to be repurposed? LET US HELP YOU!
  46. 46.
  47. 47. Featured 2 MILLION VIEWS LATER... 19,766 views Social Media Resolutions for 2013 58,058 views 10 Life Lessons From The #Simp... 27,188 views Make Sure Your Slides Are #EXPL... 6,635 views @GuyKawasaki - 10 Hindsights... 62,709 views Presentation ROI - Is It Worth It? 22,248 views