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Forrest Gump

  1. 1. Forrest Gump’s Life Lessons
  2. 2. “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Having the ability to adapt to whatever comes your way is something that will always serve you well. Be open to possibility and who knows what you might find.
  3. 3. “I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think maybe it’s both. Maybe both is happening at the same time.” Everyday, life is made bearable by the people and things that we are passionate about. May it be our better halves, our family, our work, God, or the creative endeavors that he lets us have, these „fuel‟ should serve as a guide for how we can follow our dreams and a map for how we can achieve them.
  4. 4. "There's only so much fortune one man needs, the rest is just showing off." Keep what‟s serving you, and let go of what is not.
  5. 5. “Mama always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them.” Explaining things to people so that they can understand them is a gift. It means taking time to understand first to then be understood. Mama Gump had it right.
  6. 6. “Mama says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere.” Forrest Gump did go anywhere because he believed he could. Are you limiting yourself? Find your magic shoes. Go, run, what you believe you can achieve.
  7. 7. “Run Forrest, Run!” Those who love us are good at pointing out our strengths. They may take you far - like across the country.
  8. 8. “You have to do the best with what God gave you.” It starts with knowing yourself, then striving to sharpen and hone yourself. We all have God given talents. Use yours. It‟s simple, be your best.
  9. 9. “So I started playing it all the time. I played ping-pong even when I didn't have anyone to play ping-pong with. I played ping-pong so much, I even played it in my sleep.” Come on. Let me show you. Now the secret to this game is, no matter what happens, never, ever take your eye off the ball. Focus on what you are doing!!!
  10. 10. Forrest Gump : What’s my destiny, Mama? Mrs. Gump: You’re gonna have to figure that out for yourself. You define your destiny. It is about being in touch with what you love. It is about being your best. This is your life. Stand. Take a stand for who you chose to be. You define your destiny.
  11. 11. "Bubba was my best good friend, and even I know you can't just find that around the corner." Be loyal to your friends. Love unconditionally.
  12. 12. Forrest Gump : If I’d a known that was the last time I was gonna talk to Bubba, I would of thought of something better to say. Forrest Gump : Hi Bubba. Bubba : Hey Forrest Don‟t let those little moments pass by – you never know what kind of lasting influence you will have. Say what needs to be said exactly when you need to say it.
  13. 13. “The good part about being shot in the buttocks was the ice cream,” Forrest said. “They gave me all the ice cream I could eat.” Sometimes the best thing that you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breath, and have faith that everything will work out for the best.
  14. 14. “Mama always said, dying was a part of life. I sure wish it wasn’t.” Yet life has a way of coming back to us if we know what love is, be our best, and believe. Do not let heart-break or tragedy take your life. We all have tragedy to overcome, you can too.
  15. 15. Forrest Gump: [running] I had run for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours. [he stops and turns around] Young Man Running: Quiet, quiet! He’s gonna say something! Forrest Gump: [pause] I’m pretty tired… I think I’ll go home now. No one should be following me… And we also should not be following anyone else. The answers my friend are not blowing in the wind they are simply inside, on the heart path.
  16. 16. “For no particular reason, I just kept on going….I just felt like running.” Trust yourself; it always leads you to where you need to be. Have you ever wanted to do something that made no sense to others, but made perfect sense to you? Do it. You‟ll never regret it!!!
  17. 17. Forrest tells him he is still the same man. Never forget how special you are. He doesn‟t think any less of Lieutenant Dan for losing his legs, and neither should he. Your outward circumstances may change but remember there is only one of you and who you are inwardly can never be taken from you. Lieutenant Dan : This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not to me. I had a destiny. I was Lieutenant Dan Tyler. Forrest Gump : Yo-You’re still Lieutenant Dan
  18. 18. "Why don't you love me, Jenny? I'm not a smart man... but I know what love is." Find inside yourself what you love. Then Cherish it for all you are worth. Because do you know what? It is all that you‟re worth.
  19. 19. “And cause I was a gazillionaire, and I liked doin it so much, I cut that grass for free.” Be in touch with what you love then strive to be your best. I think you‟ll find them coming together.
  20. 20. “Now you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows. From that day on, if I was going somewhere, I was running!” If you need to clear your head, go for a run. That particular run comes from his personal heartbreak after he asks Jenny to marry him, she declines, though comes into his room to make love to him, only to disappear in the morning.
  21. 21. “Sometimes, I guess, there just aren’t enough rocks.” Never forget where you came from, and how you got where you are today. If you do not use the experiences in your life, if you choose to ignore them instead, how will you ever learn a lesson?
  22. 22. Jenny Curran: "His name's Forrest." Forrest Gump: "Like me." Jenny Curran: "I named him after his daddy." Forrest Gump: "He got a daddy named Forrest, too?" Jenny Curran: "You're his daddy, Forrest.” After Jenny passed away, Forrest took care of his son, reading with him every night and preparing his lunch for school. Like his mother before him, Forrest would do anything to make a good home for his child.
  23. 23. Dying is a part of life– “I sure wish it wasn’t” Never say never. Jenny asks Forrest, while sitting on a park bench, to marry her. Though she has contracted the AIDS virus, and eventually tragically passes away at an incredibly young age, she ends her life with the man who has always loved her, and who I believe she has always loved right back.
  24. 24. “Stupid is as stupid does.” You words mean little to nothing if your actions do not align. Stupid is as stupid does. Brave is as brave does. Your actions always speak louder than your words.
  25. 25. “My momma always said that miracles happen everyday, Some people don’t think so, but they do.” It is so important to take time to stop and “smell the roses”; to recognize the beauty in the minutiae of everyday details. Otherwise, it becomes all too easy to be dragged down when things don‟t go as well as we‟d hope.
  26. 26. Forrest waits with Forrest Jr. for the bus to pick him up for his first day of school, and sits on the same tree stump where his mother sat on his first day of school, and watches his feather bookmark float off in the wind. “Don’t be a feather in the wind, take ownership of your life.” Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn