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Guest And Teaching Assistant Access


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How to add a guest and teaching assistant to have access to your BlackBoard course

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Guest And Teaching Assistant Access

  1. 1. Guest and Teaching Assistant Access
  2. 2. TAs and Guests are not automatically added  to your course Add TA/Guest to your course at the  beginning of the semester Make sure to remove their access to your  course at the end of the semester Start with Control Panel 
  3. 3. Click Enroll User
  4. 4. Enter Last Name & Click Search Then select the check box next to the names of the users to enroll and click Submit.
  5. 5. Select List/Modify Users in the User  Management area on the Control Panel Search for the added TA/Guest  Click Properties button located at the very far  right of the TA/Guest
  6. 6. Change the Role Click Submit
  7. 7. Click Settings
  8. 8. Click Here
  9. 9. Select Yes Click Submit
  10. 10. Granting guest access allows any guest  logged into Blackboard to access your course. When guest access is no longer required deny  guest access through the control panel. Click on “Settings”, click “Guest Access”, check “No”, then click “Submit”. For more information contact Lisa Hawkins at