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How to create a test for your BlackBoard course

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Creating Tests

  1. 1. Creating Tests
  2. 2. Click Control Panel
  3. 3. Click Test Manager
  4. 4. Click Add Test
  5. 5. Click Create
  6. 6. Include a test name and description, then click submit
  7. 7. Select the type of question and click GO
  8. 8. 1. Type the question 2. Assign point value 3. Select answer
  9. 9. Each type of question will have different options
  10. 10. Number of choices Select the Correct Answer
  11. 11.  Instructors can provide test questions that allow students to click on an area of an image to answer the question.
  12. 12. From the Add question drop down menu, choose Hot Spot and click GO
  13. 13. 1. Type the question 2. Assign point value 3. Attach image file 4
  14. 14. Using the mouse, drag over the correct response area. Start at the upper left corner and drag through the lower right corner of the appropriate area Click Clear to try again
  15. 15. Once the image drag is complete, the selection area is shown. If you want to select a different area, click clear
  16. 16. Students can click on part of the image to answer the question
  17. 17. Additional Settings are available by clicking Creation Settings. Instructors must enter this area to set clickable images to appear in test questions. Other options are available in this area.
  18. 18. Select this option to ensure clickable images appear in the test questions Submit
  19. 19. Continue to add questions Modify or Remove Questions When finished click OK
  20. 20. Click Modify to make the test available Click Manage for more options
  21. 21. Check the button to make the test available to students, then click submit
  22. 22. Allow Multiple attempts Require a password for test access
  23. 23. Test has been added to the assignments area Modify, Manage, or Remove the test
  24. 24. Students can access the test through the Assignments area
  25. 25.  All test questions are automatically graded except for essay questions  To grade essay questions, go to the Grade Center. Click on the drop down menu next to the submitted test, and select “Grade Details”
  26. 26.  Scroll down to view the Essay questions Record grade and click submit
  27. 27. The grade is entered into the Grade Center For more information contact Lisa Hawkins at