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Grades of Paper and Pulp


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Paper is classified into a variety of grades, but the main for paper grades are define by the end use, the pulp used to create the paper, and the treatment of the paper. Be sure to thank MSS, Inc for this wonderful content by visiting Also, the original content provider is

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Grades of Paper and Pulp

  1. 1. GRADES OF PAPER AND PULP 10/8/2012 *Information provided by
  2. 2. DEFINITION• Paper grade is a classification according to the end use, the pulp used, and the treatment of the paper• This is a sample- all permutation and combination of grades may total to well exceed 10,000
  3. 3. CLASSIFICATIONS OF PAPER1. Weight2. Color3. Usage4. Raw Material5. Surface Treatment6. Finish
  4. 4. WEIGHT• Tissue • Low Weight < 40 g/m2• Paper • Medium Weight = 40-120 g/m2• Paperboard • Medium High Weight = 12• Board • High Weight > 200 g/m2
  5. 5. COLOR• Brown • Unbleached• White • Bleached• Colored • Bleached, Dyed, or Pigmented
  6. 6. USAGE• Industrial • Packaging, Wrapping, Filtering, Electrical, Etc.• Cultural • Writing, Printing, Newspaper, Currency, Etc.• Food • Food Wrapping, Candy Wrapping, Coffee Filters, Tea Bags, Etc.
  7. 7. RAW MATERIAL• Wood • Contain Fibers from Wood• Agricultural Residue • Fibers from Straw, Grass, or Other Annual Plants• Recycled • Recycle or Secondary Fiber
  8. 8. SURFACE TREATMENT• Coated • Coated with Clay or Other Minerals• Uncoated • Contains No Coating• Laminated • Aluminum, Poly, Etc.
  9. 9. FINISH• Fine and Course• Calendered and Supercalendered• Machine Finished (MF) and Machine Glazed (MG)• Glazed and Glossed
  10. 10. CREDITS• Original material can be found at •• Presentation created by MSS, Inc. •