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Infographic: The First 90 Days of HR Outsourcing


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Fun, creative infographic depicting the first 90 days of service with a Professional Employer Organization and HR outsourcing firm.

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Infographic: The First 90 Days of HR Outsourcing

  1. 1. Hi! Thanks for taking a look at CPEhr.You may be unfamiliar with this whole HR Outsourcing concept, but have no fear!Im here to help you through your first 90 days with CPEhr.Ill show you what services you can expect,their delivery timeline and the on-goingservice expectations.Itll be as easy as a walk in the park!What To Expect in YourFirst 90 DAYS with CPEhr… and BeyondWhat To Expect in YourFirst 90 DAYS with CPEhr… and Beyond1Sign the Client Services Agreement andClear CPEhr Underwriting2 Executive MeetingCPEhr Implementation Specialistmeets with your designated team.The primary objective of thismeeting is to establish serviceexpectations and provide anunderstanding of CPEhr’s processes.During the first 30-45 days of ourpartnership, ImplementationSpecialist will be primary source ofcontact for all points of service.3CPEhr Client System ConfigurationInformation gathered from Executive Meeting isused to set up client HRIS account and web basedHuman Resources/Payroll Management portal.Employee Orientations/EnrollmentsIntroduction of CPEhr services and gatheringof employee information:• New hire paperwork/benefits enrollment• Q & A Opportunity.45Payroll and Tax Set-UpEmployee-specific datauploaded into HRIS system(Includes PTO balances and YTDsuccessor wages/taxes).6Employee Benefits Set-UpEnrollment elections audited andentered/uploaded into HRIS system;electronic files generated and transmittedto respective insurance carriers.7 Human Resources SupportImplementation Specialist consults withyou on any immediate human resourcesconcerns such as, employee relations,wage & hour review and FLSAclassifications.First & Second Payroll ProcessingImplementation Specialist works directlywith you in reporting and processingtimely and accurate payrolls.8Risk Management/SafetyBased on your industry and safety needs,Implementation Specialist will coordinate anon-site inspection/consultation with one of ourRisk Management Specialists within 30-90 days.9Transition to Dedicated Service TeamImplementation Specialist coordinates transition meeting introducing you to your dedicatedservice team. Service priorities addressed after implementation process:• Employee Handbook (within 90 days)• Job Descriptions• Management Training• Policy Development & Implementation• On-going consultative assistance with human resources/employee relations related questions.10CPE HR, Inc. | 9000 Sunset Blvd. Suite 900, West Hollywood, CA 90069 | 800-850-7133 | |