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PEO Client Case Study: Physical Therapy Practice
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The owner recounts several anecdotes where they turned to CPE...
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Human Resources Outsourcing Client Success Story


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Discover how this physical therapy company utilized Human Resources Outsourcing to simplify their employee administration, offer better employee benefits and reduce HR risks.

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Human Resources Outsourcing Client Success Story

  1. 1. CPEhr | www.cpehr.com | 800-850-7133 | info@cpehr.com Page 1 PEO Client Case Study: Physical Therapy Practice Company Background This unique aquatic physical therapy company was founded by a visionary woman with the mission of helping patients recover from injury and physical dysfunction using pool and land therapies. The business opened in 1999 with just one therapist and four employees. By 2006 it had grown to ten employees, employing four therapists, several aides and administrative help. By 2009, the company had grown to employ over 50 people including therapists, aides, administrative, billing and executive staff. Then came a difficult downturn in 2010 with severe insurance reimbursement cut-backs and a slowdown in one of their primary client industries. The company was forced to make significant financial cuts and layoff 10% of their staff. The therapy company had utilized CPEhr’s PEO (professional employer outsourcing) services to help manage their human resources since their founding, and even during those difficult economic times, the owner did not want to give up CPEhr as their employment partner. “We conducted a financial analysis,” says the owner, “And in end, even if we would have been able to save a little, it wouldn’t have been worth it. CPEhr provides us with so many services, from general HR support, to employee benefits and payroll, it just didn’t make sense to leave.” Employment Challenges & Solutions As the company grew, so did their employment challenges. With dozens of new employees, there was a flow of day-to-day employment questions on numerous HR policies and employee relations issues that the business wasn’t equipped to handle on their own. The human resources experts at CPEhr worked closely with the owner and her management team to address the employment challenges they faced. “Overall, we feel extremely comfortable running the business knowing CPEhr‘s experts are just a phone call away,” reflects the owner. “They provide counseling on troublesome issues, and whenever we call, there is always someone there to help. Even if our primary contact isn’t immediately available, there is another HR specialist ready to step in. Watching any one of them handle a termination or correction of an employee is always impressive. They are true professionals.”
  2. 2. CPEhr | www.cpehr.com | 800-850-7133 | info@cpehr.com Page 2 The owner recounts several anecdotes where they turned to CPEhr for professional employment advice: Situation #1: An employee wanted to take five weeks off from work for continuing education. The business wasn’t clear how to handle this – should they hold the position or not? Could this be taken as a vacation? If the employee didn’t come back when expected, could they let him go? Solution: CPEhr provided the client with precise instructions on how to draft the employment and continuing education terms, sign an agreement with the employee, and get all policies approved and signed-off before letting the employee take their personal leave. Situation #2: From time to time, the client has general payroll questions regarding how to compute holiday pay and overtime, calculate pay periods, and other general wage and hour issues. Solution: With direct access to CPEhr’s payroll experts, the client receives thorough, step by step procedures on the right and wrong ways of setting up their payroll process to ensure wage and hour compliance. Situation #3: The client hired an employee who, over an 18 month period of several months, stole a great deal of money from the business. At the time, they did not realize he had a criminal record. Solution: CPEhr began implementing background checks on all new hires. In addition to employment support, the business also wanted to offer top-tier employee benefits with which to attract therapists and reward their staff. They accessed CPEhr’s benefit programs and now are able to offer a wide range of insurance products to their employees – from major medical, HMO and PPO plans, to a line of voluntary insurance products and 401 (k) retirement plans. The Value of Peace-of-Mind Despite the economic challenges of the past several years, and the administration fees paid to CPEhr, the client easily quantifies the value of joining CPEhr’s Professional Employer Organization. “Without a question, we would have to hire a full time HR manager, and spend thousands on an employment attorney without CPEhr. Their people are so knowledgeable and easy to work with that I couldn’t imagine doing business without them.”