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Professional learning community

  1. 1. Professional Learning Community: Increasing Teacher Efficacy for Student Success Cathleen M. Benedict Rutgers University Ed.D. Cohort 2010
  2. 2. Main Research Question: What happens when the members of a fourth grade team transition from meetings based primarily on information distribution and administrative tasks to meetings where topics are driven by data and organized within the dimensions of a professional learning community? Subquestions: •What factors internal to the group and the broader school culture influence the transition? •What changes occur for the teachers as a result of their participation?
  3. 3. Theoretical Framework, part 1 -decision to proceed with change -identification of advocates and stakeholders -administrators set supportive conditions and understand the change -clarity exists-teachers understand the change in relation to practice (felt need) -collaborative practices are evident Institutionalization -decision to adopt change based on research of quality and effectiveness Implementation Initiation EDUCATIONAL CHANGE THEORY -administrators and stakeholders remain positive and willing to make adjustments as needed -all understand the process is not linear Identified through my research in a Teacher Leadership Concentration Required Class
  4. 4. …part 2 ADULT LEARNING THEORY Adults enact a selfdirectedness toward their learning. Adult learning is problemcentered. Andragogy Life experiences can provide a basis for learning. Adults are interested in learning that has immediate relevancy. Identified through my research in an Ed.D. Core Class
  5. 5. Research Design Context: Sample: Suburban elementary school Grade 4 Instructional Team 3 general education teachers 1 reading specialist 1 basic skills instructor vice-principal Data Collection: interviews-beginning and end of study; audio recorded and transcribed survey-beginning and end of study PLC framework implemented; meetings audio recorded and transcribed artifacts and documents
  6. 6. Professional Teaching and Learning Cycle 1. Study Data Analysis 2. Select 6. Adjust Change old strategies; identify research-based practices Reflect on implications arising from student work 5. Analyze Examine student work and discuss lesson effectiveness 3. Plan 4. Implementation Teach and collect agreed upon evidence Hipp and Huffman, 2010 Identify criteria for ensuring proficiency
  7. 7. Impact on Student Achievement, part 1 NJ Assessment of Skills and Knowledge Language Arts, Spring 2013 Grade Level Partially Proficient Proficient (P&AP) Advanced Proficient 3 16% 84% 9% 4 4% 96% 32% 5 18% 82% 18%
  8. 8. …part 2 Grade 3-4 NJ ASK Comparison Before and After PLC Implementation Language Arts Partially Proficient Proficient Advanced proficient Spring 2012 5% 95% 20% Spring 2013 4% 96% 32% Thoughts from our vice principal… “I am confident that the work of the Grade 4 PLC had a positive effect on the students’ performance on the NJASK assessment. The students showed significant improvement in their ELA scores from the previous year. Also, 32% of the fourth grade students scored advanced proficient which was the highest percentage from previous years in any of the elementary grade levels. Witnessing such growth has inspired us all in continuing to work with our PLC to increase student achievement. I am proud to have been part of such a dynamic PLC and look forward to working alongside them this year.”
  9. 9. Professional Impact •Present Teacher Leader of the Grade 4 Instructional Team •Teacher liaison between the District Level Teacher Evaluation Advisory Committee and the School Improvement Panel •Facilitator of professional development sessions •My study allowed me to bring classroom practitioners and administrators together-we identified an instructional need and shared a goal directly related to the CCSS •Administrators are currently attempting to implement the PLC framework in other grade levels…and asking for my input!