October 2013 convening overview


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  • Bridge funds pledges from 41 of 56 institutionsExpansion– introduce Kristina, Recognize Rec Committee, recruiting membersFIPSE:
  • One can see these goals or themes emerging in policymaking for higher education in the US. The Obama Administration is writing legislation that would drammatically reshape the form and function of postsecondary education by encouraging more private providers to participate and by radically reshaping student funding eligibility to permit more students doing online learning to participate. Inherent in these proposals is an emphasis on student performance (often on the job and after college) and new ways of measuring learning (getting rid of a system that relies on time – 50 minute classes, 15 week semesters, 120 credits earned over four years of academic study) and moving to a system in which student learning is highly personalized with students earning “performance badges” at their own pace and in their own time. Everywhere there is the goal of finding high quality alternatives to current high cost delivery models.
  • Branding—mention social media
  • October 2013 convening overview

    1. 1.  Acknowledgements to Richard DeLisi and Rutgers University  Acknowledgements to CPED Executive Committee (and their Program Design)  Acknowledgements to Transition Board for Guidance and Advice  Richard Delisi, Rutgers  Sandra Robinson, Central Florida  Claire Cavallero, CSU Fullerton  David Rock, Mississippi  Jon Engelhardt, Baylor  Acknowledgement to 30+ CPED Institutions that Provided Bridge Funding  Acknowledgements to CPED Participating Institutions
    2. 2. CPED Bi-annual Convenings Signature activity of Carnegie Foundation programs Central feature=coming together Multiple Voices Mix of Pedagogies Idea Centered CPED Convening Unstructured Conversations Critical Friends High Expectations
    3. 3. Working Principles of Program design Definition of EdD Design Concepts CPED Replanting our Roots
    4. 4. CPED Convening October 2013 Rutgers Graduate School of Education New Brunswick, NJ
    5. 5. Bridge Funds  $160K/41 institutions New Governance 501c3 Strategic Plan Recognition & Knowledge Expansion Wave III Grants: FIPSE & IES
    6. 6. Recent Developments for US Education Schools Industry of Mediocrity Common Core NEG REG RES PEC T Feder al Role Philanthrophic Influence NCTQ Report, USN&WR Corporate Investments RTT/i3/, NCLB Waivers, 1st in the World AFT, CCSSO & NASBE Studies Budget/Fisca l Challenges “Sequestratio n” Austerity Where To?
    7. 7. Challenges for American Higher Education  Obama RT3 – Credits to Competencies & Changing the Time for the Traditional 4-Year Baccalaureate Degree  Obama Ranking and Funding Strategy – Premier Football  Disruptive Innovations – Promoting MOOCs (Coursera/edX)  An Emphasis on Quality Performance Indicators – TCD, Job Placement, Job Performance, Costs and ROI  Decoupling Fed Financial Eligibility from Inst’l Accreditation (Promoting Alt Providers)  Reinventing Inst’l and Specialized Accreditation - Emphasizing Performance  Doing So in a Time of Decreased Federal Funding for Education
    8. 8. The CPED Governance Transition CFA T UMD DUQ 501(c) (3) Org
    9. 9. Mission and Purpose of CPED Distinguish and Differentiate Redesign and Improve • Professionalism • Stewardship • Wisdom of Practice • Partnership & Collaboration • Recognition • Guiding Shulman Ideas • Principles & Critical Friends • Improvement Science
    10. 10. Transition Board of Directors Claire Cavaliaro Richard DeLisi Jon Englehardt Sandra Robinson David Rock David Imig, Ex Officio Jill Perry, Ex Officio Olga Welch Donna Wiseman
    11. 11. Role and Purpose of Transition Board Oversight and Fiduciary Responsibility Guidance and Advice on Organization and Transition Signatures to 501(c) (3) Documents  Promotion and Outreach to CADREI, CSU-Deans, CGS, UCEA, etc.
    12. 12. Participating Reinvisioning CPED Universities College and Plenum Board of Directors Chair of the Board Executive Director Goal Directors
    13. 13. Strategic Agenda Acknowledgement/Recognition Knowledge Forum • Branding • Impact Research • Scholars Network • Recognition & DIP • Website • Convenings • Databases • Wave III • 501c3 Status Phase III
    14. 14. “Thanks!” Executive Committee Val Storey, Univ of Central Florida Susan Wunder, Univ of Nebraska Debby Zambo, Arizona State Univ Sharon Brown-Welty, CSU Fresno Grant Hayes, Univ of Central Florida Steven Staples, William and Mary Rick McCown, Duquesne Univ Kristina Hesbol, Univ of Denver(formerly Illinois State Univ) Chris Ray, North Dakota State Univ Mark Roberge, San Francisco State Univ Matt Militello, North Carolina State Univ Charlene Trovato, Univ of Pittsburgh Amy Dolan Wells, Univ of Mississippi