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CPDme is a focused organisation representing the developing health services including staff from Nursing, Midwifery, Pre-hospital Care Services, Social Services, the Armed Forces, the Voluntary Sector and other Allied Health Professions. Helping maintain and develop portfolios that ensure staff self-manage and record CPD, the ethos of which is beneficial to members. We specialise in Portfolio Building and Personal Development Planning for the future.

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  • Linked In Presentation May2011

    1. 1. Welcome to CPDme
    2. 2. Our Website:
    3. 3.
    4. 4. Membership Features:• Membership Certificate• Online CPD Portfolio Builder• Reflective/Critical Practice Online Template• Online CPD Diary for your development events• Online Secure Server • Unlimited Access to the Download/Template Section• Access to discounted Short Courses & Symposiums• Online Forums• News & Current Affairs• Unlimited Access to the Video & Podcast Library• ECG Guides and access to specialist ECG websites from £25/year
    5. 5. Why do we Charge Membership Fees?• We need to charge membership fees to cover our running costs of the website, and promotional/exhibition goods• We do not want to run advert supported media which distract from the content we provide, and distracts your concentration• CPDme is run by Health and Social Care Professionals alongside their everyday roles who are committed to keeping costs to a minimum wherever possible, so you get great benefits and great value for money
    6. 6. Key Features:Online Development Diary Update & Reflective Practice FormWe provide a structured online form to guide you through logging yourcontinuing professional development.It is important that you complete all the sections in this form so that youronline portfolio is created effectively, getting the best from your givendevelopment experience.This will then be updated on your Personal CPD Diary and ReflectivePractice File Previews, as well as being copied to you via email, so thatyou can update your portfolio with your continuing development diary.We suggest that you try and complete at least one piece of evidence permonth, although the governing bodies do not advise how much or littleyou should develop as part of your portfolio. From experience ofsubmitting documents in the past, we recommend 12-20 per calendaryear.
    7. 7. We provide you with ECG guides, questions, and links tocase study’s and other useful material.We also provide links, videos, news items etc to otheruseful study materials, websites, books etc that we hopeyou will find interesting and useful to use in yourdevelopment.
    8. 8. Social Media
    9. 9. STOP! - for a chat
    10. 10. CPDmeDevelopment for Life