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Why Vendors Should Invest in Amazon Marketing Services

As a Vendor to Amazon, you’re armed with a vast array of premium services to elevate your marketing strategy, but one of the most profitable programs is Amazon Marketing Services [AMS].
AMS offers effective tools to give vendors a competitive edge & a direct opportunity to get their products & brand in front of additional in-market shoppers.

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Why Vendors Should Invest in Amazon Marketing Services

  1. 1. Ask an Expert: Why Vendors Should Invest in Amazon Marketing Services Live 60-MIN Q&A
  2. 2. Logistics • Submit Questions In the Chat Box to the Right • Session Recording Will Be Sent Next Week • More Resources In the Handouts Section to the Right TODAY’S SPEAKERS Pat Petriello Senior Marketplace Strategist CPC Strategy Jeff Coleman Director, Account Management CPC Strategy
  3. 3. OVERVIEW • Founded in 2007 • Recognized as an Official Google Shopping Partner • 300+ Active Retail Clients • Top 50 fastest growing company in San Diego 3 years CLIENTS About CPC Strategy SOLUTIONS • Retail-focused Paid Search (PPC) • Google Shopping Management • Shopping Channel Management • Amazon Sales Acceleration
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  6. 6. Pat Petriello Senior Marketplace Strategist ✓ Former member of Amazon Seller Services Team ✓ Former professional seller on,, eBay, ✓ Lead architect for CPC Strategy’s Amazon Sales Acceleration Program ✓ Engineered & directed multimillion-dollar revenue stream on Amazon
  7. 7. Jeff Coleman Director of Account Management ✓ 7+ years experience in retail search space ✓ Oversees the Structured Data Department at CPC Strategy ✓ Oversees the CPC Training Program ✓ Founded CPC University (An advanced program dedicated to the education of retail search strategies)
  8. 8. Poll For The Audience… Are you currently utilizing Amazon Marketing Services? A. Yes B. No
  9. 9. Overview • Amazon Marketing Services Landscape • Different Ad units Within AMS Headline Search Product Display Sponsored Products • Live Walk-through • Live Q&A
  10. 10. Amazon Marketing Services Landscape
  11. 11. What is Amazon Marketing Services? Source:
  12. 12. What is Amazon Marketing Services?
  13. 13. What is Amazon Marketing Services? The AMS dashboard at is a separate login from your Vendor Central or Seller Central account login.
  14. 14. Why is AMS important to Vendors? AMS empowers Vendors to get their brand and their products seen by more Amazon shoppers at various stages of their purchase intent. Increased visibility leads to more sales.
  15. 15. Different Ad units Within AMS
  16. 16. Why is AMS important to Vendors?
  17. 17. Headline Search Ads
  18. 18. Headline Search Ads - Top of Funnel
  19. 19. Headline Search Ads Landing Page Options • Amazon Pages are best for branded searches. • Custom URL’s allow for the greatest degree of segmented targeting. • Search Results Pages only drive to the top level browse node (ex: Home & Kitchen).
  20. 20. Headline Search Reporting • Headline Search Ads typically result in more click volume at lower CPC’s than Product Display ads. • Conversion is dependent upon selecting the most relevant landing page for the search terms being targeted. • Using a customer’s search query as an indicator of intent leads to higher converting campaigns.
  21. 21. Product Display Ads
  22. 22. Product Display Ads - Bottom of Funnel
  23. 23. Product Display Ad Targeting • Product Targeting typically results in lower click volume, higher CPC’s, and a lower ACOS than interest based targeting. • Interest Based Targeting is intended to cast a wide net with less relevancy, which typically leads to greater click volume, lower CPC’s, and a higher ACOS than product targeting. • Employing a mix of both is best practice for ensuring you are getting in front of as many potential customers as possible.
  24. 24. Product Display Ad Targeting Strategies • A Defensive Strategy protects your product detail pages against targeting advertisers. • An Offensive Strategy targets competitor detail pages to reach shoppers just before they make their final purchase decision.
  25. 25. Sponsored Product Ads
  26. 26. Sponsored Product Ads - Middle of Funnel
  27. 27. Sponsored Products Targeting Automatic Targeting is driven by your product content. Amazon will match your product to relevant customer search terms. Manual Targeting requires you select keywords you’d like to target. The way the sponsored products placements work are as open auctions for all of the qualifying products from all sellers vying for that space. The "winners" of the auction are determined by relevancy, the bid level, and sales history.
  28. 28. Sponsored Products Reporting • Automatic Campaigns can be used to keyword harvest and identify niche opportunities. • Manual Campaigns should typically have higher CPC bids than automatic campaigns and specifically target search terms and keywords that have been identified as valuable. • Sponsored Product ads only show up when your offer is in the Buy Box.
  29. 29. Live Walk-Through
  30. 30. Are you interested in elevating your AMS strategy? A. Yes, please contact me to discuss my AMS strategy B. No thank you, we’re getting the most out of it
  31. 31. Live Q&A Submit your questions in the chat box on the right | 619.501.6138 | Apply For A Free 60 min. Channel Evaluation Pat Petriello Senior Marketplace Strategist CPC Strategy Jeff Coleman Director, Account Management CPC Strategy