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Q4 Preparedness: Product Strategies for Maximum Impact

  2. Day 1 | Session 1 - 10:00 - 10:45 am PT Looking Back While Moving Forward for Success this Amazon Q4 Day 1 | Session 2 - 11:00 - 11:45 am PT Grow Sales without More Inventory with Better Inventory Management Day 2 | Session 1 - 10:00 - 10:45 am PT Q4 Preparedness: Product Strategies for Maximum Impact Q4 Summit Details Day 2 | Session 2 - 11:00 - 11:45 am PT Build a Product Page that Wins Your Brand Holiday Sales
  3. ● Session Recording & Slides Will Be Sent Out ● Submit Questions to Our Panelists ● Resources Available as Handouts ● Join in the Poll Question! Analicia Santaella Webinar Coordinator Today’s Logistics
  4. Overview Founded in 2015 Over 200,000 active users Leader in the Amazon SaaS Space “The Most Useful Amazon Software in the Space” - Huffington Post Solutions Product Research Software Identifies profitable opportunities on Amazon Amazon Seller Educational Resource About Jungle Scout
  5. Greg Mercer Founder and CEO Today’s Speakers
  6. In This Session ● We’ll cover the importance of Keyword Optimization going into Q4 and being prepared with the best product and marketing strategies ● We’ll walk through some advanced strategies you can use to optimize your price and listing ahead of big shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday ● Monitor your competition ahead of the busiest sales season BONUS: Get 40% Off Splitly BONUS: Get $100 Off Jungle Scout!
  7. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit Be Ready for Q4
  8. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit For sellers, by sellers The No. 1 most trusted research and analysis tool Jungle Scout is used primarily by Amazon sellers for product intelligence and sales estimates. Our software gives you data like: ● AccuSales™ sales estimates ● Historical sales data ● Amazon keyword search volume ● Competitor monitoring ● Amazon FBA fee estimates and projected revenue About Jungle Scout
  9. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit Data-backed listings Use A/B tests and pricing tests to ensure your listing is optimized Splitly is used by Amazon sellers for to optimize their listings and learn what really converts a customer. It includes: ● Automated pricing optimization ● A/B test main listing images ● A/B test listing titles and keywords ● Keyword rank tracking About Splitly
  10. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit Getting customer-ready You need to know ahead of time what customers are looking for In this session, we’re going to cover some of the strategies you can use to optimize your listing or ensure you stay in stock in Q4: ● Checking Q4 demand ● Monitoring your competitors ● Keyword optimization strategies ● Split-testing your product listings Q4 Preparedness
  11. In order to determine how well your product will sell on Cyber Monday, look back to how it sold in 2017. If you weren’t selling this product in 2017, there are ways to find out the historical sales volume using tools like the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. Historical sales are important in three ways: ● Seeing how well a product (similar to the one you’re selling) sold last Q4 ● Seeing how well competing products sold last Q4 ● Getting an idea of how a product idea you have could sell in Q4 Determining Historical Sales
  12. Q4 Demand Walk-Through Historical sales, one-click product validation and competitor analysis
  13. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit What customers really want Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout feature gives you access to major customer insights Keyword Scout shows you the following: - Keyword Search Volume - Reverse ASIN lookup - Suggested PPC and HSA Bids - Recommended Giveaways Keyword Search Volume allows you to see what Amazon customers search for the most Your Keyword Strategy
  14. Keyword Scout Walk-Through Keyword Search Volume, listing and PPC strategy
  15. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit Converting your customer Keyword Scout, PPC and selling a great product bring customers to your product page Splitly can help you convert them with: - Tried and tested main images - Profit Peak pricing tests - Split-testing functionality for titles, descriptions and more Splitly allows you to test and craft a listing that really converts customers - pricing tests included! Optimizing Your Listing
  16. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit - Pattern Disrupt on main image - Optimize for mobile first - Do they fully understand what they’re buying? - Do they understand why your product is better than the rest? - Amazon shoppers don’t read the text, give them everything they need to know on the pictures Top Optimization Tips:
  17. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit Photo Examples
  18. Today’s Recap ● Don’t run out of stock during Q4. Now is the time to place those last reorders. ● Optimize your listings now to be ready for the Q4 rush. ● Make sure you’re indexed and ranking for all you best keywords.
  20. Questions for Today’s Speaker(s)? Greg Mercer Founder and CEO