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Investing in Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content


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EBC enables Brand Owner sellers to modify the product description field of their branded ASINs to tell a unique brand story, enhance product images & text placements. According to Amazon, adding EBC to your product detail pages may also result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and increased sales when used effectively.
There’s a lot to learn about EBC, therefore we’re bringing in experts from CPC Strategy & Skubana to discuss ways in which Amazon sellers can maximize the return of their Enhanced Brand Content.

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Investing in Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content

  1. 1. Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content Welcome to our webinar on We will be going over tips and tricks to maximize conversions, a success story, and best practices. Know someone who should join? It’s not too late to register: #EBCWebinar
  2. 2. Leveraging Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content Maximizing Traffic, Conversions & Sales:
  3. 3. Today’s Logistics Session Recording + Slides Will Be Sent Out Join in the Poll Questions! Submit Questions to Our Panelists
  4. 4. Overview Founded in 2007 Recognized as a Google Premier Partner 400+ Active Retail Clients Top 50 fastest growing company in San Diego DELIVERING LASTING RESULTS FOR OUR CLIENTS Solutions Retail-focused PPC & Shopping Amazon Sales Acceleration Facebook Performance Marketing About CPC Strategy
  5. 5. Today’s Event Speakers Pat Petriello Head of Marketplace Strategy Chad Rubin CEO & Co-Founder
  6. 6. You’re in the right place if... •You want to leverage Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content •You want to increase your conversions and draw in the right customers •You want to understand the metrics that matter to your business (and how to calculate them) •You’re ready to take your sales to the next level #EBCWebinar
  7. 7. OURGOAL: TeachyouhowtooptimizeyourAmazonlistingswith EnhancedBrandContent togetaheadofthegame WritedownyourquestionsforaLIVEQ&Aattheend,aswellas exclusiveopportunitiesfromSkubana. #EBCWebinar
  8. 8. What is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)? Tool that allows sellers to add rich content, including images and formatted text, to product descriptions. OLD WAY: Only allowed to write a single, plain-text paragraph as a description. EBC is available for any third-party seller with their own branded products (you must have a Global Catalog Identifier or GCID) registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry. #EBCWebinar
  10. 10. EBC 101 • Only for Brand Registered third-party sellers • Select Enhanced Brand Content from the Advertising dropdown in Seller Central • Can be an effective driver of detail page conversion rates, both for paid and organic traffic • 5 customizable templates supporting images and text, not video • Typically accepted/rejected within 7 days of submission • Currently no fee to set up but Amazon will charge in the future ENHANCED BRAND CONTENT
  11. 11. EBC 101 (Continued) Visually replaces your text Product Description, but description still remains indexed Common Assortment of Images: • Product Feature Images (PFI): shows off a specific aspect of the product (ex. technology, material) • Lifestyle Images: image of product in use or of a branded setting (photography, no white backgrounds) • Branded Headers: brand logo • Templates: templates #3 and #4 ENHANCED BRAND CONTENT #EBCWebinar
  12. 12. Getting started with Enhanced Brand Content
  13. 13. Register your products 1) Get your products registered in the Amazon Brand Registry. (Visit Amazon’s Brand Registry to get started.) #EBCWebinar
  14. 14. Navigate to Enhanced Brand Content page 2) Visit EBC page, available under “Advertising”. Read through “Help” section to learn more about requirements or begin creating an Enhanced Content Detail Page. You will need the SKU for the product to get started. #EBCWebinar
  15. 15. New Brand Registry Enrollment Now Available • • This is NOT Brand Gating ENHANCED BRAND CONTENT
  16. 16. Choose a template 3) 5 templates that allow you to upload images & text. Choose 1, add your content, and submit it for review! #EBCWebinar
  17. 17. Submit 4) Amazon can take 7 days or more to review submissions. Allowed 20 pending submissions at once. #EBCWebinar
  18. 18. Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content
  19. 19. Rich content, branding & SEO 3 - 6x the conversion rate as plain text Increased social engagement by more than 30% #EBCWebinar
  20. 20. IT’S EASY! #EBCWebinar
  21. 21. Enhanced Brand Content Source: and_Content.pdf
  22. 22. Best Practices & What to Avoid
  23. 23. Life Before Enhanced Brand Content #EBCWebinar
  24. 24. Best practices Highlight unique value points Check reviews & competitor reviews Use text on images to highlight features Aim for short high-quality content Optimize for mobile Focus on your best selling or highest ranking#EBCWebinar
  25. 25. What You Can’t Have in EBC Your company as a distributor Opinions Copyrights or registered symbols Third party quotes/reviews Shipping information Low quality or duplicate images#EBCWebinar
  26. 26. How One Brand is Maximizing Their EBC Investment
  27. 27. Success Story: Polaris Optics ENHANCED BRAND CONTENT
  28. 28. 25-day Prior vs. 25-day Post • Avg. conversion rate before: 12% • Avg. conversion rate after: 18% • Delta = +6 point increase in detail page CVR for that ASIN Takeaway Marginal increases in CVR can significantly impact sales volume over the short-term
  29. 29. Calculating Return (Example Scenario) • You’re currently seeing a 12% CVR on your detail page without EBC • Your product is at a $75 price point Example: You see 1,000 sessions over 15 days Without EBC = 120 orders, $9000 revenue With EBC: +2 point increase 14% CVR = 130 orders, $9750 revenue (additional $750) +$750 every 15 days → +$18,250 over 1 year Takeaway Marginal increases in CVR can significantly impact sales volume over the long-term, inevitably becoming a net positive investment With EBC: +4 point increase 16% CVR = 160 orders, $12,000 revenue +$3,000 every 15 days → +$73,000 over 1 year
  30. 30. POLL
  31. 31. RESOURCES #EBCWebinar
  32. 32. REACH OUT ANYTIME @ecommrenegade @ecommercerenegade /ecommercerenegade ONE-TIME OFFER Password: nuggets #EBCWebinar