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Improve ROI on Paid Social by Expanding Beyond the Newsfeed


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Facebook is a creative platform for advertisers to capture and generate demand. There are a variety of new ad formats and targeting capabilities that engage audiences in all stages of the buyer journey, can lower your CPMs, increase customer experience and boost your overall conversions. We will dive into how to fuel your Paid Social marketing efforts by expanding and diversifying your ad inventory beyond the newsfeed and into Messenger and Stories, among others ad placements.

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Improve ROI on Paid Social by Expanding Beyond the Newsfeed

  1. 1. Improve ROI on Paid Social by Expanding Beyond the Feed The Benefits of Diversifying Your Paid Social Ads Placements on Facebook & Instagram
  2. 2. Today’s Logistics ● Session recording and slides will be sent ● Submit questions to our panelists ● Join in on our poll questions throughout ● Resources available as handouts Persephanie Arellano Webinar Coordinator
  3. 3. Experts-Only Approach Strategic acquisitions have positioned us as the leading independent performance marketing agency Search • Social • Amazon • Email • Display • Shopping & Data Feed • SEO • Affiliate • Conversion Rate Optimization • Creative Services • Analytics & Marketing Science
  4. 4. Today’s Speakers Sarah Sanchez Manager, Performance Social Erik Mansur VP, Product & Engineering
  5. 5. Today’s Agenda ● Automatic Placement Optimization ● Strategies for Instagram and Facebook Stories ● Strategies for Facebook Messenger ● Strategies for Facebook Marketplace
  6. 6. POLL QUESTION Do you have on-going strategies for placements beyond Facebook and Instagram’s newsfeed?
  7. 7. Automatic Placements
  8. 8. Facebook Q4 2018 Report ● Over 2 billion monthly active users ● 1.32 billion visit a Facebook-owned platform daily ● Newsfeed placements where Facebook can insert new ads are running out ● Reaching max ad load = CPMs increasing with constant advertiser demand
  9. 9. Available Placements Facebook is combatting lower revenue and user growth by adding more ad placements ● 2013: Instagram starts advertising ● 2017: Instagram Stories Advertising was launched as a new way to place full size, targeted ads ● 2017: Facebook Stories & Messenger Ads are available ● 2018: Facebook Marketplace enable ads options
  10. 10. Facebook’s Placement Recommendation “We recommend Automatic Placements because it allows our delivery system to make the most of your budget. It places your ads on all the placements available for your settings on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. Our targeting works in the same way across all available placements.”
  11. 11. Automatic Placements ● Facebook will automatically show your ads in the places they’re most likely to perform on an individual user basis ● Auto-placements include every available placement ● Facebook counts optimal automation at 4+ placements, not only Automatic Placements
  12. 12. Automated Placements ● Facebook allows advertisers to customize every placement’s creative for optimal results and user experience
  13. 13. Automated Placements
  14. 14. Automated Placements ● Every brand should have specific strategies for all placements, as the Facebook and Instagram feed becomes more expensive ● Consumers’ mindset and preferred brand interaction changes from Stories to Facebook Marketplace to Messenger
  15. 15. Q1 2019 placement CPMs across client base Placement CPMs
  16. 16. Instagram Stories
  17. 17. ● 29% of FB advertisers are active on IG Stories now ● Stories is still an under-utilized placement for advertisers, leading to lower CPMs ● Instagram Stories users has grown exponentially - up to 5x as many users from 2016. As of January 2019 Instagram had 500 million daily active stories users worldwide. Story Placements
  18. 18. Optimized Story Placements Unoptimized
  19. 19. Story Placements 58% Instagram users want unfiltered & authentic content from brands 71% Instagram users want to discover a new product source: eMarketer 55% Instagram users want playful content
  20. 20. Standing Out in Stories Creatively Demand immediate attention - Branding - Sound Time Show your personality
  21. 21. Standing Out in Stories Creatively ● Try flash sales, sharing 'insider' sneak peeks or offering time-limited deals ● Play with native elements like stickers, emojis, Boomerang and Hyperlapse ● Using a mix of creative formats (images, videos and animations) can be effective ● Special effects and unique design techniques can capture attention
  22. 22. Facebook Messenger
  23. 23. Benefits ● Lower CPMs than feed placements ● Direct access to advertise in consumers’ inboxes Messenger Placements
  24. 24. “In 2018 alone, the four largest mobile messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber) held 4.1 billion combined users, surpassing 3.4 billion users on the four largest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).” -AdWeek Messenger Popularity
  25. 25. Previously Messaged ● Sponsored Message shows as a new message in a user’s inbox ● Standalone campaign Types of Messenger Campaigns
  26. 26. Types of Messenger Campaigns No Previous Messages ● Show Sponsored ads in user’s inbox ● Ad type must be combined with other placements
  27. 27. Types of Messenger Campaigns No Previous Messages ● Send people to Messenger to start a conversation rather than to a website ● Ad type must be combined with other placements
  28. 28. Standing Out in Messenger Creatively Personalize for Landscape - No Image Text - Clear Benefit Automated Responses
  29. 29. Facebook Marketplace
  30. 30. Percentage Change from Facebook Feeds to Facebook Marketplace Marketplace Placements
  31. 31. Benefits & Disadvantages ● Lower CPMs than feed placements ● Directly reach people as they’re shopping for products ● Must be combined with a Newsfeed placement ● Lower inventory, but lower CPMs
  32. 32. Standing Out in Marketplace Creatively Local Targeting - Common Categories - User generated content
  33. 33. Learnings ● ● ●
  35. 35. Q & A Sarah Sanchez Manager, Performance Social
  36. 36. Improve ROI on Paid Social by Expanding Beyond the Feed The Benefits of Diversifying Your Paid Social Ads Placements on Facebook & Instagram Please hold for our next presentation starting at 11pm PT / 3pm ET