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How to Spur Growth & Efficiency Gains with Dynamic Search Ads


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In this 60 minute Dynamic Search Ads webinar, CPC Strategy’s Paid Search Manager, Lewis Brannon, will dive into advanced DSA strategies that will drive traffic & increase campaign build-out efficiency.

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How to Spur Growth & Efficiency Gains with Dynamic Search Ads

  1. 1. How to Spur Growth & Efficiency Gains with Dynamic Search Ads R E T A I L M A R K E T E R C O U R S E
  2. 2. Logistics Session Recording Will Be Sent Next Week Q&A Following the Presentation Submit Questions In the Chat Box to the Right More Resources In the Handouts Section to the Right T O D AY ’ S S P E A K E R S Lewis Brannon Paid Search Manager | CPC Strategy Rick Backus CEO | CPC Strategy
  3. 3. OVERVIEW • Founded in 2007 • Recognized as an Official Google Shopping Partner • 300+ Active Retail Clients • Top 50 fastest growing company in San Diego 3 years CLIENTS About CPC Strategy SOLUTIONS • Retail-focused Paid Search (PPC) • Google Shopping Management • Shopping Channel Management • Amazon Sales Acceleration
  4. 4. Poll For The Audience… How well did your text ads perform this past Holiday Season? A. Exceeded Expectations B. Met Expectations C. Below Expectations
  5. 5. Lewis Brannon Sr. Paid Search Manager  5+ years of e-commerce search marketing experience  Specialization in retail PPC for large brands  Tested dynamic search campaigns across many verticals since 2011
  6. 6. Poll For The Audience… Are you currently running Dynamic Search Ad Campaigns? A. Yes B. No C. Not sure…
  7. 7. Total Clicks & Cost
  8. 8. Google Only Cost & Revenue
  9. 9. Average Shopping per day '14 vs '15
  10. 10. Course Overview • What are Dynamic Search Ads & Why They Used to be Avoided • Latest DSA Enhancements for Retailer Marketers to Utilize • Find out if DSAs are a Good Fit for Your Company • Best Practices to Optimize Dynamic Search Ads • Empowering Your DSAs with Advanced Strategies • A Future Without Keywords . . . ? • Q&A
  11. 11. What are Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) • Search campaign within AdWords • Utilizes auto targets rather than keywords • Targets relevant searches and generates ads directly from your site dynamically • Dynamically generates ad headlines based on query • Directs traffic to relevant landing pages
  12. 12. What are Dynamic Search Ads – How They Work * auto-targets, not keywords *
  13. 13. Who Should Leverage DSAs? • Best for retail e-commerce • E-commerce sites with large inventory • Hundreds to thousands of pages • Frequently changing products • Typically not best for lead generation or content sites (but can be effective)
  14. 14. What are the Benefits? • Reduces manual work creating large keyword lists & ad copy • Extended headlines / ads that stand-out • Increase ad coverage for the long tail searches • Find searches that convert well / SQ Harvesting • Instant / updated ad visibility for new/changing products 30-character headline
  15. 15. Drawbacks? • Giving up some control over where your ad messaging and landing pages • Ads eligible to show for potentially less relevant traffic • Need to consistently monitor query reports • Doesn’t function well for unorganized sites
  16. 16. Latest DSA Enhancements for Search Marketers to Utilize “15 percent of Google searches are searches that have never been done.” – Google, July 2015 • First major update to DSA was July 2015 – enhanced & retooled • Improved Indexing & Categorization • Recommended categories • Additional Sub-Categories for further targeting flexibility • Website coverage statistics • Sample Previews
  17. 17. Improved Categorization Insight – Bid Recs – Samples
  18. 18. Additional Targeting Options Can customize based on your rules for better granularity • Page Title contains • Page Content contains • URL contains
  19. 19. Best Practices to Optimize Dynamic Search Ads • Mine for converting SQ & add negatives (more on this later) • Never target entire site with blanket bids only • Customize ad copy as much as possible • Stack targets & use exclusions (more on this later) • Make targets leaner by excluding non transaction pages Query report example
  20. 20. Empowering Your DSAs with Advanced Strategies • Stacking targets • Categories + URL rules • Categories + Page Content • Page Content + URL rules • Negative Keyword Tests • To add all positive KWs as negatives in DSA or not to add? • DSA as replacement for broad/phrase KWs account-wide? • DSA + Standard Search Hybrid Campaigns • Can improve management flow
  21. 21. What We’ve Learned – DSA Performance Trend • Year/Year volume and efficiency growth for DSA campaigns • Likely due to more optimization levers • Shows DSA can be effective with proper strategy Snapshot of year/year growth for a subset of our clients – q3 2015 vs same quarter LY
  22. 22. A Future Without Keywords? • Meshing of Organic & PPC? • Google’s recent updates tell us what they want from sites: • sound information architecture • intuitive navigation • search engine-friendly and user-friendly URL structure • Younger generations more digital savvy, more averse to traditional PPC ads • Google organic search algorithm (hummingbird) improving rapidly (RankBrain® A.I.) • Feasible that DSA will become more prevailing or perhaps required • Keywords likely not going away – but more blended approach necessary
  23. 23. Questions for Lew? Submit your questions in the chat box on the right | 619.501.6138 | Schedule A Free 60 min. Retail Search Audit