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Gaining Control of Your Brand on Amazon

  1. P R E S E N T A T I O N T I T L E Gaining Control Of Your Brand On Amazon
  2. Today’s Speakers Chad Rubin CEO & Co-Founder Joe Selzer Manager of Amazon Account Support
  3. What You’ll Learn Today Why Amazon Matters How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon - Brand Registry 2.0: 01. 02. What is brand registry? Benefits of brand registry What brand registry does and does not provide Signing up for brand registry: How To, What to expect03. Pros & Cons: Amazon Vendor Central (1P) vs. Amazon Seller Central (3P) 04. THREE Tactics to take control of your brand on Amazon:05. PPC - Using Your Competitors Branded Keywords Sessions / Conversion Rate Insights via 3P Data Usings Kits/Bundles
  4. What You’ll Learn Today THREE Tactics to take control of your brand on Amazon: PPC - Using Your Competitors Branded Keywords Sessions / Conversion Rate Insights via 3P Data Usings Kits/Bundles to Explode SKU Count
  5. Overview Founded in 2007 Part of Elite SEM as of 2018 Google Premier Partner 600+ Active Retail Clients Top 50 Fastest Growing Company San Diego Solutions Retail-focused PPC & Shopping Amazon Sales Acceleration Amazon Vendor Services Facebook Performance Marketing Creative Services Partner PREMIER
  6. CONFIDENTIAL Sales Channels Shipping & Fulfillment Inventory & Purchasing Analytics A modern multi-channel platform that enables merchants to: Unify Operations Automate Everything Order Orchestration Shipping Service Selection Inventory Replenishment Stockout Elimination Customize & Extend Modern REST API Plug-and-Play App Store Large Partner Ecosystem Unlimited Access Make Smart Decisions Increase Profitability Manage Working Capital Find Opportunities Identify Trends
  7. CONFIDENTIAL Customers Love Skubana 7 Getapp Perfect ratings across all review sites Capterra G2 CrowdShopify Web Retailer Skubana was brought on board to gain complete control over our inventory. Death Wish Coffee Company Dustin Alexander | Shopify
  8. P R E S E N T A T I O N T I T L EP R E S E N T A T I O N T I T L E Massive Skubana Bonus GiveAway Stay Tuned!
  9. Why Amazon Matters 51Of revenue growth in Q4 attributed to Amazon Of product searches start on Amazon Of all online transactions % 80% 60%
  10. Why Amazon Page 1 Rank Matters of all clicks are on page 1 Of Amazon shoppers never look past page 1 ever First 3 products get 60% of all the clicks 70 % 60% 80%
  11. Page 2+ on Amazon you are losing Of all potential sells 70%
  12. Take Back Control Of Your Brand on Amazon
  13. Protecting Your Brand On Amazon
  14. Helps brands protect their registered trademarks in the Amazon Marketplace What is Brand Registry? Created protected & trusted experience for customers Accurate brand representation with increased control over your brand’s product list Infringement aid treated with urgency and effective solutions Access to Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
  15. ● Protects registered trademarks ● Accurate brand representation ● Content control ● Access to Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) ● Violation tools (new) ● Dedicated brand support team Quick Takeaway: Brand Registry Benefits
  16. Brand Registry Limitations Take role in seller pricing agreements Amazon does not: Take legal action against MAP violations & distribution issues Does not recognize pending trademarks
  17. Feature Update: Report a Violation Tool ● Report possible patent violations directly ● View and report from a variety of potential infringements ● View snapshots & details of submitted reports ● Report suspicious violations through power search tools
  18. Keeping a Pulse on Trademark Infringement Signs retailers should look for: Supply Chain Relations Drop in Buy Box Percentage Negative Reviews
  19. Steps & Requirements
  20. Requirements Before Enrolling An active registered trademark for your brand that appears on your products or packaging Verification as the rights owner or the authorized agent for the trademark An Amazon 3P account Image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers Text-based marks AMAZON
  21. Information for Enrollment 1. Brand name with an active registered trademark 2. Associated government-registered trademark number 3. A list of product categories in which your brand should be listed 4. A list of countries where your brand’s products are manufactured & distributed
  22. Wait for Verification Typically around 1 - 8 weeks Wait for Action Amazon investigates and takes action on more than 95% of all notices of potential infringement received from brands in Brand Registry within eight hours
  23. How many layers are there between you and the customer ?
  24. Amazon 1P (Vendor Central) VS Amazon 3P (Seller Central)
  25. You have to negotiate terms with Amazon Need to give up 1% of your revenue to get access to reporting tools Prime Now Exposure to other channels that Amazon prioritize Amazon Vine Amazon Media Group Amazon Marketing Services Amazon 1P Pros: Cons: Lack of pricing control on marketplace Not having total control over your inventory and what is ordered New product launch
  26. Amazon 3P Account Management Support No access to certain promotions/ events You get payout in 2 weeks Fees are flat across categories Great reporting tools Direct to consumer is the way to the future You dictate the rules Pros: Cons:
  27. The result of choosing your spot on Amazon Better control of your brand, listings and inventory Higher profit margin Quicker payment terms Own your product reviews and customer narrative
  28. The Strategy Conversion RatePPC Kits & Bundles
  29. Choice Architecture: Products on Amazon today VS. OFF Go to and type in: Away Luggage
  30. Take Back Control Of Your Branded Keyword Terms
  31. Pro Tip Bonus Take Control Of Your Competitors Branded Keyword Terms
  32. The Strategy Conversion RatePPC Kits & Bundles
  33. Understand your conversion rate
  34. Sessions Amazon Conversion rate (%) (Total order items + total order items B2B) / = Math!
  35. Benchmark data
  36. Benchmark data Good conversion rate Amazing conversion rate 1-800 FLOWERS Your average target 3 % 5 % 17 % 6-8 %
  37. Inventory is available prime (FBA) Utilizing sponsored ADS and AMS Conversion is made = amazon gets a referral commission The 3 things that Amazon values the most
  38. Win-rate Math! =
  39. Heaviest weight placed on conversions $$$$ that Amazon values the most Not all conversions are created equal For same keyword, would Amazon rather have the person buy 1 or 5?
  40. The Strategy Conversion RatePPC Kits & Bundles
  41. Get Your Customers to Buy 2+ units Boost Your Average Order Value
  42. Propel Rank
  43. Amazon tracks unit session % # of units / # of sessions
  44. In Amazon’s crowded marketplace Fitting in = Failing NOT STANDING OUT = BEING INVISIBLE
  45. People buy products not because the want them but because how they are presented to them. Triggered when a shopper sees a product for the first time and visualizes a need for it. “Suggestion Impulse Buying” - Hawkins Stern
  46. = $1,675 Don’t be the cheapest - be the best $1,150 The best The cheapest
  47. THE STRATEGY SPEED BACKLINKS CONTENT Free 15 Minute Brand Strategy Audit Apply NOW: Bonus Offer *10 Brands Will Be Selected at Random Chad Rubin CEO & Co-Founder
  48. SMALL TEXT STACK TEXT ROW 1 STACK TEXT ROW 2 Email: Schedule Your 1:1 Amazon Strategy Evaluation
  49. THE STRATEGY SPEED BACKLINKS CONTENT Questions for Today Speakers? Chad Rubin CEO & Co-Founder Joe Selzer Manager of Amazon Account Support
  50. Pro Tip Bonus Find Top Selling SKUS & Revenue ❏ Discover diamond SKUs ❏ Many brands keep their diamonds products off ❏ Get those bestselling SKUs now!