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Facebook & Instagram Audience Optimization Crash Course


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Facebook advertising has been around for just over 10 years. Do you know how to build out a successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaign? Let’s simplify this with expert strategies as we walk through a campaign build-out.
Want to scale your customer acquisition? We will show you where to gather your customer data, how to create accurate buyer persona types and how to triumphantly target new audiences.

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Facebook & Instagram Audience Optimization Crash Course

  1. 1. Facebook & Instagram Audience Optimization Series
  2. 2. Today’s Logistics ● Session Recording & Slides Will Be Sent Out ● Submit Questions to Our Panelists ● Resources Available as Handouts ● Join in the Poll Question! Analicia Santaella Webinar Coordinator
  3. 3. Today’s Speaker Mantas Ciuksys Director of Content Marketing
  4. 4. Building Buyer Personas to Drive Converting Campaigns Mantas Ciuksys Director of Content Marketing
  6. 6. Instagram profiles with more than 1000 followers 250M INSTAGRAM PROFILES 25M INFLUENCERS 1.6B COMMENTSINTERACTIONSUNIQUE DATA POINTS 50B800B from 300k Facebook pages collected from Facebook’s Top-2M pages 550k INSIGHTS TOKENS 250k SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETERS AD SPEND MONITORED AD INSIGHTS TOKENS +10k$3B using the platform daily
  7. 7. So how do you create campaigns that your audiences love?
  8. 8. We have to rethink how we do top of the funnel marketing We are really good with steps at the bottom We are a little behind with steps at the top TRY BUY SIGN UP KNOW TRUST INTEREST
  9. 9. The Engagement Gap Source: Marketo - State of Engagement Survey, 1,100+ marketers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France, and 1000+ consumers in the U.S. and U.K.
  10. 10. We need to bridge that gap to fix marketing
  11. 11. Use of ad blockers in the U.S. is growing fast Source: Statista at
  12. 12. Where do you actually start?
  13. 13. What data will help you understand your audience? CRM solutions eCommerce Data Analytics Automated Personas
  14. 14. Checklist for Bringing in the Right People Into the Funnel Know Their Interests Understand what topics unite your audience. Study what else is similar about them. Build Your Personas Segment your audience into personas. Categorize them based on their interests, behaviours, and demographics. Research What Content They Engage With Learn what content your personas engage with the most. Set the Right Targeting Once you have your content strategy defined, be tactical about how you reach them.
  15. 15. It shouldn’t take days. It should be minutes.
  16. 16. 56% Lower CPA Reduced acquisition costs when marketing to new audiences Time Saved Research takes seconds, so you can invest your resources in creating the content instead It’s Scalable You can easily replicate the same approach towards new markets
  17. 17. Q & A Mantas Ciuksys Director of Content Marketing Find me on LinkedIn - I’d be happy to connect
  18. 18. Facebook & Instagram Audience Optimization Series Please hold for our next presentation starting at 10am PT / 1pm ET
  19. 19. Building Facebook Campaigns Using Your Customer Data
  20. 20. Today’s Logistics ● Session Recording & Slides Will Be Sent Out ● Submit Questions to Our Panelists ● Resources Available as Handouts ● Join in the Poll Question! Analicia Santaella Webinar Coordinator
  21. 21. Overview Founded in 2007 Google Premier Partner 400+ Active Retail Clients Top 50 Fastest Growing Company San Diego D E L I V E R I N G L A S T I N G R E S U L T S F O R O U R C L I E N T S Solutions Retail-focused PPC & Shopping Amazon Sales Acceleration Facebook Performance Marketing Creative Services About CPC Strategy
  22. 22. Today’s Speakers Casey Edwards Sr. Social Marketing Strategist Brent Villiott Social Marketing Manager
  23. 23. ● Poll ● Step-by-Step Facebook Advertising Campaign Buildout ○ Choosing Your Campaign Goal ○ Determining the Right Audience ○ Selecting the Ad Creative ○ Testing & Iterating ● Facebook Advertising Optimization Q4 Checklist ● Q&A Today’s Agenda
  24. 24. Facebook Advertising Campaign Buildout
  25. 25. Step-by-Step Step 1: Goal Selection Step 2: Targeting Step 3: Choosing Creative Step 4: Test & Iterate
  26. 26. Step 1: Choosing Your Campaign Goal
  27. 27. Choosing Your Objective Objective: Conversion Get the lowest cost for a conversion ● Targets audiences most likely to perform the specified conversion event ● Most robust optimization & delivery options ● Considerations: ○ Facebook learning phase ○ Increased CPC’s based on optimization Objective: Traffic Get the lowest cost for a click on your ad ● Targets audiences most likely to click on your ad ● Limited delivery options ○ Link Clicks or Landing Page Views ● Considerations: ○ These audiences may be less likely to convert directly through prospecting ads
  28. 28. Choosing Your Optimization Event View Content ● Find people most likely to view content on your site ● Lowest CPC’s but more qualified than “clicky” audiences ● Will need additional nurturing via retargeting Purchase ● Find people most likely to purchase on your site ● Most expensive CPC’s ● Direct conversions with supplemental retargeting campaigns Add to Cart ● Find people most likely to add to cart ● Moderate CPC’s ● Expect some direct conversions but will also need to nurture via retargeting The learning phase should always be considered during optimization selection. Facebook requires 50+ conversions per week to serve correctly, so keep your budget in mind when selecting your optimization.
  29. 29. Step 2: Determining Your Audience
  30. 30. Review Audience Insights ● Dig into Facebook Audience Insights to determine who buys your product ○ Demographics: Age, gender, relationship status, etc. ○ Job title & industries ○ Page likes: What other brands does your audience have an affinity for? ● Check your account overview to determine underperforming segments ○ Remove age or genders with high costs ○ Eliminate wasted spend during off-hours to help maximize strict budgets
  31. 31. Building a Full Funnel Audience Strategy ● Interest audiences should be the largest and created to fit your buyer persona ● Build lookalikes off of high value criteria such as AOV, most engaged customer lists, etc. ● Create retargeting audiences off of pixel data, customer lists, and engagement ● Segment audiences in a way that makes it easy to analyze performance Interest + Behavior Lookalike CRM WCA
  32. 32. Step 3: Selecting the Ad Creative
  33. 33. Creative Considerations What do you want people to take away from your ad? ● Brand Awareness - If your goal is to generate awareness of your brand, ensure your brand is easily identifiable. ● Traffic - If your goal is to drive traffic to your site, you have to give people a reason to visit. ● Conversions - If you want people to take a specific action, ensure your ad has a strong CTA. Does the ad reflect the target audience you want to reach? ● Personalization - Ensure that your ad copy is representative of the audience you are trying to reach. ● Representation - Your target audience should feel like they are being represented in your creative. Is the creative featured in this ad a good representation of your brand? ● Brand Identity - Ensure your brand is easily identifiable in each ad ● Visual Consistency - Create a cohesive brand by having visual consistency across all ads and campaigns ● Brand Voice - Ensure that your brand voice is cohesive across your site, organic social and paid ads Goal Audience Branding
  34. 34. Ad Formats for Different Goals Remember to AB test!
  35. 35. Ad Formats Single Image Ads continue to be an efficient ad format on Facebook. Whether you are driving conversions or generating brand awareness, single image ads are effective way to reach your audience on both Facebook and Instagram. Single Image Link Ad Carousel Ads are a great way to showcase a wide variety of products in a single ad. When compared to a single image, carousels provide you with additional room to tell your brand story with the ability to add up to 10 cards in a single ad. Carousel Ads Bring your product or service to life with a Facebook Video Ad. Video ads are an efficient way to tell your brand story, stand out in the timeline, and drive conversions. With the introduction of the Slideshow format, Facebook has created a way for all brands to create & run videos. Video Ads
  36. 36. Tips & Best Practices ● Mobile First Strategy - Always create your ad assuming that it will be viewed on a mobile device. ● Creative Mix - According to Facebook, the most successful creative strategies leverage a combination of different ad formats ● Text Overlays - Test adding a text overlay to drive home the main message (Just not TOO much text) ● Leverage Emojis - You know what they say, a picture is worth 1000 words ● Plan Out Your Creative - Plan out your creative and campaigns ahead of time to ensure you have a thoughtful media strategy going forward. ● Test & Iterate - Facebook is constantly innovating their ad offering, don’t be afraid to test new ad formats as they become available to you.
  37. 37. Step 4: Testing & Iterating
  38. 38. A/B Testing Campaign Testing - A/B testing is the best way to discover which ad optimization, target audience, and creative elements will yield the strongest results for your brand. As a result, we recommend implementing a variety of different tests to discover the winning Facebook strategy for your brand. Testing Best Practices ● Start by testing 1 element at a time for more accurate results ● Keep the learning phase in mind when implementing A/B tests. Facebook requires 50+ conversions to yield statistically significant results ● Conversion Events (Add To Cart vs View Content) ● Ad Type Testing (Carousel vs Single Image) ● Imagery (Lifestyle Images vs Product Images) ● Landing Page Tests (Home Page vs Product Page) A/B Tests ● Placement Tests (Messenger, Audience Network) ● Copy Tests (Product reviews) ● New Ad Formats (Collections, Instant Experiences) ● Vertical Video (Instagram & Facebook Stories) Other Testing Ideas
  39. 39. Optimization & Learnings Campaign Optimization - Improve your brand’s performance on Facebook through campaign optimizations. It’s a continuous process that is required at every level of the campaign set-up. ● Keep your advertising costs low by prioritizing the audiences and ads that are yielding the lowest cost per desired action. Shift your budget to audiences and ads that are driving the strongest results, and turn off those that are underperforming ● Order Volume ● Cost Per Order ● Return On Ad Spend ● Click Through Rate ● Cost Per Clicks Ad Set Level - Performance Indicators ● Click Through Rate ● Cost Per Clicks ● Engagement Ad Level - Performance Indicators
  40. 40. Facebook Advertising Optimization Q4 Checklist
  41. 41. 2017 Industry Trends Q4 KPI Trends ● CPCs increased by 85% from Q3 ● CTR decreased by 17% from Q3 ● CPM increased by 55% from Q3 ● Spend increased by 30% from Q3 Peak Holiday: November & December Create purchase intent with relevant communication that stops them in their tracks and value ads Post Holiday: End of December & January Drive continued demand, sales, and customer loyalty January 2018 KPI Trends ● CPCs decreased by 46% from Q4 ● CTR increased by 33% from Q4 ● CPM decreased by 30% from Q4 ● Spend decreased by 25% from Q4 2019 Recommendation: Capitalize on decreased KPI costs and other brands’ decreased monthly ad spend.
  42. 42. SMALL TEXT STACK TEXT ROW 1 STACK TEXT ROW 2 Schedule Your 1-1 Facebook Performance Marketing Strategy Evaluation
  43. 43. Questions for Today’s Speakers? Casey Edwards Sr. Social Marketing Strategist Brent Villiott Social Marketing Manager