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Creative Ad Testing for Top Performance on Facebook & Instagram Webinar


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Competition continues to intensify in the digital advertising space resulting in increased audience overlap. Brands need to emphasize the power of creative content to convey positive consumer results. It’s no secret brands need to design with conversions in mind if they want to stand out from millions of creative agencies and competitors.

Staying ahead of competitors in 2019 calls for optimizing creative performance initiative. Learn the latest on creative production best practices, various forms of testing, and analyzing results to maximize your campaign goals on Facebook & Instagram in order to grow your brand.

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Creative Ad Testing for Top Performance on Facebook & Instagram Webinar

  1. 1. Creative Ad Testing for Top Performance On Facebook & Instagram How to Improve Audience Engagement by Optimizing Your Creative Across Social Channels
  2. 2. Today’s Logistics ● Session recording and slides will be sent ● Submit questions to our panelists ● Join in on our poll questions throughout ● Resources available as handouts Persephanie Arellano Webinar Coordinator
  3. 3. Overview Solutions
  4. 4. Today’s Speakers Erik Mansur VP, Product & Engineering Lauren Guerrieri Sr. Manager, Paid Social
  5. 5. Today’s Agenda ● Saturation & Overlap of Digital Advertising ● Creative Production & Creative Testing ● Split Tests For Improving Your Creative Performance ● Analyze Your Results & How to Improve Future Campaigns
  6. 6. POLL QUESTION What do you find most difficult about Facebook advertising?
  7. 7. of a brand’s advertising sales lift comes from the creative, according to a Nielsen survey.47% Strategies for Creative Production
  8. 8. In-House Design Teams
  9. 9. Enterprise-size in-house creative team size: 300-400 PEOPLE Midsize in-house creative team size: 20-30 PEOPLE SMB/start-up creative team size: 5-10 PEOPLE
  10. 10. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit In-House Creative Strategy
  12. 12. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit Upper funnel ad campaign metrics ● Cost per engaged website visit ● Amount of “opener touchpoints”
  13. 13. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit Mid funnel ad campaign metrics ● CPA/ROAS ● Website visits ● Amount of product trials
  14. 14. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit Lower funnel ad campaign metrics ● New customer CPA ● New customer ROAS
  15. 15. Nuances of Facebook and Instagram Creative
  16. 16. Mid-2017 : 250 million DAUs January 2019 : 500 million DAUs Stories’ ad CTRs : Up 52% year-over-year
  17. 17. Ad Creative Best Practices
  18. 18. Stories Ads
  19. 19. It’s definitely ok for Stories ads to resemble Stories posts
  20. 20. Copyright 2017 - Q4 Amazon Virtual Summit Know thy audience ● Users are mobile and distracted ● They must understand the ad in seconds ● Make premise simple and clear ● CTA must be easy to find ● Keep copy brief
  21. 21. Tell a story
  22. 22. Make the next steps crystal clear
  23. 23. Get vertical
  24. 24. POLL QUESTION What has been your experience with Stories advertising so far?
  25. 25. Carousel Ads
  26. 26. Showcase many products or just one
  27. 27. Create seasonal themes
  28. 28. Target buyer personas
  29. 29. Illustrate the passage of time
  30. 30. Video Ads
  31. 31. Make the ad look like it belongs
  32. 32. Embrace brevity ● Mobile usage has reduced attention spans ● Facebook recommended length for video ads is 15 seconds ● Try to get your message across in five seconds ● If using copy, take up less than 20% of the ad
  33. 33. Show ‘em how to do something
  34. 34. Use humor to grab attention
  35. 35. Give it color, make it move
  36. 36. Refresh frequently to avoid ad fatigue ● How often should you update ads? Watch your metrics. ● Dipping CTRs usually means it’s time to swap in new creative. ● If new creative doesn’t boost clicks, re-evaluate your audience.
  37. 37. Final thoughts...
  38. 38. Why Brands Need to Regularly Split Test & Optimize Creative
  39. 39. At A Macro Level... Rising Costs to Serve Ads Increased Competition Decreased Inventory
  40. 40. But Wait...There’s More Macro Desire for Hyper Relevance Rapid Disruption Lower Attention Spans
  41. 41. Creative is the variable to achieving your business goals...and it’s extremely subjective.
  42. 42. Split Testing Best Practices
  43. 43. Best Practices for Better Results Test creative with best customers first to determine viability of concept and keep costs low Align with 1 or 2 core KPIs to better determine a winner...and be specific Innovate to push the unpredictable! Design for mobile + motion first Build and stick to a testing roadmap: Set aside 5-10% of monthly media budget for testing Refresh frequently to avoid ad fatigue
  44. 44. POLL QUESTION How are you currently managing your Facebook campaigns?
  45. 45. How to Setup Up Your Split Test
  46. 46. Two Methodologies for Creative Testing 1 A/B Testing 2 Multivariate Testing
  47. 47. Start with a Strategic Campaign Framework Core Business Objective: Increase first-time customers by 20% Strategy: Drive higher user intent through product education, convenience and price KPIs: Leads, CPL, Purchases, CPA, Site Traffic, CTR MEDIA MIX: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest Testimonials (users and influencers) Full-funnel campaign mix Trial Offers Video Sequencing Micro-content Lead Gen Ads
  48. 48. Creative Testing with the 7-Day Method New Creative Test First 24-Hours Initial Insights 2-4 Days Actionable Insights 7-Days Campaign Analysis Align on KPIs & Budget ($20-$25 to start) Decide on Testing Strategy: audiences, creative, ad units, placements Launch creative in tandem with all variables Gauge which ad variation the platform is serving Review impressions, Reach, Clicks, CTR, CPC Evaluate ad variations gaining higher engagement and resonance Make initial optimizations: turn off audiences/variations Optimize towards the winning ad creative variation Continue testing winning creative with new audiences, placements Launch next creative test
  49. 49. Leverage A Campaign Testing Blueprint PlatformAudience Site visitors Look-A-Likes CRM cuts Engaged Shoppers Cosmetics Interest Content Theme Evergreen Top Products Special Offers Ad Type Standard Video Tactical Bid Type Bid Level Site Visitors Lowest Cost + Bid Cap Sample Output Auto Placement FB and IG broken out Dynamic Single Image Carousel Carousel DPA Collections DPA Carousel v. Static Images
  50. 50. Budget Planning & Sample Allocation Ongoing Base Monthly Budget: $100,000 per market ● Budgets percentages above are a sample and will be fluid based on performance ● $100,000 minimum if cross-channel approach is leveraged for every Go To Market launch ● Tactics include: Awareness, Prospecting, Retargeting, Remarketing, App-Install initiatives TACTIC Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 [FB, TW, LI, IG] – AWARENESS 25% 15% 10% 10% [FB, LI, TW] – PROSPECTING – USER ACTIVATION 35% 35% 30% 35% [FB, IG, LI, TW] – RETARGETING – USER ACTIVATION 25% 30% 40% 40% [FB, IG, SC] – APP INSTALLS – USER ACTIVATION 15% 20% 20% 15% $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 $100,000
  51. 51. Analyze the Results
  52. 52. How to Measure Creative Performance Alignment with core KPIs CTR in comparison to evergreen baseline Post engagement: likes, comments, shares Speed to first purchase made: Audience relevance Relevance + Resonance New Site Traffic Determine a clear winner or split results Actionable insights to inform phase 2 testing iteration
  53. 53. Expand ad unit [POST ID] with new and existing evergreen audiences to build more engagement and further develop as an evergreen ad creative 5x ROAS 1x ROAS Turn off and file away as low performing for now but potentially revisit again to run in future audiences or tactics Clear Winner: Actionable Insights
  54. 54. Evaluate purchases/revenue/CPA in comparison to ROAS KPI - gauge traffic and daily performance 2.5x ROAS 2.4x ROAS Potentially continue to run both if revenue is close or equal to the winning creative No Clear Winner? Gauge the Bigger Win
  55. 55. Next Steps: How to Improve Future Campaigns
  56. 56. Split Tests to Improve Creative Performance Ad Types: Test ad units like short video, IG Stories, carousel, and static with the same imagery or video CTA: Ads should have a clear call to action: Test buttons besides Shop Now - Try Get Offer or Sign Up Emojis: Test using emojis in the copy to appeal to a younger demo - start with a/b testing emojis in the headline Placements Types: Break out IG Stories and Messenger to test various creative with these unique experiences Snap Install 1 2 3 IG Stories 4 5-Star Customer Reviews: Leverage 5-star customer reviews in copy - test star emojis with 5-Star Reviews in the headline Copy: Always start with the headline - test ALL CAPS v. Regular text (for an additional layer: with and without emojis) Mobile v. Desktop: Test ad units and creative with mobile-only DPAs: Test DPA carousels (default) with DPA mobile collection ads on both FB and IG 6 7 8 5
  57. 57. Key Takeaways: Let’s Get Testing! Creative is subjective Focus innovation around motion creative Stick to your testing roadmap Use the 7-day method to measure quickly, scale winning creative and move to the next test Was it relevant? Did it resonate? Test breaking out placements Develop unique creative for vertical and square placements Leverage actionable insights from testing and communicate learnings to creative team
  59. 59. Q & A Erik Mansur VP, Product & Engineering Lauren Guerrieri Sr. Manager, Paid Social