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2019 Amazon Sales & Advertising Acceleration Round-Table


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Listen in on four leading Amazon experts.
Amazon captured 49% of US Ecommerce Market, according to eMarketer. Hit the ground running on Amazon in 2019 by growing your market share by capitalizing on all Amazon Advertising updates. Let’s review Amazon Advertising trends and updates from 2018 to upgrade your brand’s strategy on Amazon and ignite your YoY profit growth.

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2019 Amazon Sales & Advertising Acceleration Round-Table

  1. 1. 2019 Amazon Sales & Advertising Acceleration Round-Table
  2. 2. Today’s Logistics ● Session recording and slides will be sent ● Submit questions to our panelists ● Join in on our poll questions throughout Analicia Santaella Partner Marketing Coordinator
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda ● Amazon Updates All Advertisers Must Adapt to ● Expected Changes in Amazon Advertising to Anticipate ● Securing Your Brand with Increased Competition ● Building Brand Equity ● Adapting to Your Customer ● Reviewing Successful Strategies & Trends
  4. 4. Overview Founded in 2007 Google Premier Partner 600+ Active Retail Clients Top 50 Fastest Growing Company San Diego Solutions Retail-focused PPC & Shopping Amazon Sales Acceleration Facebook Performance Marketing Creative Services Stuart Dooley Sr. Marketplace Channel Analyst Today’s Moderator
  5. 5. Numerator, formerly Market Track and InfoScout, brings together omnichannel marketing, merchandising, and sales data to make pursuing new possibilities simple. We offer the most complete view of the omnichannel marketplace, with the fastest intelligence available. Brad Bane Executive Vice President of Marketing Today’s Panelist
  6. 6. Courtney Manuel Marketing Manager, eTail Strategy & Development Today’s Panelist
  7. 7. Daquent (DQ) Robinson Director of Sales, eTail Today’s Panelist
  8. 8. What is your Amazon Selling Platform? ● Seller Central ● Vendor Central ● Both Seller & Vendor Central ● I am not yet selling on Amazon Poll Question for Audience
  9. 9. Amazon Updates
  10. 10. What has been the most impactful Amazon Advertising change from this past year to your brand’s advertising strategy? Question for Panelists
  11. 11. What was the most surprising trend that boosted your brand’s profit in 2018? Question for Panelists
  12. 12. Did you increase your Amazon advertising budgets in 2019? ● Yes, by 0-25% ● Yes, by 25-50% ● Yes, over 50% ● No Poll Question for Audience
  13. 13. Securing Your Brand
  14. 14. What new strategies are you implementing to acquire net new customers? Question for Panelists
  15. 15. Are there specific ways you are strengthening your brand equity on Amazon? Question for Panelists
  16. 16. How is your brand adapting to being everywhere your customer is? Question for Panelists
  17. 17. How is your brand adapting on Amazon to ensure customer retention and brand loyalty? Question for Panelists
  18. 18. Changes to Anticipate
  19. 19. What changes do you hope to see from Amazon in 2019? ● Metrics of advertising success ● Advertising placements ● Targeting options ● Buyer insights Poll Question for Audience
  20. 20. Any predictions on what new changes brands can expect from Amazon Marketplace / Amazon Advertising in 2019? Question for Panelists
  21. 21. In closing, if there’s one key takeaway and/or piece of advice from today’s session, what would you recommend our audience to focus on? Question for Panelists
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  23. 23. 2019 Amazon Sales & Advertising Acceleration Round-Table