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Cpa of future study - infographic only


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Data from's CPA of the Future study are in. The comprehensive report serves as a scorecard on future readiness of the CPA profession overall. Recorded statistics and projections are based on a strategic set of survey questions asked of CPAs from across the country, such as: How ready for the future are we as a profession? How ready are we to understand, guide, and prepare our clients for the fast future that is emerging? The full report is accessible on; there you can dig in to this study for valuable insights into the state of the profession today in terms of future readiness... and the changes required to effectively prepare for what the future has in store.

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  • Great graphic! shows the major challenges, or tremendous opportunities our profession faces. The report sums it up well in this sentence, "In fact, the competency most appreciated for leaders will be their ability to manage through the uncertainty and complexity to navigate effectively into the future. As such, CPA’s (trusted leaders) will play a vital role in preparing their clients in both the private and public sectors to manage coming change with ease and competency." The opportunity is for CPAs to expand their learning and development to increase their "future readiness" to learn how to be strategic, understand trends and innovation, to be anticipatory.
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Cpa of future study - infographic only

  1. 1. U.S. Workforce 80% 51% Men Women Gen X Baby Boomers Millenials 45% 78% 70% Workforce Technologies Economic Risk Marketplace 90% 20%- 82% 10% 8% 80% 16% 3D Manufacturing Digital Money Smart Machines/ Articial Intelligence Internet of Things Digital Distribution The fast future is a collision of trends that are drivers of productivity and progress— and represent new competitive advantages. Leaders that fail to adapt fast enough will not survive the onslaught of disruptive changes. As such, all rms need to be future ready. Here is a glimpse into the future readiness of the accounting profession. ARE CPA’S FUTURE READY? INSIGHTS INTO THE 2015 CPA OF THE FUTURE STUDY TALENT THE CHANGING WORKFORCE Have concerns about talent recruitment to meet future needs Think it’s very important to understand the changing workforce Recognize the need to prepare their clients for the global marketplace Think they should prepare their clients for the complex challenges of the future marketplace Think government regulation is holding back business/marketplace productivity and growth DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY Agree that digital future is rapidly approaching Believe disruptive innovations will be a driving inuence by 2025 View themselves as innovative Think profession is future ready today Need to better understand innovation Think their role will change signicantly by 2025— becoming more intimate with clients and oering more consultative services Agree that understanding disputive innovations, workforce, and change management are the top trends that will signicantly aect the CPA’s future role 58% Consulative Business Development Risk Management Advisory Services Recognize that every business should be concerned about social accountability and sustainability GLOBALIZATION THE MARKETPLACE THE CHANGING ROLE OF THE CPA EVOLVING CLIENT NEEDS CPA.COM STUDY