The New Chinese Tourists


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Conference by COTRI's General Manager Berenice Aceves about the characteristics of the New Chinese Tourists

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  • 我们做了神的恩典的朋友,我已经介绍了一个新的产品,这是其他任何地方都没有在东非乌干达旅游业。此刻我收集来自世界各地的最好的朋友的建议,以使我们改善此。它更重要的是一个慈善活动,并希望你能给我们一个很好的建议。我们正在收集我们的建议抬头纸,这将有助于我们运动的矛头
    医疗旅游可大致定义为提供符合成本效益的私营医疗与旅游业的合作,需要手术和其他形式的专科治疗的患者。正在推动的医疗以及旅游业 - 私人和公共企业部门参与这个过程。
    医疗旅游 - 健康就是财富越来越多,人们在本国之外旅行就医,更实惠的成本,更好的专业化和医疗质量,短暂的等待周期,并借助先进的技术因素,如驱动。在全球范围内,医疗旅游是一个上升的趋势,并在预期的全球收入
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The New Chinese Tourists

  1. 1. China Outbound Tourism Research Institute Berenice Aceves, MBA COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, Heide / Beijing China Outbound Tourism 2011: Arrival of the New Chinese TouristExhibitors Workshop April 12, 2011 Powered by
  2. 2. China Outbound Tourism Research Institute • COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute is the worldwide leading independent research institute for analysis, consulting and quality assessment relating to the Chinese Outbound Tourism market. • Headquarter in Heide/Germany, China office in Beijing. Director: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt FRGS Active in P.R. of China since 1978 Former owner of Inbound Tour Operator China->Europe COTRI founder and director since 2004 Professor at West Coast University of Applied SciencesExhibitors Workshop April 12, 2011 Powered by
  3. 3. China Outbound Tourism Research InstituteGlobal Tourism 2010: 6.7% increase of international tourism arrivals Asia –Pacific region 20% increase year by year Forecast for global tourism: From 930 million to 1.6 billion travels by 2020Exhibitors Workshop April 12, 2011 Powered by
  4. 4. China Outbound Tourism Research Institute China´ Major Targets of the s 12th Five-Year Plan for 2011-2015 Annual average GDP growth: 7%GDP in 2015 (based on 2010 prices): 55 trillion Yuan (US$ 8.37 trillion)Proportion of service industrys output in GDP: up by 4 percentage points Release of major pollutants: down by 8%-10% Jobs created: 45 million Average growth of residents´income: more than 7% Powered by
  5. 5. China Outbound Tourism Research Institute2010:57.4 millionoutbound tripsChina is the No. 1source market inAsia even withouttaking into accounttrips to Hong Kong /MacaoFor the second timein China: Outboundtourism spendinghigher than inboundtourism income Powered by
  6. 6. China Outbound Tourism Research Institute2000: Global marketshare 1.5%2010: Global marketshare 5.8%2000: One out of67 internationaltravellersoriginates inMainland China2010: One out of16 internationaltravellersoriginates inMainland China Powered by
  7. 7. China Outbound Tourism Research InstituteShare of Chinese outbound travels duringthree quinquenniums 1995-2009(Source: CNTA / COTRI, no reliable data available before 1995)More than 60% of all travels happening in lastquinquennium 2005-2009 1995-1999 12% 2000-2004 2005-2009 27% 61% Powered by
  8. 8. China Outbound Tourism Research InstituteChinese outbound travels projection for currentquinquennium 2010-2014a) projected increase according to State Council planningb) projected increase if growth rate equals 2000-04/2005-09 500,0 450,0 400,0 350,0 300,0 250,0 200,0 150,0 100,0 50,0 0,0 1995- 2000- 2005- 2010- 2010- 1999 2004 2009 2014a 2014b Outbound Travels 40,6 88,3 199,8 309,9 451,5 Powered by
  9. 9. China Outbound Tourism Research InstituteMarket SegmentsSegmentation of market in - low price/bad quality mass marketFor the “Europe-from-the-Coach-Window” mass market there is still a queue ofat least 100 million Chinese waiting for their turn to get their photo in frontof the Eiffel tower.and - “FIT” / “Semi-FIT”, ”MICE” high-end market"We didnt want to go on a group tour since these can be very rushed, taking in toomany countries over a short period of time. We think we handle independent travelquite well since we were all in Singapore last Spring Festival when we also went toThailand. We think we will be able to get around Italy by ourselves.” (China Daily 28- 01-2011)January 2011: 456 million Internet users32% Internet penetration rate. Powered by
  10. 10. China Outbound Tourism Research Institute China Outbound Tourism 2011: Good news – not only because of quantitative growth but also because of qualitative developments: 1.Political support for outbound tourism 2.Greater interest in in-depth travels 3.Easy access to passports and hard currencyExhibitors Workshop April 12, 2011 Powered by
  11. 11. China Outbound Tourism Research Institute China Outbound Tourism 2011: 1. Political support for outbound tourism by Chinese Central Government: • On November 25th 2009, a State Council executive meeting chaired by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao adopted the “Statement on Accelerating the Tourism Industry Development” which declared a planned annual increase of 9% for outbound tourism. • In the 12th Five-Year Plan for the first time the development of outbound tourism is actively promoted instead of being hindered by the Chinese government.Exhibitors Workshop April 12, 2011 Powered by
  12. 12. China Outbound Tourism Research InstituteChina Outbound Tourism 2011:2. Greater interest in in-depth travels:“… one of the remarkable characteristics of China tourism in 2010 was the detailed marketsegmentation. When the normal tourism market was still the main component of tourismsection, special interest groups were forming as well. Some special attractive long-distanceand niche market focused tourism products which were offered by tour operators bothinside and outside China turned out to be very successful.” Prof. Zhang Guangrui Development of Chinas Outbound Tourism 2010 in: Green Book of Chinas Tourism 2011 Niche market and special interest products offer opportunities to attract Chinese visitors Powered by
  13. 13. China Outbound Tourism Research Institute China Outbound Tourism 2011: 3. Less bureaucratic problems from the Chinese side: • 140 ADS agreements with all important destinations signed • Access to passports and hard currency relatively easy • Individual tourist visa agreements with Asian and some European countries • More choice of destinations and tours than everExhibitors Workshop April 12, 2011 Powered by
  14. 14. China Outbound Tourism Research Institute China Outbound Tourism 2011: But complaints about many destinations: • Visa problems still existing • (Perceived) Safety problems given extensive media attention in China • Quality level often not according to Chinese expectations • Not enough visible dedication to Chinese marketExhibitors Workshop April 12, 2011 Powered by
  15. 15. China Outbound Tourism Research Institute Chinese Outbound Mass and New Tourists will continue to travel all over the world in growing numbers, but with specific demands and growing expectations. Are you ready? Powered by
  16. 16. China Outbound Tourism Research Institute ThanksWe are here to answer all your questions:- Now- COTTM 2011 COTRI Stand 2000- and- Powered by
  17. 17. China Outbound Tourism Research InstituteCOTRI Events during COTTM 2011 1) CTW Award 2011 Ceremony Thursday April 14, 10.00 to 12.00 h COTTM 2011 Theatre Language: English 2) Book Presentation Green Book of China’s Tourism 2011 China’s Tourism Development Analysis and Forecast Thursday April 14, 13.30 to 14.15 h COTTM 2011 Theatre Language: English and Chinese 3) Exhibitors Debrief Workshop Friday April 15, 10.00 to 12.00 h COTTM 2011 VIP Room Language: English Powered by