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Presentation about COTRI's activities


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COTRI is the worldwide leading independent research institute for analysis, consulting and quality assessment relating to the Chinese Outbound Tourism market.

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Presentation about COTRI's activities

  1. 1. China Outbound Tourism Research InstituteThe worldwide leading independent research institute foranalysis, consulting and quality assessment relating to the Chinese Outbound Tourism Market
  2. 2. About us COTRI was established in 2004 by its director Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt, a sinologist and tourism researcher with years of business and academic experience in Chinese tourism Head office in Heide (Germany) Branch in Beijing Representatives in Mexico and Spain
  3. 3. Our PartnersCOTRI is a member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and the European Tour OperatorsAssociation (ETOA) and currently is in partnership with companies and organisations such as… Dragon Trail Social Media & E-Marketing for the Chinese Travel Market Chinese Outbound Travel and Tourism Market (COTTM) Belle Tourism International Consulting Amstar Mexico, Destination Management Company Chinese Friendly International
  4. 4. Our Services: Training COTRI offers a wide range of services and products, we offer them according to your level of engagement with the market Are You Ready? For International Chinese International Travellers Training Program An innovative and sustainable solution to disseminate knowledge about Chinese customers in your organisation or company Win Chinese Travelers Improve your product Raise your understanding
  5. 5. Our Services: Training Train-the-Trainer Program Through our tailor-made workshops COTRI is looking for partner organisations to conduct the AYR Training Programs and guiding customers in the COQ Label process. Get the rights to Be our partner and conduct AYR become COQ Expert trainings in your country and Get the training implement COQ Label
  6. 6. Our Services: Consulting China Tourism Check (CTC) A service from the WinChineseTourists Consortium between COTRI and Dragon Trail , which can offer you a full, simple and reliable 360° analysis of where you are in the Chinese Outbound market and what possibilities are available for you • Your Product: Analysis of what you are selling or you want to sell to the Chinese Market Product • Online Media: Analysis of your compay website or social media activities in Chinese or English Offline Online • Offline Media: Analysis of your printing material, fair Media Media stands, press releases in Chinese or English What the market • What they say: Analysis of Chinese Social media content says about of discussions about your product or similar ones you
  7. 7. Our Services: Consulting COTRI Consulting Portfolio COTRI makes available 35 years of experience with China and Chinese tourism for analysis and planning of products, marketing planning, market entry strategies, human resource development and related fields Chinese Outbound Tourism Market Coaching (Semi-annual or annual) In order to give answers and find solutions for real experiences and questions while welcoming Chinese outbound travelers, COTRI offers coaching for the development of the Chinese tourism source market with a one-day coaching sessions every six or twelve months. Chinese Outbound Tourism Statistics Research COTRI can provide you with more specific data about Chinese Outbound Tourism Statistics and consumption in the main destinations all over the world
  8. 8. Chinese Tourists Welcoming (CTW) AwardSince 2004 , COTRI organises the CTW Award during COTTM Fair in Beijing , recognised insideand outside China as the most important quality sign for the international Chinese outboundmarket, with wide coverage in print and electronic media. Applicants provide information about their products, services or projects related to the Chinese Market An international jury led by COTRI will declare the winner for each category Winners are entitled to membership in the CTW Award Winners Club, and can use CTW Award’s Logo for their own marketing purposes
  9. 9. COQ Label The China Outbound Tourism Quality Label (COQ Label) is established by COTRI to identify companies, organisations and destinations who offer such specific quality for Chinese visitors All kind of tourist companies/institutions with the target group “Chinese Tourists” Apply for being certified as COQ Host (5 ways) Are You Ready? Training Program Self Study On- Grant by COTRI COTRI training For Chinese by COQ Expert line training to experienced programme International authorised by programme practitioners Travellers COTRI The COQ Host enables the company/organisation as a COQ Candidate Apply for COQ Label and Gain Success in China Outbound Tourism Market
  10. 10. Our Publications COTRI boasts a wide portfolio of publications, including… • Green Book of China’s Tourism 2011 China’s Tourism Development Analysis and Forecast – English edition • Annual Report China Outbound Tourism Development (Versions 2009/2010 and 2011) – English Edition • Are You Ready? For Chinese International Travellers. A Practical guide for Delivering Superior Service (Professional Module) • COTRI Yearbook 2010 - China’s Outbound Tourism Development
  11. 11. Our Clients: Market Research COTRI has a wide experience helping all kind of companies and organisations in market research and product adaptation such as… Mexico City Brazil Jamaica Ministry of Ministry of Flamenco Wuppertal Economics of Economics of Interhome Tourism Ministry of Ministry of Tarsus Co. Schleswig - Mecklenburg- Museum in Marketing Admin. Tourism Tourism Holstein Vorpommern Sevilla ... and more
  12. 12. Our Clients: Training Seminars COTRI has conducted successful seminars for companies and organisations aiming to train its staff for attracting and welcoming Chinese tourists… Yearly Seminar in Train the Workshop for Train the Educational Bussiness Trainer the trainer Programme Breakfast Transromanica workshop in workshop in at COTTM with Global Project Cancun Sevilla Fair in Beijing Blue Retailers (Mexico)
  13. 13. Contact us... COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute Fritz-Thiedemann Ring 20 25746 Heide, Germany + 49 (0) 481 - 85 55 523 + 49 (0) 481 - 85 55 524 Find us in