Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award 2013


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Celebrating 10 years of examples of successful ways to attract Chinese tourists - CTW Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award 2013 now open for applications.Visit our website for more!

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  • Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award 2013

    1. 1. CTWChinese Tourists Welcoming AWARD 2013
    2. 2. What is the CTW AWARD? The CTW Chinese Tourists Welcoming Award recognises companies and organisations that go the extra mile to accommodate Chinese travellers and offer excellent products and services that meet their specific requirements when travelling abroad. CTW Award is given by COTRI to companies and organisations who successfully develop Best Practices for Mainland China visitors An international jury including Chinese and Non-Chinese tourism experts choses the winners For each of five category a Gold, Silver and Bronze CTW Award is presented The CTW Award is highly recognized as prestigious and original with wide coverage in both print and electronic media worldwide
    3. 3. The Chinese outbound tourismmarket is bound to become thebiggest tourism source market in theworld within the next few years.At COTRI Chinese OutboundTourism Research Institute wesupport the Chinese market since 2004and encourage National TourismOrganizations, Destination Marketingorganizations, tourism servicesproviders and private companies inpreparing themselves to offer qualityservices to Chinese customers.
    4. 4. CTW Award origin and developmentDuring 2004 to 2006 the award was limited toonly European organizations (named ECTWAward back then) and companies and the Awardceremonies were held in Berlin during the ITBfair.Since 2007 CTW Award has been opened to allbest practice achievers worldwide and hasmoved to the main event for China outboundtourism, the COTTM China Outbound Traveland Tourism Market in Beijing.In 2013 the CTW Award will be organized byCOTRI for the tenth time.
    5. 5. Achievements of CTW Award● Originality. CTW Award is the first award exclusively developed for the Chinese Outbound Tourism Market● Strong jury support. Through the years the Award has formed a solid network of experts● Extensive coverage from traditional print to TV and internet media. Press releases, interviews, radio spots, outdoor advertising, industry’s blog entries, among others● Brand awareness and prestige. High visibility built after ten years of successful organization of support for the event● Cooperation with the winners. Constant networking and further possibilities of business development have risen with COTRI and the members of the CTW Award Winners Club.
    6. 6. The CTW Award is presented in five categories:• Product Innovation• Internet/Media• Service Quality• Marketing• Overall Performance
    7. 7. Winners of 2012 Product Innovation Internet/ Service Quality Marketing Overall Media Performance Slovenian Tourist Consensio Seychelles Zagreb Tourist National TourGold Board Holidays Ltd Tourism Board Board Association Slovenia UK Seychelles Croatia USA Chinese Business Lake St Clair Victoria & United Airlines AVIS Rent A Trainers Lodge Albert Museum USA CarSilver Kenya Australia USA UK Multilink Capital Surtrek Tour Blue Sky Dubai Ski and Value Retail Resources – Operator Holidays Playnation UKBronze Holiday Autos Asia Ecuador Bangladesh UAE UK
    8. 8. Benefits of winning the CTW AwardWinners are entitled to membership in the CTW AwardWinners Club, with regular meetings and networking.The Club allows them to receive special offers fromCOTRI’s services, coverage in our websites and pressreleases; and the use of CTW Award’s Logo for their ownmarketing purposes.
    9. 9. Some of the CTW Award holders:
    10. 10. How To Apply for CTW Award 2013 (The application is free of charge) Please apply before March 15th, 2013 By email to or By post to COTRI FH Weskueste COTRI China Office Fritz-Thiedemann Ring 20 or Room 101/Buliding 2B, 25746 Heide Gui Gu Liang Cheng, Germany 1 Nong Da Nan Rd Beijing 100084, P.R. of ChinaPlease attach or post (in case) some information about the company products, servicesand/or planned projects related to the Chinese source market and examples in form of brochures, online information, press releases or other materials. More information on:
    11. 11. CTW Award 10th Anniversary CeremonyLocation: COTTM China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market in Beijing, China – in National Agricultural Exhibition Center Date of ceremony: on April 10th Date of the travel exhibition: 9-11 April 2013We are looking forward to receiving your application!
    12. 12. COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute is the worlds leading independent research institute for information, training, quality assessment, research, and consulting relating to the Chinese outbound tourism market.Established: 2004Director: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg ArltHeadquarter: Heide/GermanyChina office: BeijingCOTRI Headquarter Germany COTRI China OfficeFritz-Thiedemann Ring 20 101/2B Gui Gu Liang Cheng25746 Heide, Germany 1 Nong Da Nan RdFax +49 481 8555 121 Beijing 100084, P.R. of ChinaPhone +49 481 8555 523 Phone +86 13 4260