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Co sketch


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Co sketch

  1. 1. Amna Mohammad Hessa Alzaabi Salma Mohammad COL270-512 Amal AljazzarEnd Next
  2. 2. Content-Introduction-How to install the tool-How to use the tool-Issues you should know about-List of other resources that can help you learnmore-For what can Co sketch be used ?-List of examples done with Co-sketch-BibliographyBack End Next
  3. 3. Introduction• What is Co-sketch ?Co-Sketch is a multi-user online Anything you paint will show up forwhiteboard designed to give you all other users in the room in realthe ability to quickly visualize time.and share your ideas as images.Back End Next
  4. 4. How to install the tool• Runs in all common browsers without plugins or installation.• Free and without registration.• Online program Back End Next
  5. 5. Issues You May FaceHow to save the sketch as pictureStep 1 : When you are done, Click on save sketch as embeddable image.Step 2 : Second webpage will appear, your sketch will be shown, you will see the links below if you wish to use them in any other websites Or right click on the sketch save image as. Back End Next
  6. 6. Continued . . If you want to paint with someone.• To paint with someone, copy the address in your browsers address-bar and send to those you want to paint with in the chat. Back End Next
  7. 7. How to use the tools in Co-sketch There are many tools available in co sketch that are listed below;1. Pen : you can write and draw with this tool2. Line : You can draw straight lines easily with this tool3. Arrow : ready arrows are available by this tool4. Circle : You can draw circles in different sizes.5. Rectangle :You can draw Rectangles in different sizes.6. Text : with this tool, you can write anything and any where.7. Eraser : here you can erase your mistakes with this tool8. Moving, scaling, rotating : you can rotate and fix your image Back End Next
  8. 8. continued• Clear Ink : You can clear the ink in your sketch such as the lines and arrows by one click .• Clear Text : You can clear all the written text by one click.• Clear Background :You can clear the background that you choose by this tool.• Clear All : One click that clears all what in in the sketch. Back End Next
  9. 9. More provided Options• Stamps : Co-sketch provides a library that is filled with different stamps shapes that can be used without doubt .• Image Upload : You can easily upload any picture you wish to draw on.• Google maps : You can search and get your map and draw or explain on it effortlessly. Back End Next
  10. 10. Co-sketch toolsBack End Next
  11. 11. Applications of Co-sketch in education• Co-sketch is a nice online drawing tool for students to use in theirclassrooms.• They can use it to collaborate with each other when working onclassroom projects and prepare sketches for their presentations.•Teachers too can work with their students online using Co-sketchwhile monitoring how students use this tool .•It can also be used to enhance teachers’ professional development.•Math teachers, have been using it to create graphing resources forstudents. Back End Next
  12. 12. For what can Co-sketch be used•Co-Sketch give you the ability to quickly visualize and share your ideas asimages.•You can create a sketch and invite others to participate by providing theunique hyperlink to the web page.•All other users can see what you paint in the chat room in real time.•You can chat via a chat window at the bottom of the screen. Back End Next
  13. 13. Examples done by co-sketch Back End Next
  14. 14. ContinuedBack End Next
  15. 15. Co-Sketch Features•Free to use•No registration•Save or embed images•Real-time collaboration•Chat enabled•Intuitive interface•Google Map integration•Work in any internet browser Back End Next
  16. 16. Co-Sketch Video Click Here
  17. 17. Bibliography • Interactive icon,(2011), Retrieved 23,4,2012 , From : • Co Sketch, (2011), Retrieved 20,4,2012, from : • Jing Program • HomeBack