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NCD Update: Policies and Programs for the Prevention and Control of NCD's_Jeff Meer_4.23.13


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NCD Update: Policies and Programs for the Prevention and Control of NCD's_Jeff Meer_4.23.13

  1. 1. NCD Update: Policies and Programs for thePrevention and Control of NCDsJeffrey MeerSpecial Advisorfor Global HealthCORE GroupApril 23, 2013Baltimore, MD
  2. 2. What are NCDs?• Cardiovascular Disease• Cancers• Diabetes• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease• [Mental Health]
  3. 3. Context• NCDs are responsible for 63 percent of alldeaths globally.• NCD deaths are projected to increase by15% globally between 2010 and 2020
  4. 4. Causes of Death in Rural Bangladesh
  5. 5. Links Between NCDs and MCH• Cervical cancer and HPV• Breast cancer• Gestational and Type-I diabetes
  6. 6. Burden of Disease 2004 - 2030Courtesy: WHO
  7. 7. Common Risk Factors• Smoking Tobacco• Inappropriate use of alcohol• Inadequate exercise• Poor nutrition
  8. 8. The NCD PyramidCourtesy: WHO
  9. 9. What Else Affects NCDs?• Genetics• Environment• Lifestyles
  10. 10. Myths about NCDs• Less common thaninfectious diseases (HIV,TB, malaria, diarrhea)• Unrelated to infectiousdiseases• Only for the rich and aged• Too expensive andcomplex to treat• Take $ and focus awayfrom infectious diseases
  11. 11. Development Implications• Premature death• Disability• Loss of productivity• Cost of treatment and care• Less opportunity for education
  12. 12. Resources?Less than 3 percent of all internationaldevelopment assistance for health ($21billion annually) goes to NCD preventionor treatment
  13. 13. NCD Prevention and Treatment Matter!US death rates from several diseases 1900-1996Courtesy: Richard Cooper, MD
  14. 14. United Nations High Level Meeting onNCDsSeptember 19-20, 2011 New York, NY
  15. 15. The UN Political Declaration on NCDs• Description and scope of the issue• Whole of government, whole of society• Reducing risk factors• Strengthening national policies and healthsystems• International cooperation and partnerships• Research, M&E, follow up
  16. 16. Political Declaration (continued)• Prevention is the key• Social determinants andpoverty• Doha/TRIPS• Engaging the privatesector (except tobacco)• Women• Children and adolescents• Reproductive health• Climate Change
  17. 17. NCD Child -- March 19-20, 2012
  18. 18. World Health Assembly May 2012• First global agreement on anNCD target• 25 percent reduction inmortality from NCDs by 2025• Continuing process foradditional targets• Member states meeting priorto “end of October 2012”
  19. 19. WHO Ad Hoc Meeting November 2012• Reaffirmation of “25 x 25”• Eight additional goals• 25 new targets
  20. 20. Who’s in Charge for the USA?• Health and Human Services• USAID• State Department• US Mission to the United Nations• Centers for Disease Control andPrevention
  21. 21. Now Under Discussion by UN and WHO• Draft Action Plan on NCDs• Multisectoral engagement for NCDs• NCDs in the “Sustainable DevelopmentGoals” post-2015
  22. 22. Thank You!•••