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mHealth and INGO Progress_CORE Group Poll_10.11.12


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mHealth and INGO Progress_CORE Group Poll_10.11.12

  1. 1. Mhealth:The GrowingINGO Portfolio
  2. 2. Poll: How do you feel about the use of mobile ...
  3. 3. Poll: Is your organization implementing mhealt...
  4. 4. Poll: What do you think are the biggest barrie...
  5. 5. Theme: Disconnects, or Connections To Be Made
  6. 6. Relevant Mobile Tech Trends: Big Picture Before “e-banking”
  7. 7. Relevant Mobile Technology Trends: International Development
  8. 8. Relevant Mobile Technology Trends: Global HealthBuilding out the full range of potential in community healthprograms: •CHWs: data collection: project and patient; training and support; supervision; decision support: algorithm, calculations, live person; (customized) patient education… •Surveys •Supply Chain •Beneficiary outreach: mass SMS, appt reminder, phone support, quizzes, spaced education. •And more.
  9. 9. Dimagi: Health and Community Health Workers and Mhealth:Technology vision, tools,technical support , NGO Commcare Learning Collaborative partnership expertise, collaboration and CORE Group: Community dissemination Health vision/voice, pool of implementers, conveners, mechanisms for: collaboration, documentation, dissemination, advocacy CORE Members/Associates: Collaborative partners & peers, field testers, and ultimately, the organizations that make it all happen