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Latest Learning and Resources for iCCM_Jennifer Winestock Luna_5.5.14


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Latest Learning and Resources for iCCM_Jennifer Winestock Luna_5.5.14

  1. 1. Sick Child Module Knowledge, Practice, and Coverage Survey (KPC) CORE Spring Meeting May 5, 2014 Jennifer Winestock Luna
  2. 2. Agenda  Brief overview of KPC tool; Revision process  Resources
  3. 3. KPC – What is it?  Rapid Small Sample Household Survey that:  Contains modules so that surveys can be customized to technical areas of a program  Useful for designing surveys for integrated health programs  Typically has sample size 300-600
  4. 4. Overview: Characteristics  Easy to implement  Developed to collect standardized information from a variety of technical areas  Modules: questionnaires, indicators, tab plans, instructions  Implementers select modules relevant to technical areas  Within each module select questions & indicators relevant to interventions
  5. 5. Overview: Technical Areas - Modules  Sick Child - (ARI, CDD, Malaria, CCM)  Malaria (stand-alone)  Immunization  Maternal Newborn Care  Pregnancy Spacing and Family Planning  Breast Feeding IYCF  Water &Sanitation
  6. 6. The Revision Process Team effort, led by MCHIP PVO/NGO Support with input from:  MCHIP Child Health Team;  Save the Children  MEASURE Evaluation – Malaria  CORE working groups: Malaria, Community Child Health  USAID: PMI, Child Health, CSHGP And by reviewing:  DHS, MICs, CCM task force indicators, LiST Tool
  7. 7. The Sick Child Module
  8. 8. Includes instructions for contextual information needed before designing questionnaire:  Which interventions are being implemented (malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia)?  What are national CCM policies; CHW diagnosis/treatment?  What is current (or planned) situation regarding RDTs? Are RDTs approved? Is supply reliable? Do health workers know how to use them and willing to do so?  What is the national policy regarding zinc for diarrhea? Is zinc available in the project area?
  9. 9. Broader than iCCM; contains iCCM indicators % children 0-59 months with fast/difficult breathing 2 wks preceding survey; advice or treatment sought from CCM- trained CHW % children 0-59 months with fever 2 wks preceding survey who had finger or heel stick by CCM-trained CHW % children 0-59 months w/diarrhea 2 wks preceding survey received ORS & zinc from CCM-trained CHW
  10. 10. Broader than iCCM; contains iCCM indicators % children 0-59 months with fever 2 wks preceding survey received drug from a CCM-trained CHW; seen again by CHW for follow-up visit % mothers of children 0-59 months know is CHW in community who provides treatment for fever/malaria; pneumonia/fast, difficult breathing; diarrhea management
  11. 11. Challenges  Among/within countries variation: roll-out iCCM & RDT  Must consider context for questionnaire and interpretation of results  Satisfying information needs of different vertical areas requires compromise for survey to be feasible  1 ITN for every 2 people requires net roster, not always practical  Controversy in Malaria community regarding mother’s recall of finger/heel stick and if results of test received
  12. 12. Challenges  Developing combined indicators for fever; fast/ difficult breathing; and diarrhea complicated  Fever and fast/difficult breathing should be seen by a health provider (i.e. CCM trained CHW), but non-severe diarrhea can be managed in home  Limited experience using some indicators, i.e.  % children 0-59 months with fast, difficult breathing 2 wks preceding survey; advice/r treatment sought from CCM- trained CHW as first source of care
  13. 13. Challenges Do iCCM programs measure immunization coverage? Important for prevention  Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV)  Rotavirus vaccine
  14. 14. If you want more information, please contact me Thank you