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mHealth and INGO Progress_Frpst_10.11.12


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mHealth and INGO Progress_Frpst_10.11.12

  1. 1. Implementing mHealth Projects JSI CORE Group Meeting 11 Oct 2012
  2. 2. mHealth: The use of mobile andwireless communication devices toimprove health outcomesThere are 5.3 billion mobilesubscribers worldwide, with 3.8billion in the developing worldThere are more than 10,000mobile phone apps designated ashealth or medical relatedBy 2014, more people will accessthe internet via their mobiledevice than through a desktop
  3. 3. State of mHealth Globally
  4. 4. State of mHealth at JSI
  5. 5. JSI Approach to mHealth
  6. 6. 2011 – present2011 – present230+ facilities (10 regions)230+ facilities (10 regions) 2011 – present 2011 – present 800+ users 800+ users
  7. 7. Defining the Problem • Stock outs of essential medicines • Infrequent adherence to reporting groups • Difficulties with ordering and reporting • Absence of facility level data for decision-makers DATA VISIBILITY
  8. 8. The Technology• ILSGateway is built on RapidSMS• Facility use personal cell phones• Send data as SMS to a toll-free short code (“15018”)• SMS aggregator receives data which is analyzed by web database and then displayed on:
  9. 9. Impact• 97% increase in reporting rates & adherence to reporting groups• 93% improvement in stock counting• 45% increase in product availabilityPerceived:• Growing use of data for supply chain management• Increased accountability, Increased logistics transparency and responsibility information visibility
  10. 10. Thank You