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Dory Storms_Vella_10.11.12


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Dory Storms_Vella_10.11.12

  1. 1. The Power of Dialogue in Educating Adults Jane Vella, Global Learning Partners
  2. 2. DIALOGUE EDUCATION is a system for the design and leading and evaluation of effective learning
  3. 3. The Essentials Preparation Principle-driven decision-making Process: learning tasks and materials Proof in Practice: indicators of learning, transfer and impact
  4. 4. Essentials of Dialogue Education1. Preparation • Learning Needs & Resources Assessment • The dialogue begins before the course does • Eight Design Steps • WHO – participants • WHY – the situation • SO THAT – evaluation • WHEN – time frame • WHERE - site • WHAT - content • WHAT FOR – achievement-based objectives • HOW – learning tasks and materials
  5. 5. Essentials of Dialogue Education2. Principle-based Decision-making • Respect • Engagement • Sequence • Open Questions • Relationships • Cognitive/Affective/Psychomotor Aspects • Immediacy • Relevance • Learners as Subjects • Safety • Small Group Work • Accountability
  6. 6. Essentials of Dialogue Education3. Process: Learning Tasks A learning task is an open question put to a small group with all the resources they need to respond.
  7. 7. Four Parts of a Learning TaskInductive Work – anchoring the new learning in theexperience of the learnersInput – adding new contentImplementation – applying or doing something withthat contentIntegration – take it away!
  8. 8. Essentials of Dialogue Education4. Proof in Practice • Indicators of learning (behaviors, products) • Indicators of transfer (behaviors, products) • Indicators of impact (behaviors - consciousness: creating new systems)
  9. 9. Selected Resources for Further Study Dr. Jane Vella 1221 Moultrie Court Raleigh NC 27615 (mail address) 919 329 2818 Voices in Dialogue http// D.Hodgson’s blog featuring Dialogue Education Vella, Jane Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach, Jossey Bass Wiley 2nd ed. 2001 Vella, Jane On Teaching and Learning, Jossey Bass Wiley 2008