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CORE Group Strategic Planning Update_Judy Lewis_10.16.1


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CORE Group Strategic Planning Update_Judy Lewis_10.16.1

  1. 1. CORE Group Welcome and Strategic Planning Update October 16, 2013
  2. 2. Welcome • Members, Associates, Guests • Board of Directors • Working Group Chairs • Staff
  3. 3. Vision and Mission VISION Healthy communities where everyone can attain health and well-being MISSION Improve and expand community health practices for underserved populations, especially women and children, through collaborative action and learning
  4. 4. Strategic Planning 2014-2019 • Member Survey Fall 2012 • Group interviews with member/associate organizations, individual associates, and WG chairs • External interviews with key informants • Member online survey about strategic priorities • Monthly board meetings • 2 day retreat February 2013 • Discussion with WG chairs March 2013 • ½ day retreat April 22, 2013 • Roundtable membership discussions Spring Meeting
  5. 5. The work begins… • Working Groups: Developing strategic partnerships with academic institutions, academic advisors, implementation science • Survey of member field staff to get their ideas and feedback for globalization priority • Board: • Funding initiatives and approaches • Dashboard indicators—monitor progress next 5 years • Strategic Plan finalized and posted on website next week • Continuously involve membership in dialogue and planning