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CORE Group Fall Meeting 2013 Summary_Judy Lewis_10.17.13


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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CORE Group Fall Meeting 2013 Summary_Judy Lewis_10.17.13

  1. 1. Attend CORE Group’s Practitioner Academy Community Health Learning Trip February 4 – 12, 2014 | Jamkhed, India Visit Jamkhed communities with your peers to dialogue and learn about transformative strategies for improving the health of communities, especially children and women. Learn More:
  2. 2. Multisectoral Anemia Partners Meeting February, October 18 | 8:30am – 3:00pm This meeting is designed to bring together practitioners, partners, and government representatives to identify ways to work together across sectors within countries to address the multiple causes of maternal and child anemia. The meeting will provide a platform for the sharing of the latest evidence and tools by technical experts, for fostering collaboration and coordination, and for informing specific scale up strategies in targeted geographical areas. Registration is closed, but the meeting will be broadcast online as a webinar. Visit for more information.
  4. 4. Harnessing the Power of Civil Society Together and committed  Mobilize networks  Leverage platforms  Harness underutilized resources  use UN initiatives 
  5. 5. New Methods, Approaches          SMART ENA Software M-Health K4H Cross Sectoral Approahes Environment Community Based Strategy Logic Framework Health COMpass Community Health Systems Landscape Assessment Measuring Respectful Maternity Care
  6. 6. Your Feedback… NEW need for child development/stimulation begins at birth preterm birth is gaining as one of greatest child killers We have a new tool for measuring mortality changes in our programs (SMART) MOST IMPORTANT that we need to give up control and power and really start to trust the communities to make the right decisions for themselves inference is enough demand side not just supply side!
  7. 7. Two Themes Cross Cutting Importance of Early Childhood Development  Mobilizing Civil Society 
  8. 8. Early Childhood Development       Increasingly a focus of research and intervention Importance throughout lifetime Cross-cutting Discussed in Nutrition and SMRH WG But important for CCH, M&E, SBC, and related to Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and TB Provides an opportunity for us to work together to contribute to implementation science and integration
  9. 9. Leonardo Cubillos Turriago “A post-2015 world should have more engagement of people, inclusivity, transparency, and accountability. Emerging governance models also provide opportunities for far greater citizen participation, influence and intersectoral action. Civil society and community dimensions of “country ownership” are vital for both strong policy development and for holding all stakeholders accountable for progress.”
  10. 10. Mobilizing Civil Society       CORE Group uniquely qualified Work in communities Know how to listen to community perspectives Can facilitate by providing information and tools Collaborate in countries and regions Are passionate about health for ALL!
  11. 11. CORE Small enough that we can appreciate each others’ strengths, skills and talent AND accept and respect our differences
  12. 12. Thank You Event Sponsors and Contributors  Sponsors: K4Health Hesperian  Foundation Contributors: USAID MCHIP DiMagi Core Group Polio Project
  13. 13. Thank You CORE Staff and Consultants        Shannon Downey Pinky Patel Alli Dean Michelle Shapiro Unjum Pervez Samson Abebe Karen LeBan  Claire Boswell Emily Forsythe Queen  Valerie Stetson 
  14. 14. THANK YOU!