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Emergency Communications - Summary of BCI Report


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Presented by John Davison(F24)
So many Business disruption or crisis situations which I am sure you can all relate to?

There are three key challenges in most crisis situations:

Alerting people: So to keep persons informed/notified in a crisis situation

Communicating with stakeholders: Exchanging information, to enable the ability to make decisions where possible and manage the situation

and then the importance to document everything that happens in an audit compliant manner.

Within this presentation we will focus on the aspect of secure and reliable communications and in particular the use of messaging apps.

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Emergency Communications - Summary of BCI Report

  1. 1. Continuity & Resilience (CORE) ISO 22301 BCM Consulting Firm Presentations by speakers at the 8th ME Business & IT Resilience Summit March 10, 2019 at The Address Hotel, Duabi Mall, Dubai, UAE
  2. 2.
  3. 3. F24 – “That great feeling when your company is equipped to deal with any critical situation.” 62% Alerting and Crisis Management 38% Critical Business Communication 19 Years experience #1 Europe's leading SaaS provider for alerting and crisis management as well as critical business communications 130+ Employees Worldwide 1,700+ Customers all over the world 53% of DAX30 companies supplied 1 First and only European provider listed in the Gartner Report for EMNS >10% of Europe’s top 500 companies supplied Mexico City Dubai Santiago de Chile Brussels London Luxembourg City Madrid Munich (HQ) Paris Vienna Zurich EUR 17m FY2017 <3% churn rate*) * long-term average since 2008 3 Introduction
  4. 4. Automotive Industry EnergyTransport und Logistics Airlines Healthcare Section IT and Tele- communication s Manufacturing Public Organizations Financial Services 4 More than 1,700 Customers Worldwide Trust in the F24 Group. Introduction participants and companies Reputation - Reliable, Secure & Trustworthy
  5. 5. Why invest in a Notification Solution? Natural Disasters – Hurricaine, Floods, Cyclone ...... Production Outages – Mechanical Failures, Strikes ...... Travel Disruptions – Shipping Parts, Key People, Political Unrest, Employee Care ..... IT Related - Cyber Attack, Server Outage, IT support tickets ....... Business Interruption, Product Recalls, Supply Chain ...... ➢ Auditable Log Denial of Building Access – Fire, Safety, Police Cordons ...... ➢ Manage & Communicate ➢ Alert
  6. 6. The Importance of Crisis Communications Reliable: Redundant and secured alerting infrastructure independent from own IT, (SaaS) Secure: Highest encryption and data security Timely: Quick and fast communications via multiple channels In a crisis, you need to COMMUNICATE! ▪ Assemble crisis teams (Command & Control) ▪ Inform employees ▪ Deploy resources SMSPager Phone E-Mail FaxMessenger
  7. 7. BCI - Emergency Communication Report communications-report-2019.html Only 21% of organisations are happy using messaging apps for emergency communications – 79% are unhappy or do not use messaging apps
  8. 8. What Role Can Messaging Apps Play in Emergency Communications? 30.01.2018 8
  9. 9. Easy and intuitive to use Everbody uses them Secure end to end encryption Messaging Apps: Everyone can use them
  10. 10. So Why Not - WhatsApp or Public Apps? Are WhatsApp and GDPR on a Collision Course? (BCI Article – 27th February 2018) • WhatsApp is a B2C solution so there is no corporate liability. • Facebook poor reputation with regard for data privacy? (Cambridge Analytics, Ad’s, Tracking, etc.…) • Under EU GDPR, businesses are required to be able to audit who has access to what data. • EU Organisations must now keep a record of permissions from people whose data you store (which is violated by WhatsApp’s automatic use of your contact list). • Data needs to be disposed of securely if a client wants to exercise their “right to be forgotten,” but WhatsApp archives everything on their servers, taking it out of your control. • Organizations need to ensure the protection of client data, especially where EU citizens / expats are involved.
  11. 11. An alternative - B2B Messanging Apps ? Data Security and Confidentially EU GDPR compliant regardless of where used End to end Encryption Corporate Liability Reliability ISO Certified Infrastructure 24/7 availability and support Capability GDPR compliant location tracking - when needed for alerting • Task Management • Desktop version for Control / Crisis Room • Integration for alerting and crisis managment • Auditable Logs
  12. 12. TrustCase – Secure Messaging in a Crisis Users can see… ✓ Reason for the alert ✓ Chat Rooms ✓ Share documents, photo‘s videos ✓ Assign tasks to persons ✓ Upload current location/geo- position Crisis Dashboard Integration ✓Provide auditable timeline ✓Collaberate data from other sources such as Twitter, Weather Apps and other external sources ✓Combine multiple rooms in one audit log ✓Operational control for effective crisis management
  13. 13. F24 AG Sprinkle 14 81379 München Germany T +49 89 23 23 638 0 F +49 89 23 23 638 6 Questions? Come & Talk to F24 at our Stand
  14. 14. Continuity & Resilience (CORE) ISO 22301 BCM Consulting Firm Presentations by speakers at the 8th ME Business & IT Resilience Summit March 10, 2019 at The Address Hotel, Duabi Mall, Dubai, UAE