What is wrong in our world today


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First, The old world doesn’ t work anymore regarding…

Secondly, We have wrong values (still industrial revolution / factory acts / 19th century)
Third, and the solution, We have some ideas of a new word

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What is wrong in our world today

  1. 1. What is wrong in our world today? Just a few personal thoughts during Christmas.I am EMEA based and engaged in the area of Turnaround, Distressed, NPL, Bad Bank, Privatization and Restructuring working for Governments as well as Financial Institutions and many more.However, I am not writing you to speak about my work, I want to share with you some ideas, experiences, and thoughts about our society and future. Also, maybe even you have some contributing pieces of a new picture on our world and together we can develop new perspectives.First, The old world doesn’ t work anymore regarding…• Man and nature • Relationships between employees and bosses  • Relationships between tenants and landlord owners  • social help (Social security systems / Isolating groups / No integrating       social responsibility ) • Rating ( considering only economic power is insufficient;    " Rating blocks innovation / eliminates elements "not performing according     rating criteria" • values of our society • and to behave socially and assume responsibility has to be redefined
  2. 2. Secondly, We have wrong values (still industrial revolution / factory acts / 19th century)•  cash instead of social values • egoism instead of responsibility • Gross national Product (GNP) as performance of a nation    ( home‐made food doesn’t count in the GNP ) • The politics of the idea of socialism failed and the new individual liberty        destroyed the family as smallest groupThird, and the solution, We  have some ideas of a new world • Direct relations ( knowing, where my taxes and social insurance contributions are  spent ) • Right and duty of our society ( all people ) for not isolating singles and groups , but  forcing us to activate / motivate and integrate them • Right and duty of employees/ public officers  to assume responsibility and to avoid  wrong rules and report them • Same Right and duty to assume responsibility / liability for politicians and  governments • Money as the dominant factor is wrong • Performance should be considered integrating other values like social, quality/  intensity of social relations • who makes profit, pays a lot of taxes and should be honored officialy for this.    Examples:   ‐ what contributes did a person do  for our society?   ‐ The person with a privileged education, health, intelligence may have a stronger  social responsibility ( till now we consider only economic potentials )   ‐ Do we have Rating‐systems considering  this or do we have a sufficient  Counterbalance for the dominance of these Ratings?Europe, which has never been better supplied and provided with goods then now, wastes food , living and working space and technology etcetera. Yet, we feel a deep crisis?
  3. 3.  I don t have the recipe ready, only pieces. However, I believe, we all should think about it,discuss it and set aside time to be proactive. I also strongly believe that major principles haveto change in which I will summarize with three statements!• we need Belief• we need something else other than money as a measurement or Rating• we need to focus on more direct relations and connection concerning us as peopleI wish you a very Merry Christmas with all of your family and friends! Use this time to enjoy your friendships and relax.  I really appreciate your comments via email, phone, Linkedin or Xing Joerg KowollikCONact Market Entry Management GmbHphone +49-(0)6084-950200fax +49-(0)6084-950205JKowollik@conact.dehttp://www.conact.dehttp://www.RealEstateInnovation.info CONact is a member of RealEstateInnovation - European companies in the Real-Estate Industry ___________________________________________________________ More presentations and videos here: Slideshare.netCONact