Reo management, re-npl and servicing - an international solution - cashflow sync


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Newsletter about CashflowSync - a Webbased Solution for Asset-Management, Special-Servicing, Workout and NPL / distressed Asset-Management.
Now with 2 servicers in Germany and Italy offering an international standard for adhoc Management-Reporting & Procedures

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Reo management, re-npl and servicing - an international solution - cashflow sync

  1. 1. Cash Flow Sync - Real-Estate Servicing / NPL / REO-Management - SolutionsOur web-based application Cash Flow Sync manage the complete life cycle of a real estate.As Cash Flow Sync is a pure web solution it also presents itself to manage Portfolios in allsizes of national and international finance institutions and investors.A role within the present Solution is the NPL-Servicer,or Special Servicer. This Role ensures afast run / Exit, as well as a high repatriation of capital for clients. Abit is the standardsoftware solution in the field of claims management in the german-speaking area. Using ourinterface and our IT-Application, the strengths of ABIT, regarding the claims of management,can be supplemented around the value-maximizing and crucial management of the realestate.Servicing Advisors Germany GmbH is one of the leading special servicing companiesin Germany in the Asset class living/Retail. With 140 experts spread in 5 locations and 3000foreclosures per year, Servicing Advisors, as a Special Servicer, has always adapted andoptimized the IT application, together with the IT-Support, with a high quality for allprocessing processes in the interest of clients.Furthermore, since 2005 Servicing Advisors focus on real estate, pursue REO-Strategyimplementation (Real Estate Owner = This Strategy is based on taking over real estate intheir own holdings of the credit institute / NPL-Investor or subsidiary. In a medium-term thisplan`s aim is to sell property for better revenues and to achieve added value for client). LOCAM S.P.A, situated in Rome, is our perfect partner for Servicing and NPL-situationsin Italy. Our CashflowSync - Portal is integrated to provide additional value and services forthe Financial Institution / Investor with an ad-hoc Management-Reporting, perfecttransparency integrating all services.With these references, Servicing Advisors Germany GmbH and LOCAM SPA - Italiarepresent an ideal cooperation for our Cash-Flow-Sync - portal solution on aeuropean level.
  2. 2. Cash-Flow-Sync Solution offers you following range of functions: • Synchronization to both directions • Management reporting of real Estates • Business-Case calculation • Risk management • Exit-Simulations and B2B-Portal • Due Diligence • Accounting and document management • Official receiver supplies correct information and understands the defaults / aimsThanks to an optimal co-operation among IT department of Servicing Advisors, theintegration between the Debt-Collection-Solution and our real estate management solutionfunctioned extremely well.Moreover, we use an extra-Synchronization solution, which is called CONactor-API. Thisallows the NPL Servicer / Administrator to transfer, check if it is plausible, and also completerequested information easily from a third solution / SAP.Europe is our target market, therefore CONactor-API is multilangual.A short feedback from Servicing Advisors:"Cash-Flow-Sync is a portal solution of the CONact Market Entry Management GmbH. The Solutionsallow our clients to optimize management and sale of their Non-performing Loans and reaching anincreasing value. IT - Platform enables a smooth and optimized co-operation between the bankworkout assistants and us, as an external NPL-Servicer. It also offers a flexible reporting for operativerecovery ativities. This solution supports the complex real-estate business processes between NPL-Servicers, estates agent, and official receiver. We are impressed by the innovation of this product fromthe technical practice. Besides, terms of reference and wishes of our customers remain in the focus ofthe IT-Solution, thus creating trust and the certainty to have chosen the correct IT Solution.Eckhard Blauhut, managing director of the Servicing Advisors Germany GmbH"
  3. 3. Attached you find a video showing the integration-process between Debt-Collecting and Cash-Flow-Sync Solutions:Your daily business is to process with NPL stocks? Are You interested in seeing your portfolio,and how we manage it with our solution? Then, please contact us, and we will arrange anappointment in your office and present our solution on the basis of your data bases.To complete our international sprectrum offering a maximum quality as international standardconcerning services, business processes, and Management-Reporting for Banks / Investorsand Funds, we are looking for other partners/ servicers in Europe. CONact is a member of RealEstateInnovation - European companies in the Real-Estate IndustryCONact Market Entry Management GmbH Zum Feldberg 1-3 D-61389 Schmitten - GermanyManaging director: Joerg Horst Kowollik Commercial Register: Bad Homburg v.d. Hoehe, HRB8422 TAX-ID 003 230 64523 VAT-ID: DE 180 611 892 Some Tips for Banks integrating Investors for limiting Risks on NPLs & Exit-Strategies. Integrating Data in CFS for online presentation 4 Exit- Solutions for evaluating RE-Portfolios How to integrate Infos in CFS a Bank concerning NPLs More presentations / brochures & videos at: Slideshare.netCONact