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Just see our company presentation with all our services and solutions around real estates / portfolios.
In distressed situations with Real-Estates we deliver advisory, consulting, software & solutions.
We take over projects in SPVs to limit risks for our clients.

If you are interested just give us a short call.

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CONact Services and Solutions

  1. 1. CONactMarket Entry Management GmbH CONact Ein Unternehmen der Kowogruppe CashFlow-Sync & Asset Management & Trouble-Shooting in RE-industry & Financial Institutions 26.01.2011
  2. 2. Important Note The following foil copies reflect meditations and analyses which result from the know how of the Conact GmbH. Supporting foil copies are provided with the note "Backup" and should facilitate the understanding of complex connections. They are presented only in an individual case. The depictions are designed exclusively as a basis for discussion and are incomplete without oral explanations of the presentation. Therefore, they should only be seen in connection with the lecture. Although the Conact GmbH has prepared this presentation with great care, the information contained here should be considered as an indicative. Neither the Conact nor one of their organs, assistants or one of the group members of the Conact guarantee the correctness or the completeness of the presentation or other written or oral information which are transmitted in the scope of this presentation or are placed at disposal. In particularly there is no responsibility taken for seizing or refraining certain actions in the trust of this presentation. CONact Market Entry Management GmbH© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 2 von 23
  3. 3. CONACT and Orgaplan – members of Kowogroup In which areas do we work? Consulting IT Solutions Tas For k ce Management Software Development© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 3 von 23
  4. 4. The Kowogroup / our expertises • Advisory / consulting to active crisis management in the european real estate industry. • Softwaresolutions to manage the life cycle of real estates / portfolios. • Strong international orientation, based in Germany and Italy. • Experiences with workout and intensive care departments / distressed assets / special opportunities.© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 4 von 23
  5. 5. Active Asset Management Classical value chain Flex. Management Draft Check / Due Diligence Legal Tax Advisor Advisor Sales / Purchase Purchase PM AM CASH Servicer Improvement FLOW Improve Due Diligence Sales SYNC ment Property Draft Management Check FM Legal / Tax Advisor Asset Financial Institution Management our Datawarehouse: All Information about Real Estate Portfolios in one Database!© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 5 von 23
  6. 6. Our Core Business in Real Estate Management -Property Mgmt. -Asset Mgmt. B2B - collecting of documents, Portal plans, … - short evaluation - digitalization Exit - Location, situation, marketability (Sales) - Business Case calculation - analysing of the Objects / Portfolio - evaluation - projectplan Third party Draft check Portals Performance Due Diligence optimization. Improvements Max 5 Projects There are different entry points depending on the requirements of the workout-section... until the take over in own SPVs- / Orgaplan limited partnership© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 6 von 23
  7. 7. The Cash - Flow - Sync Real Estate Suite our Roles and Functionality Estate Agents Sales application, including Draft Check a.o. creation of exposees Fast evaluation of any Connection to Ral Estate portfolio and Reporting Portals Budgeting and Purchase Due Diligence Together with the data provided Provides all master data of any by the Due Diligence, it offers all object (land register extracts, services for the purchase of any rent contracts, economy plans) portfolio Improvement Structure problems regarding Asset construction and realization Business plan Management of all modules Evaluation and course tracking of a portfolio Servicing Graphical reporting of data, Tracking of the compulsory Property costs, investments, etc. auction process Current financial status Management Facility Management Rent Management Object management We manage the whole process from Purchase till the Exit!© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 7 von 23
  8. 8. Magic 3 Roles for International RE - Porfolios Asset Asset Manager Manager Investor´s Investor´s Relations RelationsCountry of Assets Tax Tax Advisor Advisor Property Property Manager Manager Cash-flow-Sync integrates data to an management workflow to measure performance and manage all partecipants to perform better !© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 8 von 23
  9. 9. Business Case / Reporting Asset Asset Manager Manager Property Property Manager Manager Reporting Reporting Business Case Interfaces and Information exchange between all Roles Budget- Budget- and functions! ing ing© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 9 von 23
  10. 10. Cash - Flow - Sync - Budgetingdeclaration of a common chart of accounts for all participants Sales / Purchase Due Diligence Accounts Accounts Costs Costs ... ... Improvement Legal / Tax Advisor CASH Accounts Accounts Costs FLOW Costs ... ... SYNC Property Manager Asset Manager Accounts Accounts Costs Costs ... ...© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 10 von 23
  11. 11. Task-Force as integrated rapid reaction force ! Cash Flow Sync Master info / aggregated list. Yearly values to Account entries / aggregated Informations Master- Purchase PM Improvements Financing Exit information + DD s Aufbau des ABC-Web- Plattform Information-Basis: Master- and Transaction data (Euro, Document, Pictures, Video) Partner & Partner & Task-Force Task-Force CONactor - Apps Operative Operative Application Application© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 11 von 23
  12. 12. Modules of CONactor – Servicing Workout & Servicing Sales Strategy & Exit Due Diligence Business plan Porfolio-Strat. Retail B2C DocRating Projection P- clustering Sales Property Man. Accounting B2B Presales Forced Admin. Budgeting Sales Market prep. For managing efficiently very complex and distressed situations ! CFS – Servicing: Integrating all experts – Users and Tasks -© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 12 von 23
  13. 13. Our B 2 B – Solution for the Market Process Investors B2B PORTAL Banks & other NON DISCLOSURE instit. Investors Real-Estate LISTING INFO – Base ALL DETAILLES OFFERS DUE DILIGENCE Other Banks Other Investors for Germany/ Spain / Italy We organize and manage the whole EXIT Process with a transparent activity and track record!© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 13 von 23
  14. 14. Our IT Solutions Standard format for a perfect compatibility with other platforms Mobile Devices DTAUS (PDA, Smartphones) (Online Banking) General Ledger Outlook + Software other email-systems Other general software platforms SEPA General XML- Our applications handle the data Interfaces with XML format, which means that our software is perfectly compatible with any other Cash - Flow -Sync Real Estate Portals standard platform© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 14 von 23
  15. 15. SAP and CashFlowSync – a perfect combination additional functions and processes Due Diligence B2B SAP CashFlow Servicing Sync Perfect integration of Syncronizing other apps or other countries • Bapi • Adabas PM - Spain • SQL flexible output, output, • XML scenarios & add. add. PM - France reporting PM - Sweden PM – UKAudit proven import & export of Informations and App.-Data and enriching them other apps likewith additional modules and functions is the today‘s challenge! GLs …© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 15 von 23
  16. 16. Success Stories AM – Sync Solutions GmbH Developed for the German tax consulting company Mensching+ Enables the auditable transfer of bookkeeping information between all partners Within the Asset Management a transaction volumen of approx. 5 billion Euros is currently managed Simple APIs (Application interfaces) for every user Asset Asset Manager Manager Investor´s Investor´s Investor´ Relations Relations Property Property Manager Manager Tax Advisor Tax Advisor© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 16 von 23
  17. 17. Success Stories Mühlheim - legalization, construction and sales (I) The Problem 22 apartments haven‘t been finished 130 underground car parcs not finished ca. 5000 qm of projected living area Not actual construction permission Results of the project Stand legalization Controller Final construction Owner Apartment Sales PM & Construction Projection and construction of the rest of the buildings by an extern investor Investor Architect in numbers for CONact N et income 780.000,00 € Bank Rate of return p.a. 20,00 % Estate duration ca. 2 years Agent© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 17 von 23
  18. 18. Success Stories:Office building in a German city Refu rbi back shment lo Vac ck / anc y rting Repo Projectplan: CONTROLLER 1. Purchase 2. Improvements SPECIAL Applications ARCHITECT 3. PM • IMPROVEMENT CONSULTING 4. Exit • SALES CRAFTSMEN DATABASE • PM • ETC. Delay about 2,5 Years SALES© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 18 von 23
  19. 19. Success Stories:Big empty Furniture store Initial position: 12500 sqm display and sales space vulnerable Occupancy permit a redevelopment is needed Goals legalization of the building RE-Advisor / Controller redevelopment & Exit to institutional Investors Bank SPV Exit after Investor X x Months IT & Reporting Architect© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 19 von 23
  20. 20. Example :Real-Estates in Italy 1. Examination/ Design of dimension in sqm 2. Concept Design 3. Market value and appraisal 4. Business Case 5. Exit with Business-plan / projected - realized Progettazione Business Case & SPV MILANO – 6300 mq ROMA – 2500 mq Complete restructuring Options: Appraisal and Sales Appraisal 1. Complete restructuring 2. Demolition & restructuring 3. Change of use, Appraisal and Sales © 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 20 von 23
  21. 21. Our Easy to use Asset Management Applications© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 21 von 23
  22. 22. International Partners© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 22 von 23
  23. 23. Legal Note CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Zum Feldberg 1 – 3 61389 Schmitten Tel. +49 (6084) – 95 02 00 Fax +49 (6084) – 95 02 05 e-Mail: Web: Web: More Information on:© 2011 CONact Market Entry Management GmbH Folie 23 von 23