Conact company presentation 2013


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CONact & Orgaplan Group presentation in english
- some project tracks
- IT- organization
- examples
- conact approach

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Conact company presentation 2013

  1. 1. . 2013CONactwhat we do ..Presentation
  2. 2. Areas of consulting / approach & restructuringUnit /companyMgmtProjectManagement(RE-SPV)MühlheimSoftware/organizationalanalysis for Asset-Mgmt(RE-SPV)PhilippsthalRE-SPV)B. - KöpenickPriorisation ofIT-Projects forpublic enterpriseRE-active specialServicingConsultingAdvisory(RE-SPV)BielefeldItalian RE-PortfolioPrivatisation-Healthcare –-For GovernmentAdvisory for public enterpriseprivatising appartementsStartup / setupfor an Asset-MgmntcompanyManage IT-Dept.for a BankTurn-aroundadvisory for alogistic enterpriseBank advisoryin controllinginstrumentsSetup anInvestment fund(real Estate)Setup Reporting& controlling forbuilidng companySales Trainingfor global IT-company – AsiaareaMgmt ofcompany transfer(logistics)Marketingconcept forpublic entityOfficeAutomationprojectsKey projects: Turnaround , Setup, IT-concepts, Strong management, Real Estate, BankingSetup DMS-apps
  3. 3. Prel. studies- location,sales potential- draft evaluationEvaluation of status quo- Complete documentation &files- digitalising- analysis of all details- evaluation to deliver- a complete platform fordecision makingManagement-Property Mgmt.-Asset Mgmt.SalesImprovements(value stabilizing)Due DiligenceDraft checkDataroom/ExitTroubleshootingConsultance / AdvisoryManagementControlling & Reporting standard along the whole Exit - procedureApproach varies according to the requests, control & reporting & transparency remains on same highquality levelAsset-Management , Privatisation, Troubleshooting &RE - Servicing with Real Estate portfolios
  4. 4. Corporate Restructuring in Real – Estates.Our approach..restructuring companies & real estates is our business !1234Real-EstateAssetsdeterminethe degreeof lossesThe ownerhas the bestexperienceregarding thisAssets !RE haspriorityforusWeintegratetheknow-howWebuilda newsolutionOurWin-WinSolutionCompanypeople aremotivated &helprestructuringA competitiveCompanyincrease value& minimizerisksConvert loss in profit
  5. 5. Consulting & IT Solution – Integrated solutionUpgradingCash FlowSyncLegalAdvisoryPurchase ProjectmanagementB2B portalFMAMPMSales• all information (data, files, pictures,etc) of all properties / entities aremanaged within the cloud solution• every transaction is registered• Mistakes / errors are gettingtransparent – easy & fast todiscover & correct• Reporting of all roles / levels• Each role is integrated• All members are getting theirinformation according to their roles /requirementsLoans &financingDue Diligence• Transmission and exchange of all information is realized through own APIs. Every usergets according his needs / rights access to the cloud.• CFS – CashflowSync is build to manage the whole real estate lifecycle5
  6. 6. Our approach: Draft checkI. Analyzing portfolio:Asset type, value, condition,Cashflow, location, docRating,- factsheet per AssetII. Analyzing BusinessPerformance:Action-plans, Budgets, timeSchedule,.. delivers portfolio results, overview & conclusions, …CASHCASHFLOWFLOWSYNCSYNCAsset ManagerFacilityManagerImprovementAsset ManagerAuction /SalesPurchase/SaleAuditing /RevisionsDraft CheckDue DiligenceInternational FinancialInstitution – FundingTax / Legal AdvisorCFSCFSManagerManagerAPIAPI• Objects• Units• Contacts (2)• Contracts• Documents (2)• BillsQuick Input123 46
  7. 7. Cash Flow Sync – object info and modules
  8. 8. 18.06.13 8Cash Flow Sync – integration with apps
  9. 9. Example in privatisation:Privatisation of parts of the Health sector of ThuringiaExit after 18monthThe challengeResults of the project Bad Liebenstein with 3 Investors(Municipal / Est and West Germany ) standard solution procedure betweenministries for getting projects realized model of Exit including use conceptfor the other centers 120 – 150 rehabilitation / health care centers in Thuringia summarize situation, standard, Gaps, possiblities, develop concept according to realize some privatisation till contract with GovernmentTMSGThuringia Ministryof HealthTMFThuringia Ministryof FinanceTMWThuringia Ministryof EconomyFiduciary settlement of institutions ofthe health ministry and disposal of itsreal estate assets.(volume 500 – 800 mill Euros RE value –to add social & health impact)Local investors likeAsklepios ..9
  10. 10. Example: italian Npl portfolioBusiness case and evaluation1. Examination/ Design of dimension in sqm2. Concept Design3. Market value and appraisal4. Business Case5. Exit with Business-planMilan – 6.300 mqComplete restructuringAppraisal and SalesProgettazioneBusiness Case &SPVAppraisalSitutationRome – 2.400 sqmComplete restructuringDifferent Exit-scenarios for investorOur steps: business Case for huge Italian portfolio with different exit-scenarios ! ( 360 million Euro volume )
  11. 11.  Realised a cash-on cash multiple of 1.7x11Situation 22 apartments haven‘t been finished Builder didn`t finish building – techical and legal problemsfor building permissionTurnaround Development & Sales for the unfinished appartements Improvement of the existing structure, legalizing andselling the remaining to a new builderCapital & Returnspurchase price: € 1.6 mCapex : € 0.32mTurnover: € 3.2 mReturn (cash multiple): 1.7xSource: Orgaplan PartnersYear (in €m) 2005 2006 2007 TotaleInvestmentpurchase price - (1,600,000) - (1,600,000)Repair & Fixes (160,000) (160,000) - (320,000)Total Investment (160,000) (1,760,000) - (1,920,000)SalesTurnover - 2,400,000 850,000 3,250,000Net Cash Flow (160,000) 640,000 850,000 1,330,000Cash Flow ProfileMn €Cash Flow Profile, Mn €Residential Properties6,000 sqmSingle Assets : „Offenbach-Mühlheim“
  12. 12.  upgrading / investors activation / Sales Management12Situation Shopping Center build in 2009 28.000 sqm / 14.000 Gross Letting Area 30 million investment Distressed, Empty and ForeclosureOur Task Determine and Due Diligence of Asset Establish upgrading and Exit Strategy Improve local situation, elemninate & convert negativeimpact Build up alternative scenarios Attract national & international investors Build up leads / lead managementSource: Orgaplan PartnersShopping Center ( 28.000 sqm / build 2009 )Example: Active Exit Management with a Shopping Center in ItalyOur steps: manage the exit to get a better value !
  13. 13. Example of Revitalisationto improve Investor –activities of empty buildings / officesEmpty Car dealership - pavillon:Action Cluster: 2% revitalisation Fast improvement of RE-appearance (ex. Activateshow-room andshow „life“ property ) Motivated INTERIM-tenant Active regional advertisementWorks for :5 - 10% of assets!(needs partly vacancy-/ abandonedproperties)Our steps: occupy building, revitalise & sell it (auction) !
  14. 14. Example in Pre-Opening Services:just-in-time moving of a huge callcenter overnight incl. furnishingT-Mobile single workplaces=> Conversion for Sitel callcenterOur steps: Buy old furniture from T-Mobile, alterate & sell it to Sitel!Friday night from 1 am to 7 am: Unmounting 200 workplacesper weekend + conversion ofdesks to smaller units On Saturday morning:T-Mobile gets new desksan we move the old ones toGermanies second biggestcallcenter service provider Sitel.Saturday + Sunday:Mounting of 200 single desksFor 2 open range offices!
  15. 15. Conact to mix and setup the tools – considering the specific need for your Asset – makesthe differenceCONact works as handsome advisor, consultant and toubleshooter. For this it links andintegrates goals, strategy, tactics from the idea over planing till implementation.•How understand the goals and develop together with the customer as partnerthe steps. For this we use an individual toolset•SPV as a special project vehicle we use companies for a specific Real-Estate /Asset-Management – focus ( i.e. Orgaplan as a agency or Asset-Manager )•IT-Portal to get flexible and centralized information base and –flow – considering theproject- and customer requirements•Toolset helps us to understand, to control and to improve the different instrumentfor a project success ( Restructuring / Exit / Marketing / Setup / Closing )
  16. 16. Due Diligence , Turnaraound & RestructuringAareal Bank - remarketing of commercial real estate in Emilia Romagna – Italy 28.000 sqmDeutsche Post and Telecomunications - about 90.000 residential unitsGerman Ministry of Health - privatization of a portfolio of 130 building (hospitals, nursing homes ... )Private investors - business plan of various redevelopment projects and development in Italy € 80 mlReviva SA - real estate portfolio advisory EMEA total 127.000 mqPrincipia SA - real estate portfolio advisory EMEA total € 63 mlPrivate investor - analysis scenarios distressed real estate portfolio in Italy (Lazio, Tuscany) € 57 mlGerman Bank - analysis scenarios distressed real estate portfolio in Italy € 100 mlBrindisi - analysis scenarios of urban re-generation of the Sciaia area € 38 mlCalabria: project and business plan for two marinas and some residential re-developmentGeorgia: preliminary analysis for a touristic area and new marina of BatumiMoldavia: analisys and business plan of an industrial areaInterim ManagementFinancia group AG - Germany real estate portfolio € 70 mlInstag AG & Construction Dondi GmbH – Germany real estate development € 60 mlAustrian bank - exit management of distressed real estate development in SardiniaPrivate held company: turnaround project and crisis management (food sector)Bad Salzungen: touristic long whole strategy and milestones for a recreational municipalFacility ManagementDaiwa Capital - management of logistic in GermanyVodafone AG, RTL, Unilever outsorcing of logistics in GermanyBNP Paribas, Daiwa Capital, management della logistica in GermaniaAreal Bank management of logistic in EMEATrack record – key projects
  17. 17. The management team guarantees with large experiences in different areas ofmanagement and distressed situation best services to reach agreed targetsJoerg KowollikManaging DirectorZum Feldberg 1 – 361389 Schmitten GermanyCell +39 328 0863 096 (I)Tel +49 30 346 469800 (D)skype joerg.kowollikjkowollik@CONact.dewww.conact.dewww.orgaplan.infoStefano LucidiCountry Manager ItaliaVia Ciampino, 1500040 Ardea (RM) ItaliaTel. +39 06 948 03 662Cell +39 335 6954954skype stelucidislucidi@CONact.dewww.conact.dewww.orgaplan.infowww.conact.dePeter Andreas KochCountry Manager GermanyLeibnizstr. 8610265 Berlin-Charlottenburg.Tel +49 30 346 469800PKoch@CONact.dewww.conact.dewww.pak-ub.deOrgaplan è Advisor, Consulente e Agente di CONact