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ANTITRUST LAW & LUXURY (Competition Law & Luxury)


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Extract of a lesson in NEOMA Business school (Reims) about interaction between Antitrust (competition law) and luxury sector

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ANTITRUST LAW & LUXURY (Competition Law & Luxury)

  1. 1. Antitrust & Luxury Law © Arnaud FOURNIER April 2014
  2. 2. Extract of a more global presentation of 5 hours about « Antitrust & Luxury Law » for NEOMA’s students which are specializing in Luxury Management. Competition law is very involved in each stage of the creation of a luxury undertaking or even in a day-to-day management of an undertaking evolving in the luxury sector from the creation to final distribution of the luxury products. This is what was supposed to be showed here taking the classical evolution of the life of a brand. The " (...) " in slides means that some slides which normally follows had been removed (sometimes for technical reasons because there is movements during the presentation and sometimes to respect the exclusivity promised to NEOMA). For that reason some can consider that the presentation is not coherent... I fully agree with it. But this is the limit of the exercise of giving slides without presenting them orally. I take my part of sharing part of the presentation nevertheless ! During these 5 hours we talked about the interaction of Antitrust with : Mergers (100%), Acquisition of minority stake, Joint-venture, etc. Brands, Exclusive supplying contracts, Selective distribution, Exclusive distribution, etc. Abuse of a dominant position, Horizontal and vertical agreements between competitors, Technical use of competition law to slow down parallel imports, etc. Developments on Luxury Trade associations, Comité Colbert, Luxury Hotel of the World, etc. Share of Voice, Category Managers, Joint Business Plan, Brand launching (RPM) and Promotion plans, Discounts & Rebates, Panels (IRI-Nielsen, European Forecast), etc.
  4. 4. 4 P's are DEAD ?
  5. 5. PRODUCT PRICEPLACE PROMOTION 4P's Intellectual Property Rights LAW JV, Licenses, M&A, Contracts & LAW Antitrust & Competition LAW Distribution & Contract LAW © ANTITRUST Summary
  6. 6. BRAND Intellectual Property Rights LAW FABRICATION JV, Licenses M&A, Contract & LAW PRICE Antitrust & Competition LAW DISTRIBUTION Distribution & Contract LAW Creation Animation Protection Full Integration Licence Contracts Veblen Maintain high sales prices Maintain low purchase prices Summary National Distribution International distribution Internet © (...) Time etc. etc. etc. etc.
  7. 7. Value 1 Value 2 Shareholders - Costs Michael Eugene PORTER
  8. 8. LAW (...)
  9. 9. 1 VISIONS Law is the most Threatening and Powerful force in the luxury market ! ©
  10. 10. "