Valuation, Damages and Expert Witnesses: Intellectual Property and Intangible Asset Disputes


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Valuation, Damages and Expert Witnesses: Intellectual Property and Intangible Asset Disputes

  1. 1. Valuation, Damages and Expert Witnesses: Intellectual Property and Intangible Asset Disputes Continuing Legal Education Presented to Arent Fox LLP April 8, 2008 Weston Anson Chairman CONSOR [email_address]
  2. 2. Asset Groups and Damages Theories Patent Infringement Damages Literal Infringement and Non-Literal Infringement Contributory Infringement Induced Infringement Copyright Damage Theories Statutory Damages: Trademarks and Copyrights
  3. 3. Types of Damage Awards That Can Be Imposed Reasonable Royalty Rates Actual Damages Lost Profits Economic Damages Loss of Value Unjust Enrichment Corrective Advertising Supplemental Damage Awards Discretionary Damages Statutory Awards Injunctions
  4. 4. Expert Selection and Standards The Daubert Standards The Frye Standards Federal Rule 702 Kumho Other Standards for Expert Witnesses
  5. 5. Finding Qualified IP Professionals Organizations Publications Expert Services Referrals Case Citings Internet – Sites and Blogs
  6. 6. One Expert or Two? Valuation IP Damages Business Damages Economic Damages Evaluation IP Issues Licensing Issues/RR’s IP Customs and Practices
  7. 7. Intangible Asset Valuation Methods Traditional Valuation Methods Market Income Cost Relief From Royalty Alternative Valuation Methods
  8. 8. Establishing Royalty Rates Rules of Thumb Analytic Approach Industry Averages Comparable Transactions Hypothetical Negotiations
  9. 9. Valuation and Damages in Trademark Cases Confusion vs. Dilution Confusion Surveys vs. Other Techniques Reverse Confusion Royalty Rates and Trademark Values
  10. 10. Case Study: LVMH Dooney & Bourke Using Regression Analysis
  11. 11. LVMH Regression Analysis
  12. 12. Overview of Damages for Patent and Trade Secret Litigation Lost Profits Reasonable Royalty Unjust Enrichment Head Start Methodology
  13. 13. Case Studies in Patent Damages Reasonable Royalty – Patent Infringement Lucent Technologies Inc., et al. v. Gateway Inc., et al. Unjust Enrichment – Trade Secrets Ajaxo, Inc. v. E*Trade Group, Inc. Head Start Damages – Trade Secrets Sonoco Products Company v. Johnson
  14. 14. Valuation and Damages in Copyright Cases Overview: A History of Copyrights Legal Aspects of Copyright Damages Damages Calculations and Principles
  15. 15. Copyright Infringement/Damages in Practice: Case Studies Mattel v. Robarb’s Bruce v. Weekly World News Davis v. The Gap Design Tex Group v. US Vinyl Manufacturing Lowry’s Reports v. Legg Mason
  16. 16. Damages in Celebrity/Entertainment Cases Misappropriation of Right of Publicity Postmortem Publicity Rights False Endorsement Unjust Enrichment
  17. 17. Rights of Publicity Celebrity Case Studies The Expert’s Role in Rights of Publicity Cases Nikki Sixx v. Vans Misuse of a Stock Paparazzi Celebrity Photo Tom Cruise Deceptive Product Endorsement Yogi Berra v. Turner Broadcasting Licensing and Publicity Rights, and Appropriate Royalty Rates Jesse Ventura v. Titan/World Wrestling Federation
  18. 18. Other IP Issues in Litigation Licensing/Rights Agreements Interpreting Agency Agreements Bankruptcy International or Split Venue Trade Dress Merchandising and Sponsorship Case Study: Oakland Raiders v. NFL
  19. 19. Case Study Company Conglomerate Context Litigation Components Valuation of stock distribution Valuation of dividend income Valuation of payments Valuation of retirement benefits Causes Rights of Publicity Trademark Infringement Approach Discounted cash flows Concept of Value Income Approach Enterprise Valuation
  20. 20. Case Study Category Estimated Value Stock Distribution $ 200,000,000 Dividend Income 85,000,000 Payments 30,000,000 Retirement Benefits 10,000,000 TOTAL VALUE $ 325,000,000
  21. 21. Conclusions and Future Issues The Future of IP – Broad Trends Specific IP Trends: Living on the Edge Two Key Battles for the New Millennium Final Thought: The Ending is the Beginning